The Olympic Schedule is Out!

Feb 09 /10-13:25/ Team Event
Feb 11 /10-13:35/ Team Event
Feb 12 /10-13:10/ Team Event
Feb 14 /10-13:25/ Pairs SP
Feb 15 /10-13:15/ Pairs FP
Feb 16 /10-14:30/ Men SP
Feb 17 /10-14:25/ Men FP
Feb 19 /10:13:45/ Ice Dance SD
Feb 20 /10-13:35/ Ice Dance FD
Feb 21 /10-14:30/ Ladies SP
Feb 23 /10-14:10/ Ladies FP
Feb 25 /9:30-12/ Gala

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0.2 Kairi is a JPUX Premium that will replace iKairi 1 in several months (probably around September~October), giving Gen+6, PSM+/-, Gen-1, and Curaga. She does not replace iKairi2 in any way, as iKairi2′s focus is on her +10 SP. Mostly posting this both to announce that she exists, but also to show off the fact that they updated her. She looked like she does at left (a horrific, horrific child) at first, until a looot of people screamed about it, annnnd… presto! Square listened, and they updated her image to be the one on the right. Better color, shine, shading, eyes, and pose. So… sometimes screaming loudly helps?

Skulduggery Pleasant 10 - The Aftermath (or: Why this book is nothing like the others, but still worth reading)

It says an awful lot about Derek Landy’s books that when I first heard the news of a new Skulduggery Pleasant book being published, my first thought was “oh no” . It’s not that I wasn’t excited about another book of one of my favourite book series.

No, the reason why I went “oh no” before getting excited about it (which I eventually did, though. I got very excited, to the point of telling everybody about it. My family. My friends. Random people on the bus. Like I said - very excited.) is simply that Derek Landy has this habit of killing off characters.

No character is safe, and those who don’t die generally suffer so much that you end up wishing they had actually died instead.
A lot of my favourite characters survived the first SP series. Way more than I expected to. So, when this new book was announced, I was conflicted - on the one hand I revelled in the opportunity to return to the universe I have grown up with. On the other hand I was just desperately hoping that my favourite characters were safe.

The book eventually came out a few days ago, and since I was in the middle of my A levels at the time, I didn’t read it immediately. But now I’m finished, I passed all my exams and am now officially done with school, so yesterday I sat down and started reading.

And - well. I was surprised. Skulduggery Pleasant books are funny, exciting, brutal, and heartbreaking. This one is no exception to that, but at the same time, it’s remarkably different from all the others.

It’s dark, but not in the same way book 8 or book 9 were. It’s not dark because you see characters being brutally murdered, or because characters turn into traitors, or any of the stuff that made the previous books so gutwrenching at times. No, this book is not dark because of its action - but because of what I’d call The Aftermath. The aftermath of everything that happened in the series so far.

Up until this point, we never quite saw what happens after fights. Oh, we read plenty about Valkyrie and Skulduggery (as well as several side characters) visiting the hospital because of injuries, sometimes very severe.
What we didn’t read was how they were coping with it mentally. We got occasional glimpses into it, but overall Valkyrie especially appears to be dealing with it all very well. Sometimes she’s doubting herself, sometimes she’s doubting others, sometimes she’s doubting everything, but in the end of the day, books 1-9 are about Valkyrie fighting others and fighting herself and coming out stronger on the other side. The enemy beaten. Valkyrie victorious.

SP 10 finally shows the other side of it. Valkyrie suffers from PTSD, which is understandable. She’s reluctant to join Skulduggery as his partner again. This, too, is understandable, but I was surprised regardless. This is a new Valkyrie. One we’ve never encountered before - and the other characters are not shy to call her out on it.
China describes her as “nervous and apologetic”, but above all, Valkyrie is tired. Tired from everything.

And this, finally, is what makes this book so different from the others. Though I personally don’t think it’s able to compete with at least the last two books of the series, it’s definitely still worth reading. It’s funny, it’s exciting, it’s brutal, and it’s heartbreaking at times.
It also offers a refreshing glimpse into the real world by showing that just because the characters (mostly) fight with fire instead of guns, this does not mean they’re less affected by horrific events. In a way, this book makes Valkyrie appear more human than in all the previous ones before.

Lucky Seven, 2012
10 Episodes + SP
Broadcast dates : January to March 2012

“It is an extremely interesting drama filled with action and entertainment; it is also a bright and energetic drama. I think that it is an enjoyable piece of work from any point of view and is different from all of the getsuku dramas that have aired.”-Jun’s comment

This drama added another Best Actor award under his name from 72nd Television Drama Academy Awards


thoughts on SP Resurrection

disclaimer: you’ve seen this before. but i’m doing it anyway, just putting out my opinion of the new book out there. i’ll refer to it as spx, though, because its easier. i’ll divide it by non-spoilery, then spoilery.  // content is ALL up for discussion, thru IM/ask/reblog. lots of questions below, and answers are appreciated. // almost a review but not rlly 

  • the plot was..,, confusing. muddled, tbh. there was a lot going on but it didnt really mesh very well. it didnt pull you in so much as make you feel that you were suddenly in the middle of the action but had no idea what was going on. basically a marvel fight scene, with all the jump cuts. messy.
  • the omen darkly thing was pretty well done, i’d say. but omen is a.. little too lucky character. he could be a damned leprechaun with all the coincidences. that said, i love him anyway
  • some twists were really unexpected, but others were somewhat predictable** 
  • spx focuses on valkyrie’s character a lot but it doesnt really commit.
    we know what she’s going to do, we know what’s going to happen. i believe derek landy is skilled enough to have better plotlines, it’s just.. alright i guess
  • a lot of new information is heaped on like ‘oh whoops that was it all along hahaha’ in a way very similar to that one post where its said that “JK Rowling announced that dumbledore rollerbladed everywhere. but it wasn’t mentioned bc it wasnt relevant to harry’s journey”. 
  • a lot is left unexplained, and just.. it doesnt make you curious it just makes you slightly mad
  • the american president is absolutely Tonald Drump. but again, its just jarring and a little like ‘why is this here’ bc theres no clear impact and too many pages devoted to it. like i get it’s setup but its almost just boring.
  • we dont really get clear info on what happened to most of the characters after the events of tdotl? i get you want mystery, but there was a lack of closure

spoilers below(i’ll keep it short lmao)
(lmao so i lied its kinda long)

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Van Morrison
October 18, 2016
San Francisco, CA
SFJazz Center

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source – SP-CMC8 (Cards) Microphones -> SP-SPSB-10 Battery Box -> Olympus LS-10 (16 bit – 44 kHz) -> SD card -> Nero WaveEditor -> CD Wave Editor -> Traders Little Helper -> Flac

Another impressive venue and very good sounding with only 700 seats.

01 – Keep Me Singing
02 – Every Time I See A River
03 – Magic Time
04 – Have I Told You Lately
05 – Tore Down A La Rimbaud
06 – Foreign Window
07 – Thanks For The Information (featuring Dana Masters)
08 – Precious Time
09 – That Old Black Magic (with Shana Morrison)
10 – Midnight Hour Blues (with Mitch Woods)
11 – Shake, Rattle And Roll (with Mitch Woods)
12 – Whenever God Shines His Light
13 – Too Late
14 – In The Midnight
15 – In The Afternoon
16 – Precious Time
17 – Talk Is Cheap
18 – Help Me
19 – Ballerina
20 – Gloria

Big Hand For The Band

Van Morrison – Vocals, Guitar, saxophone, harmonica
David Keary – Guitar
Paul Moran – Keyboards, Trumpets
Paul Moore – Bass
Robbie Ruggiero – Drums
Dana Masters – Vocals
Guest – Shana Morrison
Mitch Woods