10 Cloverfield Lane ((2016))



Waking up from a car accident, a young woman finds herself in the basement of a man who says he’s saved her life from a chemical attack that has left the outside uninhabitable. 


You, with nowhere to go and nowhere to return… I grant you a place to belong. My name is Yato. You shall remain here, bearing a posthumous name. With this name, I make thee my servant. With this name and it’s alternate, I use my life to make thee a Regalia. Thou art Yuki. As Regalia, Setsu! Come, Sekki!

 ↪ Shouseins top 10 favorites shounen/seinen anime series: Vic top 5. #03 - Noragami

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Hi, it's me, Alex. Well Damien now. I'm not sure if you remember me. Anyways, what the fuck happened in the new episodes I haven't caught up I heard about kyman feels and I don't care about spoilers because I don't know if I'll be able to watch it. Please.

Well first of all we have this great story that Cartman wrote, that’s called Little Red Riding Kyle who Cartman insists is gay. He starts off by saying “This is a story about a gay little boy and four hilarious women.”

Then later on he tries to confide in Kyle and prove that he’s not trolling, and he does so by walking in on Kyle in the bathroom and calling him BROSHIP

And Kyle just lets him be in there with him while he’s taking a poop

And Cartman looks into the toilet after he’s done wtf


Basically all the boys including Stan and Kyle destroyed all of Cartman’s electronics because they thought he was trolling the girls. Cartman was so traumatized by it that he became mute.  But then they found out that Cartman wasn’t a troll and Kyle clutched his chest and whispered “Oh my god…”

Then after the girls saw that the troll wasn’t stopping, they took it out on all the boys by giving them pieces of paper that say they’re breaking up with them. 

So while everyone is staring at papers and crying, Kyle is ALSO staring at a paper. So we’re thinking… “KYLE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!?!”





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There is no for reason this to exist, but on the flip side, I also have no regrets.