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History Is Made At Night
  • History Is Made At Night
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History Is Made At Night- Megan Hilty as Ivy Lynn & Will Chase as Michael Swift

The Music of Smash Soundtrack comes out on May 1st.

Cause history is made at night so close the books turn off the light and listen

Let my heart be the teacher

No one here to disapprove

As we review the lessons you’ve been missing

Let the moon be our only light

Cause history is made at night

Bombshell - The Original Concept Album

Just FYI: I am an iTunes Library junkie. Everything in my library is organized down to the very last audiobook! Sooooooo, I’ve been a fan of the NBC tv show “Smash” since the very beginning except the music organization has been terrible. Then when the announcement was made that there would be a soundtrack album & the music was all over the place, not in order, etc.

Here’s what I decided to do:
I divided up all the music into two albums, one for all the Broadway-themed music (“Let Me Be Your Star”, “History Is Made At Night”, “Never Give All The Heart”, etc.) titled “Bombshell - The Original Concept Album” & another titled “The Music of SMASH, Season 1” which includes “Crazy Dreams”, “Haven’t Met You Yet”, “A Thousand and One Nights”, etc.

I made this album cover for all the Season 1 non-“Bombshell” related songs (yes, I just added the title Season 1 to the official album cover!):

This way I can enjoy all the random music as well as the actual show tunes separately! Still hoping NBC releases an all “Bombshell” themed album but here’s to wishful thinking. I’ll just take matters into my own hands ;)

What do you guys think??

01. Touch Me
02. Let Me Be Your Star
03. Shake It Out
04. Crazy Dreams
05. Run
06. Breakaway
07. Beautiful
08. History Is Made At Night
09. Who You Are
10. Let’s Be Bad
11. Our Day Will Come
12. Haven’t Met You Yet
13. The 20th Century Fox Mambo
14. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
15. Stand
16. Brighter Than The Sun
17. September Song
18. Everything’s Coming Up Roses

★ = 3,99/5