NAME: octavia blake.
DOB: october 15th, 2107
HEIGHT: 5′5″
WEIGHT: 109lbs
EYE COLOR: green.
HAIR COLOR: brown.
FAMILY: mother - aurora blake. father - unknown. brother - bellamy blake. 
MATCH: pending.

                   second child of aurora blake  &  unknown partner, younger sister of bellamy blake.

                                 skinny girl, you grow up beneath the floorboards, with your brother as a guardian and the house as your universe. you know nothing else than getting beneath the boards if there’s a car parking outside, or someone knocking on the front door. you’ve learned your brothers footsteps and voice by heart, the only person that has a face other than the people on the tv. you know the rules, and on your eighteenth birthday, you celebrate with a small cake with candles ontop, hoping that you’ll slip out of the system, you’re NOBODY and one can’t marry someone that doesn’t exist. 

STATUS : the council recommends a match with  -

my dog is rlly sick and had to be hospitalized overnight at the vet clinic…
we might get him back tmrw, but it depends when he feels better. he’s gone from 109lbs to 102lbs in like a week, a week and a half at most. they’ve done a bunch of tests and think his meds gave him an ulcer. he’s running a high fever too…
i’m very worried for him :(

anonymous asked:

I've seen your fitness story video on YouTube and in that you mention that to initially lose weight you used the elliptical. I'm 16 and want to go down at least 15 pounds from 140 and I was wondering what your preferred exercises for fat loss are?

I would definitely recommend my One Month Makeover! 😋❤️ if you watch the full video, I talk about how that’s what sustainably kept me losing weight, I am steady 109lbs now using it 😊


anonymous asked:

So I saw your post about your height and weight and do you think 109 is what someone should be at 5'3"? I'm 5'2" and my goal weight is about 130 but do you think I should aim for something skinnier? I mean everyone is different I just saw that on the bmi scale 130 is the right weight for my height. Not saying that there's anything wrong with your weight whatsoever I just wanted your opinion. Thanks😊

If you’re going by BMI, 130lbs at 5'2 is closer to overweight in the normal range!
Everyone body is different. Just because someone is 5'3 like me doesn’t mean they HAVE to be 109lbs, I’ve never once said that! I’m still in a normal BMI range (even though bmi is ridiculous to go by Btw lol), it doesn’t at all say I’m underweight. I don’t look underweight either, my body is very normal haha.
Moral of the story is STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO EVERYONE ELSE 😁 every has a different body, bone structure, and muscle mass. :)