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The Birthmark

The Birthmark
Bucky x reader
Pure fluff
~1099 words
This is my very first fic ever, be kind!

You stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Every day it’s the same. Even in the tower, as a part of the Avengers, you look at your face in the mirror and sadly shake your head. No amount of makeup can cover it. No surgery can make it go away. No eye can avoid seeing it. The birthmark that ran down the right side of your face looked like an angry scar at the best of times. When you blush or get sweaty in the training room, it gets even worse!

You have been at the tower for about 6 months now. Steve wouldn’t let you go on any missions yet, but he trained you like you would be heading out on the Quinjet anytime. In the back of your head you thought that you would never be allowed to go out on a mission. Your birthmark was too memorable. You couldn’t be as incognito as the rest of the team. What were you even doing here? Could your minuscule power be such an advantage to the team that they would put up with this mark? Oh well, you sighed, finished making sure your hair was as strategically placed as possible to hide the mark and headed to the training room. Steve said he had something new in store for you today.

Stepping off the elevator onto the training floor, Steve immediately directs you towards a smaller room off to the side, you’ve not been in this room yet.

“Something new today, Y/N. I’m pairing you with Bucky, he’s going to begin teaching you knife fighting techniques.”

“Oh, okay” You reply nervously, wiping your already sweating palms on your pants.

“Problem, Y/N?”

“Nope” you square your shoulders and step into the room. It’s empty.

“Buck will be here in a just a minute, I think he’s helping Sam with his wings for a second. Just start stretching.”

“Okay”. You sigh as you begin limbering up.
Bucky. James Bucannon Barnes. Hunkalicious, brooding, gorgeous, unapproachable. Stretching your arms over your head, you could almost imagine his strong arms coming around your waist, pulling you in for a hug. Dream on, kiddo.

Bending over, your stomach rested on your thighs as you breathed out, palms on the floor. You slowly walk your hands back in between your feet, closing your eyes and breathing slowly. Thinking about Bucky always made blood rush to your head and being halfway upside down didn’t help the mark that you knew was fire engine red right now.

“Wow, you’re flexible.” The deep voice directly behind you was very amused.

Your heart dropped a little bit as you popped back up and turned to see the object of your dreams standing right behind you, blue eyes drilling into your grey ones and a slight smirk on his face.

“Yeah well, it comes in handy sometimes.” The words come out before you can think it through and you feel the blush making its way up your face. Self-conscious, you turn away so that he can’t see the mark.

“Well, let’s get started. Steve wants me to teach you knife fighting.” He moved to the bench on the side of the room and chose a couple of smallish knives. Handing one to you, he began to teach you how to hold the knife, how to defend against different kinds of attacks. Two hours into it you are both sweating and breathing hard. You know your birthmark was getting redder and redder and you kept trying to turn your head so that he wouldn’t see it.

“Stop turning your head that way, you have to be able to see what’s coming at you!” He yelled at you. “Why are you doing that? You also should have pulled your hair back, it’s getting in your way.”

“I just… sorry, I’ll try to stop.”

“Okay, I’m going to come at you again.”

Bucky lunged at you, you deflected his attack and then habitually turned your head away. He grabs your chin and looked right into your eyes, “Turn away from anyone other than me and you are dead, Y/N. Do you understand me? Dead!”
Your eyes began to fill with tears even though You willed yourself not to let them fall. You jerk your chin from his grasp and nod.

“Hey,” he gently put a hand on your shoulder and turned you back to him. “It’s okay to cry. Can you tell me why you turn away? You do it all the time, not just when we’re training. Why do you turn away?”

You can only sigh and point to the ruby red birthmark slashing its way from the bottom of your ear, down your throat, disappearing under your shirt.

“That’s why?” he asked as he let one finger run down the mark, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

“Yes. It’s so embarrassing. The doctors can’t make it go away, nothing hides it, and it just gets redder when I get hot or flushed-“
“or blush.” He finished with a smile. “I noticed. I thought it was cute.”

“Cute?! HYDRA really wrecked your brain, buddy, this is not cute. This is ugly. Hideous even.” You pulled yourself away from him and walked over to the bench, keeping your back to him so he wouldn’t see the tears. “I’ve lived with this for my whole life and I’ve been called everything under the sun, but never cute.”

He came up behind you, you didn’t realize how close until his arms came around you and hugged you from behind. He rested his chin on your shoulder, “I’m sorry, Y/N. So sorry that you have lived your whole life not seeing yourself as you truly are. I have always thought you were beautiful, from the first moment I met you.”

You turn around in the circle of his arms to look into his eyes, “Really?” you manage a little laugh. “I thought the same about you.”

Running your hand up his metal arm, you smiled as he mirrored you and moved his hand up your arm. His eyes fell to your lips and then back to up to your eyes, questioning. You smiled and he gently pulled you in and pressed his lips against yours. It was a quick sweet kiss, but then he immediately moved and kissed your birthmark, starting at the bottom of your ear and made his way to the collar of your t-shirt.

“How far down does this go?” He asked with a grin.

You laughed, “Not telling.”

“I’m going to find out eventually.” He promised, pulling you into a full bear hug. You couldn’t help but giggle as his lips fell onto yours once again.

Also I submitted my first proper assessment on Tuesday night. Philosophy essay, on Pascal’s Wager, arguing against it. Was only 1000 words so like yay but also NOOO because it was so hard to do it all in that little words….
I thinkkkkkk it wasn’t awful??? But I really truly do not know xD 

You’re Lucky You’re cute - Destiel

Fandom: Supernatural 

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Words: 1099

Warnings: panic attacks, claustrophobia

It was late afternoon when Sam came back to the bunker. Dean had seemed irritable all morning so the taller man had decided it was best to just leave him to it. He locked the door behind him, shrugging off his jacket and slinging it over the closest chair.

“Dean!” He called out, pushing the damp hair from his eyes. “I’m back!” He set the carrier bag he was holding down on the table. He’d brought Dean some food in an effort to cheer him up. “I bought pie!” He tried, expecting Dean to come running. There was no problem too big that pie couldn’t solve.

To his surprise, he was greeted with silence. Sam frowned to himself. He must be asleep. Striding to Dean’s room, Sam found it also empty. The dozen empty beer bottles on the bed and on the nightstand concerned him somewhat. There was still an indentation in the duvet on the far side of the bed where Dean had been sitting. The lap next to it was still switched on.

Sam looked around anxiously. Dean always called before he went out without Sam, or at the very least he left a note. He must have walked past it. Sam swallowed thickly, trying to quell his concern for his older brother. He was sure Dean was fine, he could take care of himself.

There was no note left in the kitchen or the living room and Sam found another couple of bottles of alcohol, this time whiskey. Sam chuckled to himself, despite his growing anxiety. Dean had managed to drink all the alcohol they had. He was most likely at a nearby bar attempting to pick up a girl.

Feeling slightly better, Sam still thought it was best to call him. Dean never turned his phone off, not even during times like this. He fished his phone out of his pocket, thankful he had his brother on speed dial. Sam put his phone to his ear and waited with bated breath.

Dean took an age answering, when he did, all Sam could hear was extremely loud dance music. He sighed to himself. Of all the things to do, Dean had gone out clubbing.

“Dean?” Sam found himself talking louder than he usually would on the phone, fighting to be heard over the music. He heard Dean saying something, but Sam couldn’t make out what. He could hear the drunkenness in the shorter man’s voice despite this.

“I don’t like-” Sam managed to make out. He went from annoyance to concern in less than 5 seconds. “I wanna come home.” He could hear Dean’s exhale as someone bumped into him at whatever club he was at.

“It’s ok Dean, it’s gonna be ok…” Sam tried to calm him. “Where are you?” He asked.

“I don’t know!” Dean sounded panicked. Sam guessed that the claustrophobia and noise of the club was probably triggering some kind of panic attack. The fact Dean was drunk didn’t help either. “Some club just east of town i think…”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna come and get you…” Sam reassured him, already heading towards the door. “Are you gonna be ok until i get there?”

“Yeah Sammy…” Dean huffed. Sam heard his voice break. “Just get your ass down here.” Dean ended the call.

Sam reached for his jacket before a hand grabbed his. He recoiled out of instinct, preparing to fend off an attack before he saw it was Castiel.

“Cas?” Sam asked. Castiel stared at him with an unreadable expression.

“Where is he? It’ll be faster if i go.” Cas reasoned. Sam guessed that was the logical way to do things.

“Some club east of here.” He answered. Cas was gone in an instant, only the sound of flapping wings signalling his departure.

Cas didn’t have much experience in clubs. He still didn’t see the point of them. The dim lights irritated him, but no where near as much as the mass of dancing drunk people did. The angel pushed past them, heading to the back where he knew Dean most likely was.

He found the hunter leaning against the wall, one hand still clutching his phone while the other was loosely gripping an empty beer bottle. His breathing was fast and his eyes were bloodshot. Cas could see Dean was really out of sorts.

Cas rested a hand on his shoulder, Dean’s eyes snapping to look at the angel’s blue ones. His breathing stopped completely for a moment before he got over the temporary shock. One look said it all and Dean was back in the bunker in a heartbeat.

“Dean.” The music disappeared instantly and he was being pushed down onto the sofa before he really knew what was going on. Dean sat down, body still shaking as Cas appeared in his vision, kneeling in front of him.

“I need you to slow your breathing down for me.” Castiel’s eyes were fixed on him, already making Dean feel calmer. Cas then breathed in and out deeply, encouraging Dean to mirror the breaths.

Sam came down and sat next to him, unsure at first. He’d never seen Dean in this state before. Sure, his brother had had panic attacks in the past, but never this bad.

“It was just…” Dean trailed off, still shaking even though his breathing was starting to even out. Cas shushed him, setting his hand down on Dean’s knee. The angel was deep in thought for a second before moving away and shrugging out of his coat, draping it over Dean’s shoulders like some kind of comfort blanket. Dean made a small noise in thanks, crossing his arms and pulling the coat tighter around himself.

What Dean did next surprised Cas. The hunter leant forward and threw his arms around Cas in some vague approximation of a hug. Cas hesitated for a moment before hugging him back. Sam shifted awkwardly in his seat, feeling like he was in the middle of something private.

“You really shouldn’t have gone to the club, Dean.” Sam didn’t know what else to say. Dean hummed in agreement, face buried in Cas’s shoulder.

“I know, Sammy. I’m an idiot.” Dean groaned. Castiel frowned and hugged Dean tighter. By this point, the hunter was almost sitting in his lap.

“You’re my idiot.” Cas stated stubbornly. “At least you’re cute.” He added. Sam’s eyebrows flew up so fast he thought they might actually detach from his face. Dean shifted in the angel’s hold, pressing his face into Cas’s neck. He could finally feel Dean’s heart begin to slow as the hunter calmed down.

affection || chen

Originally posted by kyungsoo-squishy

it’s really not chen’s thing but he’s trying for your sake.

1099 words; normal verse!au; chen/reader scenario; fluffery fluff

The thought of affection always…irked Jongdae.

Hugging, kissing, hand holding - Jongdae hates it all.

But if it meant bringing a smile to your beautiful face, fine. He’ll deal with it.

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Weekend Away

A/N: This is my fic for the May Writing Challenge hosted by @faith-in-dean My prompt was “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

Summary: After a date ends badly for you, Dean decides to take you on a road trip to help clear your mind.

Warnings: a little angst, other than that it’s just fluff 

Word count:  1099

You padded barefoot into the kitchen of the bunker, you didn’t care about the fact it was nearly midday and you were still in your pjs. Last night’s date was a complete disaster from start to finish, all you wanted now was a coffee and some tablets to get rid of your banging headache.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Dean looked up at you from the table, a concerned look crossed his face after he spoke when he saw the glum expression you gave him in response.

“It was pretty crappy,” you muttered, walking over to the counter and pouring yourself a mug of coffee. “Lets just say the tequila was better company than the jerk that asked me out.”

Carrying your mug in your hand, you went to take a seat on the chair opposite Dean. You could see the anger and irritation forming across his features at the idea of your ‘date’ being a jerk to you.

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I Just Wanted To Be Spending Time With You

Summary: Dan and Phil are at the Halloween Gathering in 2009 and they’ve realised that they just want to spend time with each other.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None :)

Word Count: 1099 words (oh my goodness that number makes me so uncomfortable why isn’t it just 1100)

A/N: idk I really love the idea of Dan and Phil in the early stages of their relationship, realising just how much they want to be together etc ;) so this is just a short fic based around that! enjoy :D

read on ao3!


The crowds of YouTubers swarmed around Dan, who watched the world rush by as he worked on auto-pilot, making small talk and smiling eagerly. In reality, he was trying to ignore the gnawing pains of hunger in his stomach and his sadness at having parted ways with Phil.

Phil was Dan’s best friend. They’d only met for the first time in real life a week or so ago, when Dan had stayed at Phil’s house for a few days. However, they’d been talking over the internet for months.

Dan didn’t really know what they were at this point. When he’d stayed with Phil, they’d kissed a couple of times, and even ended up making out one night, but they hadn’t really talked about what that had meant for them.

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