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I literally did a full research paper four hours before it was due (midnight) and got a 87 on it, like wtf??? The D paper was because I didnt doublespace and used run on sentences (I was trying to be emphatic and make a point, and all my previous teachers had said while run on sentences were grammatically incorrect that I made them sound awesome and to keep using them). so, yeah, higher education -_-'

Sometimes it’s just the worst.  So much depends on who’s teaching you too, cause some profs will be like ‘you can just write me bullet points, I don’t have time to read 10 pages essays’, and then there will be others who are like ‘make sure you write between 10908 and 10917 words, use size 12.5 font and make sure all the margins are exactly 2 inches, then make sure all paragraphs are written in iambic pentameter and are printed on 100% recycled paper’.

The best part is you have to pay thousands of dollars to deal with this crap.