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Thoughts after “A Story About Huntokar”

Is it just me, or is Night Vale slowly being explained?

We know why Cecil hated Steve. we know who Huntokar is, we know why there are tiny houses on crates in the middle of the desert. We know what the Dog Park is and we know what happened to Kevin.

Think about when these things were first introduced. They were just, you know, another quirky part of Night Vale, right? Why does everyone hate Steve Carlsburg? I don’t know, just go with it. Why can’t we go into the Dog Park? Don’t question it. Why does Simone Rigadeau keep saying the world ended? Well, don’t look at me, it’s just what she keeps saying.

Everything seems to be falling into place now.

Some part of me desperately wants to cling to the inexplicableness of year one Night Vale.

The other part of me finds the idea of a podcast that starts out in complete chaos and weirdness and slowly falls together until everything is connected and clicks into place five years later highly appealing.

Thoughts, my fellow Night Vale citizens?

anonymous asked:

if jake and bella had feelings for each other bc jake imprinted on the small part of renesmee inside bella, does that mean that jake and edward loved each other equally as much before bella got pregnant bc jake would have imprinted on the part of renesmee in edward?

Okay, there are two things we need to take into consideration here:

  1. Stephenie Meyer didn’t really have a strong understanding of biology, which she openly admitted to in interviews when asked about the mechanics of a Vampire Pregnancy 
  2. ‘Imprinting’ never exactly was defined as ‘being in love’. 

Before we really jump into this, I would just like to take the time to lay a curse on you and all your future generations for making me think this hard about the Twilight Saga in 2017, the year of our Lord. How did you even think of this question? 

Anyway, let’s begin.

So, going through interviews or just checking out Meyer’s faq page, which I did FREQUENTLY in seventh and eighth grade, one is able to find out that she put A  L O T of thought into coming up with How A Vampire’s Biology Should Work. She really came through with all these new, weird, made up vampo-fluids that keep the body working and what not, but she also admitted to not having the clearest understanding of actual, real biology. Of course, actual real biology should probably never come to play in this explanation in the first place, as we’re talking about a 109-year old vampire with sparkly skin knocking up his 19-year old human wife, but we can’t escape it as a fact. Now, Meyer’s stated that she got the inspiration for Nessie because she read up on the incubus, which can reportedly impregnate women. But wait, she must of thought, this is a book, people are gonna want an explanation on How The Fuck That Actually Works. So, she did some research, as any author would, and discovered that while after a certain point, women stop producing eggs (which would’ve been a moot point as the vampires can’t change anyway), men never actually stop producing semen. A dude could be in his late 90′s, and as long as nothing’s been snipped and he can still get it up, he could very much still impregnate someone. Now, you’re thinking, ‘Okay, but corpses can’t impregnate anything! Edward’s dead!’ which is true, to an extant- For all the poetic waxing he does about being dead and damned to hell, Edward was changed into a vampire on the verge of death. He’s not undead, technically, he’s a totally different life form. Edward, while he doesn’t need certain things a human would, can still experience them (I mean like breathing and blinking and stuff), because Meyer put effort into developing their biology. Like, they don’t have blood in their veins, but they have some Weird Vampire Stuff that performs all the functions of blood. So it goes to stand that he would be able to impregnate someone, since he was still functionally alive and therefore able to produce semen. 


This really works because she invented biology for her characters, she’s an expert at this stuff because it is HERS. Any other biology, real biology, that she has not studied and probably has just a very basic understanding of? That’s not hers. As she has admitted to have very liminal knowledge on how Human Biology works, it’s hard to apply it too this story. It’s NOT hard to assume she might not have a totally correct understanding of it- I mean, for example, I remember when I was learning about it, everyone was pretty surprised to learn that it actually takes a bunch of sperm to break down the egg before one can fertilize it, and that the egg wasn’t basically a mini-baby just waiting to be hit up, and stuff like that. Like, the split dna thing was obvious, but every biology class I’ve ever been in had people vastly underestimating the role the sperm plays. It would also be wise to acknowledge that Nessie’s dna is bizarre for both humans and vampires, which could add to the explanation, but overall- I think a good explanation would be that Stephenie Meyer just really didn’t have the fullest grasp on the importance of Edward’s sperm in the situation, and therefore just didn’t consider it when it came into play. 

Now, for the next theory:

Imprinting was never defined as romantic love. It was defined as ‘strong feelings’ or something to the like. 

 "It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like…gravity moves…suddenly. It’s not the earth holding you here anymore, she does…You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend.

That’s how Jacob describes the phenomenon to Bella. Now, sure, some of the wolves and their imprints HAVE fallen in romantic love- Sam and Emily, Paul and Rachel, but then like…you have Jacob. And you have Quill. They’ve imprinted on little kids! But nowhere in the series is pedophilia endorsed (like, listen, the books do have some Issues but that really wasn’t one of them). They do not view Nessie or Claire as their future mates or anything, they just see them as little girls and care about them. The feeling are strong, but it’s platonic. They view themselves as older brothers almost. The wolves don’t age, so when they girls get older, dynamics shift. Maybe once they’re women the wolves do fall in love with them- but that’s no guarantee of anything. Imprinting is never a guarantee, Emily didn’t want to be with Sam for the longest time. Bella even asked Jacob what would happen if the imprintee didn’t love the wolf back, and he told her, like, okay, they don’t wanna be together, that’s fine. The wolf can’t control imprinting on a girl and the girl can’t control how she feels in return. People can have very deep, very platonic feelings for each other. Best friends can be soulmates. As long as the wolf and the imprintee have some relationship, be it sibling or best friends or lovers, the wolf will pretty much be satisfied.  

But wait, you say, how does this answer my theoretically question about Edward?

I’d like you to remember- Jacob has had a crush on Bella since they were little kids. When he becomes a hormonal teenager, his crush becomes a little stronger. When he becomes a wolf, the theory goes that he unconsciously sensed the little piece of Nessie inside her, latched onto that, and that basically amplified his feelings for Bella. It wasn’t ‘I can sense my future wife in you so I’m gonna have feelings for you but they’re really for her’, his feelings for Bella were real. But his wolf sense took his innocent, horny little crush and blew it up to mega-proportions just because it could sense his future imprint. That’s the theory that was proposed, anyway. So, I’d like to propose back: If he never transformed into a wolf, his feelings for Bella would have never gotten That Bad. They were just amplified without his control. 

So, perhaps: He hated Edward so intensely because he turned into a wolf and could unconsciously sensed his imprint in him as well

I mean, think about it: In the first book, he didn’t LIKE Edward because of all the stuff his father told him about the Cullens, but he really didn’t have any strong opinions on the guy either. In New Moon, before he changed, he thought Edward was a dick for leaving Bella, but he wasn’t as…aggressive about him as he is after he changes. But after he becomes a wolf? Every time he sees Edward he’s ready to rip his head off. If his feelings towards Bella were amplified because he could sense Nessie in her, it stands to reason that his feelings towards Edward were amplified as well. The difference being, the were just negative feelings! It was still strong feelings! It still could’ve very much had to do with the imprint! And also, to add to this, may I point out- what’s the point in the story where Jacob and Edward come to an understanding, where Jacob decides he hates Edward less than before? After Bella is already pregnant with Nessie. They start working together to protect Bella, and Edward asks Jake to kill him if she dies. And Jake basically thinks “Hey, he’s still a dick, but maybe he’s not as bad as I’ve thought this whole time? Maybe he actually does love Bella? I feel bad for him?” And Jake is still 100% focused on Bella at this point, but he spares Edward no mind even though he’s been obsessed with hating him for like two years now at that point, and what’s the thing that’s changed in this situation? Edward’s not the one that’s pregnant! All parts of Jacob’s future imprint have left him. Jacob no longer has amplified feelings towards Edward. Just solely his insane crush on Bella, until the second Nessie’s popped out and he’s like “Oh, fuck.” I think this is could be a very good explanation on that whole dynamic. Jacob did sense the imprint in Edward, it just manifested differently than with the girl he’s been crushing on since he was a toddler. 

OR, I mean, we could just acknowledge the fact that “sensing Nessie” was never really made canon, just an explanation a 16 year old boy came up with to explain why he used to be in love with his imprint’s mother, and this is all bullshit and something else was going on entirely. 

I cannot believe I wrote this. 

Why Young Justice is the Greatest Show in the Whole World

-Wally just being Wally
-Superman and Lex Luthor had a baby together
-blowing something up on every mission
-Connor being six years old
-Arsenal only has one arm
-they talk telepathically
-Hello Megan
-Dick destroying the English language
-Superboy not even attempting to hide his identity
-the fact that everybody dies in Failsafe
-“be as chalant as you’d like”
-M'gann and her relatable social insecurities
-Connor adopting everything in sight
-Batman playing basketball with Dick
-Wally and Artemis moved in together and got a dog
-Nightwing got sexy
-Bart Allen and Jaime Reyes
- Captain Marvel being a ten year old
-Artemis butchering classic nursery rhymes
-the Flying Graysons
-Wolf being a legit member of the team
-Mal and Karen
-aliens trying to take over the world with soda
-Everybody kissing on New Year’s
-“Human customs still elude me”
-the entire team having to get therapy after Failsafe
-Psimon and his puns
-Garfield and Megan’s brother/sister relationship
-Superman proving to be an awful father
-Dick being so happy on the trapeze at the circus
-all of the subtle dirty references
-a 109 year old man giving Wally dating advice
-Klarion and his cat
-that every version of Roy Harper has weird anger issues
-Artemis not even bothering to come up with a superhero name
-that little gap between Beast Boy;s teeth
-Adam and Alanna
-Adam reciting the jabberwocky thing as a distraction
-Mal wearing Connor’s 90’s Superboy outfit on Halloween
-the Justice League going to alien court for a whole season
-Stephanie Brown being there for like two seconds
-Same thing with Cissie King-Jones
-“Dude, that’s your sister!”
-Garfield shipping Supermartian
-Literally everyone shipping Supermartian
-Wally running a heart cross country for a ten year old queen
-Everybody thinking Blue beetle was a schizophrenic
-that M'gann based her entire life off of a sitcom
-La'gann and his crappy fish puns
-Red Tornado being the team’s mom
-the Light claiming to have control when they really have no idea what they’re doing
-G Gordon is a brat
-Martians being obsessed with TV
-Connor hating monkeys
-M'gann mind-raping everybody
-Jason Todd’s memorial
-Wally and Artemis being adorable in Bialya
-hating on Guy Gardner
-apple laxatives
-maneuver seven
-all of the heroes coming together in the last episode
-the last season taking place now in 2016
-hope for a third season which will definitely happen and don’t try telling me it’s not

I Am An Alpha Ch 3: I Can Do This, I Think...

“I can’t do this!” I groan as Jin drags me behind him through the forest. We spent most of the night figuring out where the black dragon’s home base is located and finding a quick path back to the camp so we, or I guess I mean they, can run back after. The land near the massive mansion reeks of them, not in a bad way it’s just so over whelming for me. I smell four wolves inside, three are unfamiliar and one is the wolf from yesterday. A small sigh of relief leaves my lips when I know the head alpha is not there, though that is a problem that Jin quickly realizes.

“The head alpha is out,” Jin informs the group, stopping us just behind the last row of trees that separate the forest from their main property.  There is a green house on one side of the mansion, I can smell flowers and fruits and vegetables. Even with the massive windows on the back of the house I can’t see a single person inside but I know they are here. “They know we’re here.”

“How can you tell?” Tae stares into the house with so much focus I feel like his eyes are going to pop out of his head.

“They are coming out,” Jin nods in the direction of the green house. Four figures step out and scan the forest line. Jin quickly tucks me behind him.

“Come out, come out where ever you are,” One sing songs. His voice sounds so warm and alluring I almost feel tempted to obey but Jin’s firm grip on my arm keeps me low.

Another sighs, already bored with the situation, “We know you are out there, don’t make us come look for you.”

“So many trespassers in two day? I wonder if they are with that mutt we cut up last night,” One chuckles in a deep voice.

My heart shatters at those words, “Cut up?” I echo.

“What a pretty voice,” The first voice purrs.

Another hums in agreement, “I wonder what pretty little creature it came from.”

“Should we go find out?”

The annoyed one voices his opinion, “I think we should just slaughter them now before the hyungs come back.”

“If you insist.”

“Wait,” Namjoon sighs as he stands up from cover. “No need to bring out your claws.”

“You are trespassing on our territory, that gives us permission to slit your throats without question. Lucky for you though, I’m feeling friendly today, now tell us what you are doing here.” The first voice demands.

“The rest of you stand too, I want to know who had the pretty voice,” The other commands. Jin pulls me up with him, still blocking me from view. The others join us, Joon is standing at point, Jin and Yoongi are flanking him with the other three standing at the back.

Namjoon bows as he introduces himself, “I am Kim Namjoon, we came looking for our pup, you caught him yesterday. We are sorry for being on your territory, we didn’t realize who you were until after. So if you could just give us back our pup we will be on our way.”

“Why would we just hand him over? We have a nice new chew toy.”

“We have something that you want more,” He offers.

One chuckles, “What do you have that we would want?”

“Your mate.”

There is a brief moment of silence before a chorus of growls come from the four alphas, “Mate.” I cling to Jin’s jacket, both out of fear and excitement. There is a silent fight for dominance as both my pack and my mates release their alpha pheromones. My omega instincts are screaming at me to drop to my knees and bare my neck, to submit just to get this to stop. I hold on to Jin tighter as my knees begin to loose their ability to hold me up. Jin, who is masking my scent, notices my suddenly trembling hands.

“Where is she? Do you have her with you? Where the fuck is she?” The first demands impatiently.

“We want our pup first, but since neither your head alpha, or your second in command, aren’t here we are going to have to come back later.”

“There is no way in hell we are letting you leave without handing over our mate.”

“We aren’t holding her back, she’s here for the pup as well,” Jin tells them, slipping a hand behind his back he offers it to me for stability and comfort. I accept it and let out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. “Please reel your pheromones in though, you are scaring her.”

“Why can’t we smell her?” The first whines almost desperately.

“I’m masking her scent with mine.”

“Stop it,” Another snaps.

“It makes her feel safe, so no.”

One growls, “We would never hurt her.”

Jin scoffs, “Your head alpha almost killed her thirty years ago. You,” Jin raises his free hand to gesture to one of them, “you almost attacked her yesterday.”


“Yes, you. But you missed her and attacked our pup instead.”

“Can we at least see her?”

“I don’t know,” Jin hums, “It’s all up to her. Do you want to see them Insoo-ya?”

I gulp, “As long as they don’t freak out or anything.”

“Wait,” Joon stops me, “Maybe it’s better if they don’t see you yet. I will be harder for both parties when we have to leave.”

“Where the hell do you think you’ll be going with our mate?” Someone barks, again I find myself under a massive amount of pressure. I hold Jin’s hand tighter.

“Control your anger!” Jin snaps back.

Namjoon gives his second in command a stern look before turning around to face the four men, “We aren’t running away, we are just waiting until your alpha comes back. I figure we should leave since none of you seem to be able to control your emotions which means Insoo is struggling to even breath with so much alpha pheromone in the air.”

“We will call him, just don’t leave.”

“Will you at least go inside or something?” Yoongi suggests, “None of us are enjoying the hostile atmosphere and at this point you are going to give her panic attack.”

The four men are silent for a moment before one speaks for all of them, “As long as we have your word not to run.”

“We came to you for our pup, we aren’t leaving without him.” Joon tells them.

“Does that mean we can see her? Since you won’t be leaving now?” One says hopefully.

“Insoo?” Jin wonders.

“I really want to peek,” I admit meekly. My pack is watching me intently, this isn’t my normal personality, I’ve always been strong and brave, not like this. I take a deep breath and take a shaky step to the side to look around Jin. The four men are standing a few yards away from the forest, watching with an intense stare. Three are really tall, about Namjoon’s height or a little taller. The other is short but only by a few inches, he’s absolutely beautiful, I mean they all are, but he is strikingly so. I’m surprised to see faded pink hair and darkly outlined eyes but they fit him so well, it makes him appear other worldly.

The tallest of the group is to his right, this one has tan skin and bags under his eyes. He doesn’t make me think of a wolf, maybe a cat or possibly a bird. Next to him is slightly shorter with a scary looking face. I find myself actually taking a step back when our eyes lock. He is the one from the forest, I can feel his familiar scent calling to me, drawing me in again. His hair is a light blond, beautiful pale skin stands out against the two tan men standing on either side of him. The other tan boy on his right has soft features compared to the other but he looks just as dangerous. Jin has to hold my hand to keep me form taking another step back.

“So beautiful,” The pink haired man purrs taking a step closer.

“Hello little wolf,” The next one coos. The other two just continue to stare. “What is your name?”

“Insoo,” I say softly.

He smiles, “So pretty, I’m Tao, this is our hyung Baekhyun. These two are our youngest pack members, Sehun and Jongin.”

I gulp, “Hello.”

Their eyes turn a brilliant gold.

“Hyung,” The youngest, Sehun, says with a cold voice.

“Sehun,” Baekhyun says with a obviously forced calm voice. “We have to wait for Kris hyung to get home, you should go call him.”


“But nothing,” The eldest says sternly, “go.”

With that the boy nods and turns to leave, not before giving me one last glance. Even his stare seems so cold, I wonder what I could have done to earn such a frightening look. “Sorry about him, he’s still so young but you can understand that. This pup of yours, he’s younger than our Sehun, he must be quiet a handful.”

Joon shakes his head, “He’s pretty well behaved. We were pretty strict since that is how we were raised but he never really caused any problems.”

“Um,” I open my mouth to ask a question but quickly close it when all eyes switch to me.

“Go ahead little wolf,” Baekhyun urges with a sweet smile that reminds me vaguely of Tae’s.

I take a deep breath to calm my pounding heart, “You didn’t hurt him did you? You didn’t cut up my little pup, did you?”

“Your pup?” Jongin finally speaks, his is like ice as he glares daggers as Jin.

“He is not really her pup,” Namjoon clarifies, “She raised him since he was a child so she considers herself his mother.”

“How long have you all been together?” Tao wonders.

“Over one hundred years for most of us. Insoo has been with us for about 109, the three younger than her about 70 to 50. Jungkook was the one she took responsibility for.”

Baekhyun’s brow furrows, “109 years? How have we not found you?”

“We wandered frequently with a larger pack for most of that time,” Jin explains simply.

“You said something about our leader attacking her, when did that happen?”

“It was thirty years ago, he tackled her and almost ripped open her throat.”

“Excuse me,” I call their attention hesitantly.

“Yes my little wolf?” Baekhyun gives me a kind smile.

“Our pup, Jungkook, is he okay? Could I see him?”

The three men share a look but Baekhyun’s smile doesn’t falter, “If you want to come in, of course you can. But because of certain  rules I’m not going to bring him out yet.”

“How is he?”

“He’s fine,” Jongin answers shortly.

“How about you?” Tao asks, “Are you okay? Are you hungry or cold? Would you like to come in and warm up?”

I tuck myself against Jin’s side, “I’m fine thank you. I’ll just stay out here with my pack.” I watch as most of the warmth in his eyes fades to a obvious distaste for me actions. His hands clench to fists at his side and his jaw is clenched.

“As you wish, we will be inside if you need anything,” Baekhyun nods curtly and begins pulling the stubborn younger boys inside with him. As soon as they are gone I drop to my knees, ignoring the cold seeping into my jeans. Even though I already miss my mates and yearn for them to come back out and just take me in their arms I’m happy I can finally breath. Just them staring is enough to take the air out of my lungs.

“They looked pissed,” Taehyung stresses. The younger wolf joins me on the ground, letting out an exhausted breath of his own. “You have some strong mates, and that’s only four of them.”

“Of course they are pissed,” Jin snaps as he also collapses. “Their mate is clinging to another wolf, jealousy with wolves is a scary thing. I’m surprised the tan one didn’t rip my head off.”

“How many are there?” Yoongi wonders, not taking his eyes off the house.

“I’m not sure, their numbers have never really been discussed since many don’t live to see them all but I know there is about six or seven,” Namjoon answers.

“Do you think all of them are my mates?”

Namjoon nods, “I believe so. They all seem to have the belief that they will have the same mate.”

“They probably smelled you on Jungkook like the youngest one,” Hoseok figures.

“Are you okay Hyung?” Tae checks on me, placing a warm hand on my back.

I sigh and run my fingers threw my hair, “I feel so tired. It has been awhile since I had so many powerful alphas around me, I’m not used to it anymore.”

“Well you better get used to it because there is no way in hell we are getting out of here with both you and Jungkook,” Hoseok gives me a sad smile.

“I know,” I return the smile briefly before suddenly tackling the male.

“Fuck,” The older boy curses as we roll in the snow, wrestling for dominace, “What are you doing?”

I can’t hold in my giggles as I’m able to get on top and pin him down, “I’m enjoying my last bit of freedom with you guys.” The others stare at our fight for a brief moment, letting my words sink in before sharing a look. Soon they are joining in on our fight.

“Dog pile on Insoo hyung!” Jimin declares. Suddenly I’m on bottom with six heavy wolves on top of me. There are laughs and curses as everyone is scrambling to be king of the pile. I push, punch, and kick my way through, doing my best to not seriously injure anyone, but in a fight like this, anything can happen. With lady luck on my side I’m able to concur my pack to reach the top.

“King of the hill!” I yell happily.

This is it. My last few hours of freedom before I have to commit to seven mates and leave my crazy world and past behind. I will no long be a alpha, or a hyung, or a boy. I will be a pretty little omega like I was always meant to be, like I always wanted to be when I was slaughtering villages. But now that I have the possibility in front of me, I don’t know if I want it.


A 109 year old WWII veteran talks about life

from National Geographic

Character Profile Meme: Felo’thore

Full Name: Felo’thore Emberfell Novastorm

Other Names: Felore (Dalaran Sewers) Fire Warden Emberfell (Professor title at the Vermilion Order) Kal’Thero (as known by the moonkin)

Universe They Exist In: World of Warcraft

Gender and Sexuality: Gender fluid / Pansexual

Pronouns: He/him

Ethnicity/Species: Sin’dorei

Birthplace and Birthdate: Fairbreeze Village, Quel’thalas, September 7th roughly 109 years ago. Elf ages are weird- He’s supposed to be the human equivalent of a 32 year old.

Guilty Shameless Pleasures: Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato, sweets in general. Trashy Romance Novels, questionable fashion magazines, collecting intimate novelties, adding to his wardrobe.

Phobias: Arachnophobia. Ghosts & Paranormal

What They Would Be Famous For: Numerous publications on astral magic, nature and the arcane & fire. Taking full advantage of his Kirin Tor portal license. The forest fire set ablaze in Hyjal six months ago. Being featured in Hunky Knights. The finest writing quills made from his feathers. Being the owl that sat on Vaelrin’s shoulder that one night. @forever-afk

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:

Felo has never been arrested, however; it could be argued that in his youth, there were several matters in the Dalaran Sewers he should have been incarcerated for, but was otherwise quietly pardoned by Fire Warden Thaddeus Baron, headmaster of the Vermilion Order at the time.

OC You Ship Them With: His husband, Adrianal Novastorm @ocarina-of-what . I also ship Felo with triple chocolate fudge cake.

Your Favorite OC Relationships

Felo and Vandeis- Vandeis with his Vantics- no one quite ruffles Felo’s feathers more and yet he loves and hates to admit he likes the guy @sakialyn.  Felo and Deyaenus are absolutely amazing together (when both are drunk enough). But I appreciate their odd little understanding both of them have where they are aware of what upsets one another. @isei-silva . I adore Felo’s nerdy magey relationship with Avada and Synthiel, and how the three of them geek out about magic. I look forward to where that continues to go! @emberfallen @spiral-seeker. There is always a soft place in my heart for Felo’s time with Eldriana- how he found another that could make use and share his getaway space with, and he enjoys teaching her about anger management and fire magic @sparklepriest. I love how Vivvienne is somewhat of a parental role model for him. @monster-pirate. I also like the small fashion nerdery that happens between him and @azriah. Felo and Ilaeriel are a precious and gentle student and teacher pair  @forever-afk.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Probably Beurghes if he could get away with it. @isei-silva

Favorite Book Genre: Romantic fairytales and dramas are his go to after a long day of reading historical and scientific tomes in the Ivory spire. Though when it comes to tomes specifically, He loves reading about the stars and cosmos. His favorite book is an astronomy tome with star projections.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Sad endings.

Talents and/or Powers: Felo is a wizard and exceedingly magic-literate having spent most of his early life after the age of 15 attending two prestigious academies in Dalaran. He can understand several languages and can use some means of arcanic telepathy with other magi. He is best known for his proficiency in the use of Astral magic, which came about from his obsession with fire and the stars. After many years odd apprenticeship with an Elder druid in Winterspring, Felo’thore had runes carved into his skin after accepting an appointment by Elune, granting him a new potential of power he’s still learning to understand. These runes aid him in two druidic transformations, a flight form and a moonkin form, both adding utility and versatility to his role as one of Eversong’s protectors. Felo is also known for his portals.

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s approachable and courteous. He’s interesting and often showy/glittery with his magic and parlor tricks. I like to think that some of his quirky nature is enjoyable even if strange at times. Free portals?

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Conflicting views/opinions. Seeing his transformations as savage/ an abomination. For finding something to be happy about.

How They Change: Felo has gone through many changes in his life already, and there are many more to come. His most recent change was coming full circle with his father’s abuse and circumstances have forced him into fatherhood when he wasn’t mentally prepared for it. He is slowly learning that he doesn’t have to let the abusive cycle continue. Also going from bachelor habits to suddenly father ???? …..???????? (it’s a work in progress). I guess I also really enjoy his changes in combat / magic understanding too, which is an ever occurring change as he shifts from mage school stuff to a more nature based understanding of magic.

Why You Love Them: He’s an absolutely fun personality to write and he sates my appetite for describing the walking light show he often is. I enjoy that I can write him in three different forms as well as all the weird, out of this world things mages are capable of. Some nights I sit down and I’m like… “I feel like writing an owl tonight.” It brings something different to RP I think from playing the same elf barbie all the time.

Why you Hate Them:

His RNG sucks. >:(
Hate is a strong word and I don’t think I could hate Felo. I guess I wish I could write him to come off more serious and stoic (because he is), but it’s hard for me to not write humor into him because I enjoy it so much. He’s such a nerd and he sets himself up for half the stuff he falls for.

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Back to normal

Title: Back to normal
Author: Dalila
Ship: Sherlock x Reader
Word count: 2.151
Request: “hi there, sherlock and reader? prompts 109 and 133, thanks”
                   109. “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 
                   133. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” 
Summary: Two years after Sherlock’s suicide he shows up on your doorstep. And at that moment you realize you haven’t moven on at all.
Warnings: mention of suicide
Author’s note: Since all I had were the sentences, I allowed myself to go wild with my imagination. Anyways, I really hope you’ll enjoy it at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it.
P.S. I also allowed myself to slightly adjust prompt 109.

       For two years, you weren’t able to erase his number from your cell phone. 

       Most people would think that you didn’t find it necessary, but not him. He would immediately know that you still didn’t cope with his death. You were unhealthy in your persistence to keep every bit of Sherlock in your life. Even though you knew that he was never coming back.

       He would find you ridiculous. You weren’t even friends. Or rather, he never considered you as one. You were just one of his people, someone who would do anything he’d ask of you. You’d gather information and occasionally provide him with some insight knowledge that was needed for his case. 

       It all started when you were still at university. Your then boyfriend was involved in kidnapping people. You knew something was off, but there was no one who could help you. The situation was too dangerous for you to just talk things out with him, but your suspicion seemed so irrational that going to police was off limits. 

       But there was this man. Sherlock Holmes asked you questions about your boyfriend, claimed to be his old acquaintance. And for some reason, as the conversation went on he admitted being someone akin to a detective. A perfect person to share your fears with.

       Mutual help, that was all it took. You were clever enough to notice a problem in a paradise, enough evidence to prove your boyfriend’s misdeeds , something that made Sherlock treat you with the slightest bit more respect than the others. It made you feel special, once you’d gotten to know him. 

       But Sherlock was gone now. The man you’d grown to like despite his arrogance and ignorance with human feelings. The man you’ve gotten attached to, the only person in your life you could actually trust. He – died, with only one simple message left behind.

       Goodbye, (Y/N).
       - S.H.

       Two years…

       After two years, he was standing right in front of you. Standing on the threshold of your flat.

       “I respect your intelligence and I know you’re more than enough clever to figure this out, but for the sake of kindness I’ll say it…” Sherlock’s face didn’t change one bit. He still wore the same seemingly emotionless expression he always had. Except, you could see that spark of excitement in his eyes. “I am not dead.”

       For a moment, you stayed silent. Usually you were great at handling difficult situations, but that was different. It was Sherlock, back from the land of dead. Thousands of thoughts flooded your head, making you question the world around you. It couldn’t be true, you’ve heard John Watson himself confirming Sherlock’s death. Watson, of all people… But then again – Holmes was this kind of man, who would… Letting out a breath, you focused not to lose your temper.

        I am not dead

       “I can see that…” your voice was weak, trembling but you needed strength for him. To handle this situation without ruining the image of you, whatever that image was in his head. But the more you were trying to calm yourself, the more rage would rise within you. “But I’ll have no problem changing that, unless you choose your next words very carefully.” You spoke slowly, trying oh so hard not to burst in tears in front of him. You swallowed hard, looking at him expectantly. 

       “Okay… did you miss me?” a wide grin spread over his features, as he mocked you. Because that what it was  – mocking you, in your own flat. 

       That was enough, you lost control over everything you thought you’d achieved during last two years. All progress on your grief over that man was now shattered into pieces. You wanted to beat his last breath out of him, punch him so he could feel what you had to endure. But before your hands reached any part of his body, Sherlock grabbed your wrists in one swift motion. You struggled to break free, to reach him with your firsts, tears now shamelessly falling down your cheeks as you voiced your thoughts, without even noticing. 

       “You idiot! Douche! Do you have any idea of what you’ve done?” all the feelings you tried to keep locked deep inside, buried underneath thoughts like He’s not your kind of man. “You’re an egotistical bastard! What made you think you have any right to do that?” He’d never feel anything for you… “ I thought you were dead, you…” words were just flowing from your lips, as you were lost in your rage.

       He’d never care for you

       “You b-broke me…” You didn’t even notice when you stopped trying to beat him, just resting against his chest as he supported the weight of your body. Only then you realized you were losing consciousness. The adrenaline wore off, the shock kicked in and it was all too much for your body to handle, especially after wasting last bits of your strength in unsuccessful attempts to punch him.

       He’d never feel

       Hours must have passed before you woke up. Sunlight was crawling its way to your bed through the curtains. Memories from last night seemed like a bad dream, however you couldn’t help but hope for it not to be. As much as the sudden appearance of a certain consulting detective on your doorstep would be unexpected and provoked aggressive behaviour, living another day knowing he was…

       “You awake? Finally. Took you long enough.” You heard his words, pounding inside your head like an echo. Your blurred gaze followed to the chair in the corner of your bedroom. And there he was – looking at you, with signs of annoyance dancing across his features.  “I hope that amount of sleep was enough for you to calm down, it’s tiring – keeping your hands off me.”

       “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” you asked, feeling your eyes becoming glazed over once again. Last night drained you, made you unable to think clearly. Something he’d never forgive you. Inside your head you could hear his pride Caring is a chemical defect, which makes you weak. And last night you gave him your heart on a plate. Showed your all weaknesses.

       He’d never care, especially not for someone as weak as you.

       “Enjoy what? You fainting straight into my arms?” Sherlock’s eyebrow went up for a moment, as a smirk bloomed on his face. Your heart broke into millions of little pieces, knowing any sort of respect he could have had for you was fleeting. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extreme.”

       “You know what I mean, idiot.” And yet here you were, jumping right back to your old habits. Whenever he was being his cocky self, you brought him down with calling him an idiot, so he would finally listen to what you have to say. “Did you enjoy your great come back? Having me in a position so exposed? Enjoy my pain and all…”

       “Just stop it, would you.” He snapped at you, his gaze turning somewhat cold. That was something you’d never seen of him. For a moment you thought you caught him being… hurt. “I thought you deserved to know that I’m back.”

       “But you didn’t think I deserve to know you’re alive. For two years, Sherlock…” you tried to get up and walk out of bed. But before you managed to properly get up, he was there – pushing you back onto the mattress. “I think you still need to rest, (Y/N). I suggest no sudden moves.”

       He was right, only then your head started spinning. His arms secured you from falling off bed, then he helped you sit up and sat on the edge of your bed. “It’s a shame that you didn’t think that much about my health when you faked your own death.” You murmured, closing your eyes so the room would come back to its rightful place in your eyes. You could only hear how Sherlock laughed at you. 

       “Only those, who’d been needed were informed.” You opened your eyes to look at his face. His gaze was fixed on you and for a moment you both fell into silence. You wish you’d known what was happening in his brain, but when it came to yours… You finally had time to process everything, properly calm down. He was alive. Sherlock Holmes was alive, beside you. 

       “You were here all night?” you asked, crossing your legs on the bed. You placed your elbows on your knees. You could see how he suddenly faced the other way. “Oh, and now you’re avoiding the answer.” You rubbed your forehead with your hand.

       “I always considered your observations quite accurate, but at the moment I’d honestly prefer for them not to be.” His eyes went back to their usual, cold stare. From which you couldn’t tell absolutely anything.

       “You still haven’t answered my question.”

       “I just did!”

       “That wasn’t an answer, Sherlock. I want an answer.”

       “Fine!” he snapped, pursing his lips into a thin line. “I needed to make sure you were okay once you woke up. You were tired, judging by the state of your clothes, you’d been working since early hours in the morning.” You sighed, wanting to say something. But at this point saying anything was pointless. “Also, your things are scattered all around your flat, used clothes put exactly where you’d been undressing. I remember you, always a highly neat person. This proves you’ve endured something highly traumatic.” That was too much, you tried talking to him, but he already entered his phase. “But you have no contact with your family, still angry with your parents. This couldn’t have been a family matter, but you were also never the kind to make friends easily. Heavy trust problems. Two years wouldn’t be enough for you to make a friend, who would matter to you that much. And you weren’t in great shape with friends you’ve already made…”

       “Sherlock, are you done?” you tried once more, but he wasn’t listening. 

       “There was only one thing that would put you in a state like that…”

       “Sherlock, please…” by the time, tears were already streaming down your cheeks once again. “Please, stop.”

       “During last two years only my death, or rather my fake death, was enough to cause…” the realization finally hit him. His eyes were absent for the time of his speech, but he finally saw you. With fresh tears glittering in the morning sunlight.

       His body visibly stiffened. You couldn’t read any emotion from his face, but you’ve known him enough to tell one thing – he was nervous. You’ve seen that already. Sentiment, caring… it was overwhelming for him.

       “I’m sorry…” his words seemed genuine. You looked down, trying to regain peaceful expression, for at least one moment. Then you felt his hand on your cheek. Gently, like the touch of a butterfly. His fingers traced your tears, wiping them from your face. You didn’t dare move, not believing you were actually awake. It must have been a dream.

       “Well, I can’t say that I’ve missed the way you’d expose me in every simple detail. That was the main reason I called you a douche.” You tried to lighten the mood a little. Sentiment couldn’t be named in front of Sherlock, or else he’d escape. Like a frightened animal.

       “I was worried about you…” he admitted. That made you look back at him, not even trying to hide the surprise. And for a moment, only a brief moment – you caught the glimpse of concerned look on Sherlock’s face. His eyes lost their normal icy vibe, reflecting the warmth and his lips were quivering.

       “Oh, but you have to admit it…” he said, his face coming back to its typical look. He said that in his low voice, the one that used to send shivers down your spine. You gritted your teeth, knowing  he was unintentionally but inevitably pushing you down the road you couldn’t take. The road of dangerous feelings arising from the bottom of your heart. And he wasn’t even smart enough to realize what he was doing. “You’ve missed this. You’ve missed me…”

       His eyes twitched as your hand slapped him across the cheek. You were still too weak for the slap to have the right pressure, but the act itself must have surprised him.

       “And what was that for?” he looked at you, with the eyes of an offended puppy. You narrowed your eyes at him, before glancing to the window, with a smirk forming on your lips. 

       “For being right…” you only muttered, still not looking at him. And you didn’t have to look to know that he was also smirking. You were back to your usual attitudes. Him being slightly amused by your childish behaviour and you being amazed with his skills and acting nasty despite your true feelings. The sunlight got more intense,

              as the world fell back to its place

Atletico de Madrid before Cholo Simeone (109 years): 7 UCL participations. 2 semifinals. 1 final.

Atletico de Madrid with Cholo Simeone (5 years): 4 UCL participations. 2 finals. One semifinal in progress.

Character Profile Meme: Thordemar

Full Name: Thordemar Ashelanar Emberfell

Other Names: Bumblebee (his childhood nickname)

Universe They Exist In: World of Warcraft

Gender and Sexuality: cis male / demisexual

Pronouns: He/him

Ethnicity/Species: Sin’dorei

Birthplace and Birthdate: Fairbreeze Village, Quel’thalas, September 7th roughly 109 years ago. Elf ages are weird- He’s supposed to be the human equivalent of a 32 year old.

Guilty Pleasures: Food. Oh lord is he a foodie. Taking elaborate baths with flowery shampoos. Modifying a weapon with something questionably dangerous.

Phobias: Jump-scares.

What They Would Be Famous For: Punching a gronn in Draenor and living to tell the tale. WRITING HIS LETTERS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE HE WRITES LIKE A DRAFTSMAN, HE’S NOT YELLING AT YOU. Being that guy that drives down a Silvermoon City street with the loudest, most obnoxious motorcycle. Yes, THAT GUY. Having a laser arm. Getting caught skinny dipping. Trying to trap magic in a device he invented without it exploding.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: While the man has had his share of Vantics, Thordemar has never broken the law.

OC You Ship Them With: Thor and Xenus are in the beginnings of a shy and sweet romance, whilst Vandeis and Thor continue to share an adventurous bromance. @sakialyn

Your Favorite OC Relationships

I really miss Thordemar and Acreles and their dynamic of adventurous young hero vs. grumpy old grizzled man. (Wild) I thought Thor’s chatter with Rhydran was a kindred spirit and loads of fun @curiouslich . Thor and Vandeis are absolutely hilarious together- Van always helping Thor tap into that inner wild forest boy. I also really enjoy his dynamic with his Knight-Commander, whom he tries to be on his best behavior for, even though she is completely aware of his wandering attention. @sakialyn. Velianor was one of Thor’s first friends in the Sunguard and it’s fun to look back on how both of their brothers wound up falling for one another @ocarina-of-what. I like the dynamic Thor has with several of his sunspear comrades, his constant judging of Aurelian @korkrunchcereal his admiration of how brutal Oosarn is @cynfuldax and his optimistic team-player support with Avie & Aeleara @thenaaru @gwynealin.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: The gronn he punched long ago or some other NPC he pissed off with a bad name.

Favorite Book Genre: Almanacs and books with highly detailed illustrations. Flower books, books about nature. Cookbooks even. How-tos.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Novels with no pictures :(

Talents and/or Powers: Thordemar is an inventive and adaptive man both quiet in thought, yet he has little volume control otherwise. He is very athletic and a skilled swordsman as well as a competent rider. He picks up on mechanical functions quickly and is vastly knowledgeable about materials and their relationships with one another. He is his family’s last remaining metal smith and he fills his journals with immaculately detailed nature drawings. More recently, he picked up the practice of runeforging.

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s always noticing something no one else does in a scene, which can be a lot of fun. He’s also friendly and a good noble guy. He fixes things, crafts weapons and calls his enemies some interesting names. He’s an absolute goofball when hammered on hard liquor.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Has no volume control, and sometimes let’s his feelings be very transparent with face expressions. He’s shamelessly critical sometimes too, which can be taken offensively by others.

How They Change: Making amends with his twin brother, Felo’thore was a first step at change for him, and losing an arm has opened his eyes to more potential. But admittedly this is a part in his story I am stuck on and it often makes it difficult for me to find motivation to write him. One day, inspiration will come, and until then, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Why You Love Them: He is my baby, and my first wow character I ever really RPed. I also love to write his rowdy boyish nature.

Why you Hate Them:

I can’t hate Thor. But fuck is he hard to write these days.

Tags: Anyone!

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