108 portraits

“Some of Van Sant’s subjects smile, some stand proudly, some are humble whilst others leave one guessing, their thoughts and feelings at the time their picture was taken remain well hidden. Turning the pages of the book, moving from face to face, one can’t but help stop and spend some considerable time at Portrait 58 though. Portrait 58 was taken in the spring of 1990 near Gainesville, Florida, at the home of a young movie star. Long hair, soon to be shaved for a Vietnam movie, succeeds in partially covering the face of the subject but is unable to cover the expression that this face wears. For this is an expression that is simply too strong, too powerful to remain hidden. It is a look of cynicism, a look of distrust, an expression of quietly restrained hatred that is aimed squarely at the camera lens and it hits its target, dead center"

- Gus Van Sant’s 108 Portraits (1992) Review