108 min


Jimin shivered in his robe. The heat hadn’t kicked yet in their little room and a thin piece of silk and a speedo weren’t helping. A knock echoed.
“Come in.” Jimin called out.
Yoongi picked his head in. “Are you ready to be painted?”
“It’s freezing hyung!”
“I already filed a complaint.” He said setting down his equipment. “Take off your robe.”
Jimin froze, realizing he was going to be practically naked and they haven’t even gone on their date yet. Yoongi glanced over at him noticing he was still dressed.
“Robe. Off.”Jimin face reddened, lost in his thoughts. “You’re not feeling shy are you?”
“N-no. It’s just weird being the only one barely dressed.”
“Just the way I like it.” Yoongi smirked, snatching the robe off of him.
Jimin tried to swallow the lump that had built up in his throat. He squealed when he felt the cold paint touch his skin. Swipes of red, orange and yellow, covered Jimin from his chin to the knees. Then the orange faded into a brown/black color at his feet. Yoongi brought his airbrush unit as we began to carefully spray gold paint on him. Finally he rimmed Jimin’s eyes in gold liner.
“Alright. Tell me what you think.” Yoongi breathed nervously.