108 lost quotes

Hello! Back to Blogging!! 

Sorry for not posting, I was out of town from Thursday to Saturday and yesterday I was busy, but I will post more quotes this week. Don’t forget that you can submit your favorite quotes, lost moments (gifs), or just introduce yourself to me!! As you know I love meeting my followers!! Keep reblogging or liking your favorite 108 Lost Quotes!! I post the most quoted character of the week every Wednesday. 

Sarah :)

108 Lost Quotes One Month Anniversary. 

Wow! It’s only been a month and 108 Lost Quotes already has 65 followers and has posted 23 quotes!! I wasn’t expecting so much feedback in such a short time. That means this blog is getting at least 2 followers a day! I think this blog can get 200 followers by next month!! I would like to know what this blog needs, if you have any suggestions or advise please let me know, I want 108 lost quotes to be the best it can be. 

Here is a new thing for August; every Friday I will pick 6 followers at random and post there urls like a follower friday but it will be called “Friday Candidates." 

Sarah :)