10701) I'm sick of people telling me I transitioned as an escape because I was a "failed man".

You could say I was a failed man - I was unattractive, unsuccessful, overweight, had a miserable past, and generally didn’t have anything going for me. But it’s not like I saw womanhood as this magical escape where everything would be better. I could have been a successful hunk of a man and I still wouldn’t have been happy as one.

10701) I told my two best friends about my anorexia a month ago. They've been so supportive; they don't force me to eat but they encourage me. Last time we went out to eat, we ordered x and y; everyone was going to eat z slices. I wanted to eat for the first time. One of them gave me her x, too, and they let me eat all the y. When I asked why they said they were so happy to see me eat and enjoy it. I'll definitly eat when I'm with them. It was lovely seeing them so happy for me.

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