Behind Her Mask.

A Fire Emblem, Awakening Comic. Final Chapter, END (5/5)

Well… here it is. The end. Or perhaps the beginning? In any case, this is the story I’ve been wanting to tell ever since I started this project about a year ago…and ever since I experienced the game’s story and characters firsthand.

For those who have been reading it since– or those who just hopped on and plan to read the entire story from beginning to end– thank you, Thank You deeply and sincerely for joining me along this ride. It’s the most dedicated I’ve been to a single fan-project– 107 pages total, 48 on this chapter alone.

I genuinely hope it was enjoyable for you as well. :)

Feedback, if any, is appreciated! In meantime, excuse me as I can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Thank you!

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Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps is now open! Honoring the legacy of Terry Adkins’s multidisciplinary performance collective, Projects 107 consists of a gallery exhibition and a set of five corresponding performances, marking the first museum exhibition to reunite the Corps since Adkins’s death.

Learn more about this mysterious collective of artistic collaborators at mo.ma/projects107.

[Performance view: “Facets: A Recital Compilation by Terry Adkins,” November 8, 2012 at the Arthur Zankel Music Center, Skidmore College presented as part of the exhibition Recital at The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery. Photo: Patrick O'Rourke]

Every MST3K Episode by Year

Whenever my WIkia account gets activated I’m going to make this a real thing…

MST3K by year

The Mad Monster (103)
The Corpse Vanishes (105)

I Accuse My Parents (507)

The Brute Man (702)

Jungle Goddess (203)
Last of the Wild Horses (611)

Rocketshop X-M (201)
Radar Secret Service (520)

Lost Continent (208)
The Painted Hills (510)
Racket Girls (616)

Invasion USA (602)

Robot Monster (107)
Project Moon Base (109)
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (505)

Crash of Moons (417)

King Dinosaur (210)
Swamp Diamonds (503)
Teen-Age Crime Wave (522)
Revenge of the Creature (801)

It Conquered the World (311)
The Indestructible Man (409)
Manhunt in Space (413)
Fire Maidens of Outer Space (416)
Bride of the Monster (423)
The Violent Years (610)
The Sword and the Dragon (617)
The Mole People (803)
The She-Creature (808)

The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy (102)
Untamed Youth (112)
The Black Scorpian (113)
The Amazing Colossal Man (30?)
The Saga of the Viking Women… (317)
The Unearthly (320)
Hercules (502)
Gunslinger (511)
Beginning of the End (517)
The Dead Talk Back (603)
The Deadly Mantis (804)
The Undead (806)
I Was a Teenage Warewolf (809)

The Crawling Eye (101)
Rocket Attack U.S.A. (205)
Daddy-O (307)
Earth vs the Spider (313)
Teenage Cave Man (315)
War of the Colossal Beast (319)
Night of the Blood Beast (701)
The Thing that Couldn’t Die (805)
Terror from the Year 5000 (807)
The Space Children (906)
The Screaming Skull (912)

The Giant Gila Monster (402)
Teenagers from Outer Space (404)
Attack of the Giant Leeches (406)
The Killer Shrews (407)
Hercules Unchained (408)
The Rebel Set (419)
The Day the Earth Froze (422)
The Girl in Lovers Lane (509)
Santa Claus (521)
Girls Town (601)
High School Big Shot (618)
The Leech Woman (802)
Prince of Space (816)

First Spaceship on Venus (211)
Tormented (414)
The Beatniks (415)
12 To The Moon (524)
Colossus and the Headhunters (605)
The Amazing Transparent Man (623)
The Horrors of Spider Island (1011)

Hercules and the Captive Women (412)
Bloodlust! (608)
The Sinister Urge (613)
The Beast of Yucca Flats (621)
Invasion of the Neptune Men (819)
The Phantom Planet (902)
Gorgo (909)
Hamlet (1009)

The Slime People (108)
Ring of Terror (206)
The Magic Sword (411)
Eegah (506)
The Brain the Wouldn’t Die (513)
Samson vs. the Vampire Women (624)

The Crawling Hand (106)
The Skydivers (609)

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (321)
Hercules Against the Moon Men (410)
The Human Duplicators (420)
The Atomic Brain (518)
The Creeping Terror (606)
The Starfighters (612)
Kitten With a Whip (615)
The Incredibly Strange Creatures… (812)
Jack Frost (813)
The Horror of Party Beach (817)
Devil Doll (818)

Gamera (K05, 302)
Attack of the Eye Creatures (418)
Monster A-Go-Go (421)
Village of the Giants (523)

Gamera vs Barguron (K04, 304)
Women of the Prehistoric Planet (104)
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (213)
Manos: The Hands of Fate (424)
Secret Agent Super Dragon (504)
The Wild Wild WOrld of Batwoman (515)
Red Zone Cuba (619)
Agent for H.A.R.M. (815)

Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars (K02)
Gamera vs Gaos (K06, 308)
The Million Eyes of Samuru (K18)
Catalina Caper (204)
Wild Rebels (207)
The Hellcats (209)
Operation Double 007 (508)
Danger!! Death Ray (620)
The Projected Man (901)
The Deadly Bees (905)

Mighty Jack (K14, 314)
Teen-Age Strangler (514)
Diabolik (1013)

The Green Slime (K00)
Gamera vs Guiron (K08, 312)
Moon Zero Two (111)
The Side Hackers (202)
The Castle of Fu Manchu (321)
Space Travelers (401)
Girl in Gold Boots (1002)

San Francisco International (614)

Gamera vs Zigra (K07, 316)

Stranded in Space (305)

Phase IV (K09)
The Touch of Satan (908)
It Lives by Night (1010)

Mitchell (512)
The Great Spider Invasion (810)
Blood Waters of Dr. Z (1005)

Cosmic Princess (K10)
Godzilla vs Megalon (212)
Riding With Death (812)
Track of the Moon Beast (1007)
Squirm (1012)

SST- Death Flight (K13)
The Legend of the Dinosaurs (K21)
Code Name: Diamond Head (608)
The Incredible Melting Man (704)

Superdrome (K15)
Laserblast (706)

City on Fire (K16)
Angels Revenge (622)
Parts: The Clonus Horror (811)

Hanger 18 (K19)
The Pumaman (903)

Invaders from the Deep (K01)
Humanoid Woman (K11)
The Last Chase (K20)

Being from Another Planet (405)

Pod People (303)
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (822)

Cave Dwellers (301)
Master Ninja (322)
Master Ninja II (324)
Warriror of the Lost World (501)
Devil Fish (911)

City Limits (403)
Escape 2000 (705)
Boggy Creek II (1006)
Final ustice (1008)

Fugitive Alien (K03, 310)
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II (318)
Zombie Nightmare (604)

Time of the Apes (K17, 306)
Robot Holocaust (110)

Alien from LA (516)
Deathstalker and the Warriers from Hell (703)
Space Mutiny (820)
Hobgoblins (907)

Outlaw (519)

The Final Sacrifice (910)
Soultaker (1001)

Quest of the Delta Knights (913)

Time Chasers (821)

Werewolf (904)
Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders (1003)

Future War (1004)

GTTGYF Backlog Spoilers

Backlog of All Gaming Things that give you Feels posts *spoilers included* (A list without spoilers is also available):

These should all link to their respective pages. Just CTRL+F to search for a specific keyword relating to the Feel you want to find. If there are any broken links, please message me~

1)          Journey: Completing Your First Journey

2)          Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core: Zack’s Death

3)          Legend of Zelda Series: Pulling out your first Master Sword

4)          Bioshock: The Good Ending

5)          Red Dead Redemption: John Marston’s Death

6)          Pokemon: Choosing your first Pokemon

7)          Portal 2: Turret Opera

8)          Gears of War 2: Dom and Maria

9)          Final Fantasy X: The Spring Scene and Tidus and Yuna’s First Kiss

10)       Mother 3

11)       Pokemon: Defeating the Elite Four

12)       Kingdom Hearts: Ending

13)       Fallout 3: Your dad’s death

14)       Metal Gear Solid 3: Killing the Boss

15)       Psychonauts: Milla’s Nightmare

16)       Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: When Midna breaks the Mirror of Twilight and leaves forever

17)       Alan Wake: “It’s not a lake…it’s an ocean.”

18)       Mass Effect 3: “I’m proud of you.”

19)       Silent Hill 2: Talking to Angela on the burning staircase

20)       Super Paper Mario: The Ending

21)       Jak 3: Damas’s death and the reveal of Jak’s dad

22)       Dear Esther: Reaching the Aerial (Ending)

23)       Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: Ending

24)       Heavy Rain: (Discovering the truth and history behind the Origami Killer)

25)       Shadow of the Colossus: Losing Agro

26)       Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Xion’s Death

27)       Half Life 2: Episode 2: When Alyx cries over her father

28)       Nier

29)       Fallout 3 & New Vegas: Ending Slides

30)       Xenoblade Chronicles: Fiora’s Death

31)       F3AR 3: Point Man’s ending

32)       Bioshock: The Dancers in Cohen’s Apartment

33 – Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: Scarlette’s Letter

34 – Finishing a rich and beautiful game

35 – Sonic Adventure 2: Shadow’s implied death

36 – Final Fantasy X: Ending

37 – LIMBO: Finding your sister

38 - Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway:When Baker tells Red he will never walk

39 – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: Grovyle and Celebi’s last moment together

40 – Silent Hill 3: Reading Harry’s Notebook

41 -  Persona 4: When Nanako dies

42 – Shadow of the Colossus: Seeing/Fighting your 1st Colossus

43 – Prince of Persia: Sands of Time: Farah’s death

44 – Bioshock: Andrew Ryan’s speech

45 – Earthbound: The changes after defeating Giygas

46 – Tales of Abyss: Asch’s death

47 – Final Fantasy VIII: The Ragnarok scene

48 – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: When Ezio finds Altair’s skeleton

49 – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Finishing the Anju/Kafei quest

50 – Kingdom Hearts 2: Axel’s death

51 – Dragon Age: Origins: The Cousland Origin

52 – Ib: The “Promise of Reunion” Ending

53 – Bioshock 2: The Neutral Ending

54 – Red Dead Redemption: Riding home to your family

55 – Devil May Cry 3: Dante and Vergil

56 – Lost Odyssey: Lirum

57 – Mass Effect 3: Thane’s Death

58 – Okami: Issun’s speech/prayer before the battle against Yami’s true form

59 - Diablo III: Tyrael’s Sacrifice

60 - Super Metroid: When the Metroid Hatchling rescues you

61 - Chrono Trigger: Crono’s Resurrection

62 - Kingdom Hearts 2: Returning to Destiny Islands

63 – Ib: Garry’s Death

64 – Tales of Symphonia: When the party reunites before fighting Pronyma

65 – Beating Your First Boss

66 – Gears of War 3: Dom’s Death

67 – Resident Evil 6: Pier’s Death

68 – Bioshock 2: The Good Ending

69 – Final Fantasy VI: When Celes tries to commit suicide

70 – Alundra: All the funerals

71 – The Walking Dead: Killing Duck

72 – Metal Gear Solid 4: Returning to Shadow Moses

73 – Tales of Monkey Island: Guybrush’s Death

74 – Skullgirls: Painwheel’s Ending

75 – Tales of Graces f: Finding out Lambda’s Past

76 – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Saying Goodbye to Saria

77 – Pokemon Black/White 2: Getting N’s Zorua

78 – Dragon Quest IX: Aquila’s Death

79 – Tales of Graces f: Learning Malik’s Past

80 – Walking Dead: Lee’s Death 

81 - Fatal Frame 3: Normal Ending

82 – Tales of Symphonia: Mithos begging Martel not to go and descending further into madness

83 – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Calling the 4 Giants

84 – Pokemon Colosseum: Opening the Door to a Shadow Pokemon’s Heart

85 – X-COM: Unknown Enemy: The Memorial

86 – Dragon Age: Origins: Leaving the Dalish Clan in the Dalish Origin

87 – NIGHTS Journey of Dreams: Secret Ending

88 – Okami: When Amaterasu turns into Shiranui

89 – Final Fantasy VI: Cyan’s Flashback of his wife and son

90 – Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War: Chopper’s Death

91 – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: “Will you wake me up?"     

92 – Dragon Age: Origins: Tamlen’s Return

93 – Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares: Jill’s Sacrifice

94 – Final Fantasy V: Galuf’s Flame has Flickered Out

95 – Borderlands 2: Opening Roland’s Personal Armory

96 – Pokemon Gold/Silver: Beating Red (Your First Persona)

97 – Metal Gear Solid 4: The Final Battle

98 – Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow: When Cecelia kills Mina

99 – Tales of Symphonia: Corrine’s Sacrifice

100 – Nier: The King of Facades Death

101 – Legend of Dragoon: Death of Lavitz

102 – Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker: Leaving Outset Island

103 – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Time/Darkness/Sky: Hero’s Death

104 – Suikoden I: Gremio’s Death

105 – Super Mario Galaxy 2: Reaching the End of the Slimy Spring Galaxy

106 – Fatal Frame Project Zero 2: The Crimson Butterfly Ending

107 – Project Diva f: Time Machine

108 – Resident Evil Code Veronica:Steve’s Death

109 – Shadow Hearts: When Alice Sacrifices Herself for Yuri

110 – Silent Hill 2: "In Water” Ending

111 - Megaman Zero 4: Zero’s Sacrifice

112 – No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: When Travis receives Bishop’s Head

113 – Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance: When Roxas Tells Sora He is His Own Person

114 – Asura’s Wrath: The True DLC Ending

115 – Borderlands 2: Bloodwings’s Death

116 – Persona 3: Akihiko visits Shinjiro’s Memorial

117 – Assassin’s Creed 2: Giovanni, Pertruccio, and Federico’s Deaths

118 -  Final Fantasy VIII: Laguna and Raine’s Story

119 – Okami: When you realize the real Rao is dead

120 – Pokemon: Black/White Version: When N Leaves

121 – Digital Devil Saga: Jinana’s Death      

122 – Shadow Hearts 2: The Good Ending

123 – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: Emma’s Death

124 – Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing DLC: Finding Bill’s Corpse

125 – Final Fantasy X-2: Watching all the scenes play through, while listening to Yuna and Lenne sing 1,000 Words

126 – The Unfinished Swan: Meeting the King/The Ending

127 – Okami: Kaguya’s Goodbye

128 – Shadows Hearts 2 - Covenant: The Oath (Where Yuri meets Alice[’s soul] again in the train where she died)

129 – Resident Evil 4: Luis’s Death

130 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Talking to Michelle Walthers

131 – Mana-Khemia Alchemist of Al-Revis: Sulphur’s Loyalty in the Vayne Ending

132 – Mass Effect 2: Seeing Jack Cry

133 – Dragon Age II: All That Remains

134 – Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Entering the Temple of Time

135 – Batman Arkham City: Talia’s Death

136 – Mass Effect 3: Mordin’s Sacrifice

137 – Infamous 2: Good Karma Ending        

138 – Pokemon Black & White 2: Battling Iris

139 – Katawa Shoujo: Rin’s Route

140 – Fallout Series: Ron Pearlman’s Narration

141 - Eternal Sonata: When Fredric is declared dead

142 - Persona 4 Arena: Labrys’s Story

143 - The World Ends With You: The Ending

144 - Dead Island Trailer

145 - The Witch’s House:True Ending/Ellen’s Death

146 - Gears of War 2: Benjamin Carmine’s Death

147 - Final Fantasy VII:Aeris’s Death

148 - Far Cry 3: The Good Ending

149 - Bullet Hell Games: Attaining your first 1CC

150 - The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC: Russell Standing Up to Nate

151 - Brutal Legend: Cutscene Before the Final Boss

152 - Jade Empire: The Open Palm ending to the Drowned Orphans Sidequest

153 - Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS: Mega Man’s Arrival

154 - Fallout: New Vegas: The Last Radio Broadcast from the Sierra Madre

155 - Pokemon XY: Pokemon Amie

156 - Fire Emblem Awakening: Emmeryn’s Death

157 - Persona 4 Golden: When Nanako begs you not to die

158 - Tales of Symphonia: Ending Scene

159 - Fable 3: Walter’s Death

160 - Bastion: Being Spared by the Ura

161 - Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Parting with all the masks in the end

162 - The Last of Us: Ellie and Joel’s Relationship

163 - Silent Hill: Lisa’s Death

164 - Final Fantasy XIII: Snow’s Proposal to Serah before she turns to crystal

165 - Alice: Madness Returns: Returning to Wonderland

166 - Dead Space 2: Killing Nolan Stross

167 - The Last of Us: Joel’s Injury

168 - Legacy of Kain: Defiance: Raziel’s Sacrifice

169 - Dragon Age: The Darkspawn Chronicles

170 - Dragon’s Dogma: ‘Closure Ending’

171 - Final Fantasy VIII: Trabia Garden destroyed

172 - Bioshock Infinite: “Just Let Go”

173 - Black Lodge: Dale Cooper escapes the Black Lodge

174 - Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Sacrifice Ending

175 - Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life: Galen talking to Nina after she passes away

176 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: Meeting your First Ancestor (Rioichi Cooper)

177 - Final Fantasy VII: Mako Poisoned Cloud

178 - Uncharted 2: Watching Tenzin’s Village be Destroyed

179 - Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: Chuck Greene as a Psychopath

180 - Drakengard 2: Angelus and Caim

181 - The Last of Us: The Giraffe Scene

182 - Super Mario Galaxy: Rosalina’s Storybook

183 - Devil May Cry 3: The “Jackpot” Scene

184 - Batman Arkham City: Carrying Joker

185 - Deadly Premonition: Emily’s Death

186 - The Last of Us: Sarah’s Death

187 - Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Pamela reunites with her father

188 - World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King: When King Terenas comforts Arthas as he dies

189 - Final Fantasy X: Auron’s Sending

190 - Resident Evil 4: The Credits

191 - Pokemon: Cubone’s Mother

192 - Saints Row 2: Carlos’s Death

193 - Metal Gear Solid 4: The Microwave Hallway

194 - Soul Reaver 2: Janos Audron is Slain

195 - Dangan Ronpa: Chihiro Fujisaki’s Death

196 - Uncharted 3: Sully’s “Death”

197 - Super Mario 64: Dire, Dire Docks music

198 - Final Fantasy IV: Palom and Porom Turn to Stone

199 - Resident Evil Outbreak: The Bad Endings

200 - Batman: Arkham City: Pay Your Respects Achievement/Trophy

201 - Final Fantasy 9: Blank is Petrified

202 - Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLCs

203 - Legend of Dragoon: Ending

204 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky: Beating Wigglytuff’s Guild

205 - Final Fantasy IX: When Sir Fratley doesn’t remember Freya

206 - Mass Effect 2: Thane’s Romance

207 - Mirror’s Edge: Ending

208 - Assassin’s Creed III: Haytham’s Death

209 - Xenosaga Episode 3: Jin Uzuki’s Death


Originally posted by starkwest

“You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked mine.”



Chapter Links:

“Just try to understand,” Tony spoke calmly, shifting in his chair as he turned around to stare at his old friend. “It’s not like he has much time.” He finished running his hand through his hair as he released a sigh of worry.  His gaze traveled around his messy desk, as his dark cinnamon colored pupils dilated down to Steve’s monkey on a unicycle drawing held by a glass frame.  “Try to find out where the Captain is…” His voice held much distress, like he had been dragged to the ends of Hell and back. Seeing things only the devil should have.

The girl nodded, her chipper chestnut curls bouncing with her every nod. “I understand uncle-“

“Don’t call me that when we’re talking business.” He interrupted, ushering her out of his room. She could tell he was tired, and worn out. It was funny, because the last time she had bumped shoulder with him he had laughed when he spotted a long grey hair rooting from the tips of her hairline, joking that her work as a therapy was getting the best of her. Yet here the old man sat, gray laced the brim of his head, with bags pulling his skin below his chin from all the stress.

Her feet took her out of the office, right out of the expensive mahogany double doors to the secretary that was waiting for her arrival. The lady looked like she was done with her life working for Tony Stark. Her tight bun at the center of her head looked like the only thing keeping her eyes wide open.

“You’ll be monitored the whole time, with cameras in every angle of the room.” The secretary spoke as she walked briskly in the halls, “If he so much as flinches in anger, the guards are instructed to tap into the small chair he’s sitting in and zap him.” She spoke with much normalcy. “He is dangerous,” Her heels clicked on the tiled ground as her long legs took wide steps.

“Why?” Her voice came out like a feather, coated between her breaths that sneaked from the brim of her throat. Brows scrunched as her nose wrinkled with curiosity.

“He’s dangerous.” The answer was much like everything she’s heard so far. “Be cautious.” The blond finished, holding her folder closer to her chest as she clicked the small grey button beside the door. “Someone will meet you in a few minutes to come and dress you, until then, Stay safe.” Like that she had turned around, speed walking away from the dimly lit hallway.

She was but a mist in minutes. Her strawberry scent the only inviting thing in the dark drenched hallway. Within seconds, the system buzzed, red flashing from the alarm over the double metal encased entrance. Fog was seeping through the openings, leaving the therapist scared, just exactly what was she dealing with?

For months, she had prepared for this moment. Everyone telling her how dangerous her new client will be, How he’s not normal, How she’ll be lucky if she even came back with no scratches. And yet she brushed all of the worry that strummed from the lips of her relatives, thinking that if she could help a man with with schizophrenia then she could and most definitely would help anyone who’s in danger. That was her life description after all.

“Ma'am, Please enter the door.” The speaker announced. Its voice static encrypted. The women had thought it was due to the fact no one even cared much for the technology that weaved in the floor. Tony mustn’t come down here very often, because she could see cracks and small beetles coming in and out of the small space.

Forgetting her temporary fright, she had made her way into the hall, her flats leveled and quite. She entered the second hallway, before the doors hinges cringed and smacked shut with the most deadliest ‘boom’ known to man kind. The therapist had probably jumped out of her skin from the sudden sound and compacted air that woodshed her dress to the front.

“Miss (Y/L/N),” Strong words spoke, catching her attention. “This way,” His voice was stern and steel like. Holding a staff in hand, while the belt around his waist held many gadgets to retain a monster- if not, even a ghost.

“Where am I going?” She asked, her small legs walking fast trying to catch up, books pressed hard to her chest, while her half used pencil peaked from between her hair and ear.

“Getting changed.” He supplied.  Turning the corner and walked through a second block worth of doors.

“Why?” She was so lost. Last month when Tony had pinpointed her location, he had offered her a client. Stating that it wouldn’t be that hard or bad in general. Just that she would be payed millions for one session. Her mind went blank, just to help a person? All he required her with was to keep caution at all times while in the room- but even then he assured her a mouse wouldn’t even nibble her cheese, that she had no worries to take up his client. His words sealed such authority that she had trusted she wouldn’t even have a dent in her skin.

“To make sure he doesn’t skin you alive.” The wicked smirk that had plastered across the man’s canvass was enough to wash a decades worth of acid over her body.

“I-I don’t follow…” Much wasn’t spoken then, instead he had shoved her down the last steps and pushed her inside an open room, before disappearing completely.

All the workers had stopped what they were doing and turned heads to her presence. She felt like an alien.  Although it’s not everyday that someone would be walking the depths of the Stark Tower.

“Are you mission 107?”

The people around her had gas masks and Quarantine onesies.  Their movements had indicated that they don’t see much normal humans.

“Ma'am… Are you mission 107?” The workers voice repeated, “Are you the therapist for project number 107?” They referred to them as numbers, sometimes monsters. Not that anything that was living here could hold a feather to nail.

“Y-yes,” Never in the personal therapists life had she ever lost her voice, but the new environment here had gotten the best of her. She nodded her head, her movements dilated down to more physical show rather then answering in words.

“Jermey, Get her dressed in order number 6,518, don’t forget her gas mask, order number 5, her shoes must cover all her skin, Oder number 188, make sure there are no jewelry around her body, order number 163, cover her fingers, order number 552.” The voice was stern, almost robot like. The women was throwing numbers and orders while the said man- Jeremy rushed around the small office to gather all her things.

“Oder numbers present.” Jermey came back, cloths and masks, and metal filers dripped from his hold. As his eyes inspected her nakedness, compared to what he was wearing, the therapist was practically nude.

She was scared, because now, he- whoever he is, seemed to really be dangerous. All the worries that her relatives and friends marked, had now just jammed into her thick skull.

She had finally processed, just how Dangerous the man really is.

Originally posted by wintersthighs

The place wasn’t anything better then the underground halls of the tower. If anything, it looked more dirtier.

The room was absolutely empty, save for the table and two chairs in the middle of the room. The staff didn’t make much of hiding the four cameras that hung in every corner. The walls were a dirty shade of white, as if beige with spiderwebs in various spots.

The elfin therapist came closer to the chair, she sat down reluctantly. Placing all her books on the table. Her whole body was hard to move give for what they had forced her to wear. Once all her belongings were placed on the table, she stood up and zipped out of the dress Stark wanted her in. If she was going to help someone, then she would have to treat him like every other human being she’s helped.

So she stood, took her quarantine getup, and then slid the mask off, her gloves the were slipped off, the metal protected around all her fingers then came off, and she dusted them to the farthest corner she could.

“Ma'am, If you don’t put those on we can’t guarantee your safety.” The mic boomed, the person on the other end of the cameras must be watching her. Yet she had found herself not heeding it much thought. 

Brushing off his comment she then went back to her desk, books and papers scattered around it. She fixed them, tucked every paper in place and shoved all the books, files, and paper in groups. Leaving just her pen and half pencil beside her.

“Ma'am, Test subject 107 is-”

Before the person could continue what he wanted to say the doors had opened up violently, the doors slammed into the wall before bouncing back. Slightly scaring the women who sat at the desk.

Three guards came in shoving in a man, the pushed him down onto the chair quite aggressively, punching his shoulders either on the right or left depending where they wanted him to go. And how they would kick his legs when they wanted him to sit. Her heart strung a little for the poor man.

After they had gotten him down, they left in an instant. Shutting the metal doors, the two people sat awkwardly alone. She glanced him over, metal arm and all. She now knew who she was working for, the infamous Winter Solider.

But just how bad could the man be? It’s not like the news gives away much information that the government doesn’t allow- or doesn’t provide at the matter. The only thing that she knows about the man sat before her, was for the supposed bombing in Wakanda, but even that was framed and released to the press by non other then her Uncle…

“My name is (Y/N)…” The young lady begun, she grabbed her pencil from around her ear and opened up a new book. First page she started scribbling down notes, messy ones. “What’s your name?” Her voice trailed, she looked him over again, stiff shoulders and unreadable eyes. His eyes, albeit soft followed her every move harshly. His mouth was sealed shut, lips chapped.

“You know who I am,” His gruff reply came, as if he hadn’t spoken for decades. Almost like a diamond scratching glass.

“I don’t, to be honest.” She answered shutting her book and biting her pencil. Her warm brown eyes bore into his dusty royal blues. As if begging him to answer. “The only thing I know, is that your name is Winter solider.” She finished, ushering the butt of the pencil to the side. As if to emphasize her point. “I don’t even think that’s your real name.”

“My name is Bucky,” He murmured. Feeling annoyed. He looked around the place, eyes landing on the discarded protection. Then he looked down. Eyelashes grazed his cheeks as he closed them momentarily. “Why did you take those off?” He asked, his answer coming between his breaths. As if he was ready to pounce. 

“It’s not like you’ll hurt me-” Before she had anything else to say, Metal fingers wrapped around her neck. She gasped, but didn’t say anything. They had told her of the signal helps. But she wasn’t going to need help now, not just yet.

“I can snap your neck in half without even pulling a muscle. I’ve dealt with stronger men then you.” He inched closer, his nose mere centimeters from her’s. “Tell Stark I’m not saying anything.” He applied more pressure on her neck, seeing as she wasn’t reacting the way he wanted her to, “Your not going to get paid millions by bothering me.” And then his forehead came into contact with hers, she would be lying if she said he wasn’t scaring her… or if her heart wasn’t skipping eight beets now. His eyes looked so pure for a man who had killed dozens for eons.

“Signal warning T-3 seconds-” The AI, spoke suddenly. Without another sound, he had released her flesh. The plates in his arms shifting as they whirled in sound. He relaxed over his side of the desk, shoving his shoulder length hair behind his ear.

“I don’t trust you.” She spoke confidently. Like him, she pushed her hair behind her ear. As if she hadn’t had that threat thrown at her three times a week. “What’s your name?” She opened down her book again. Scribbling things only she could tell. Bucky glanced down at her book. He caught weird boxes and shapes. He figured either she’s really horrible at writing or she was just writing in a different language.

“My name is Bucky-” He begun, reluctantly answering her as he glared her way. If Stark is going to keep him down in a basement like a monster, and be treated like one, then he’s going to give him Hell back.

“Like, short for anything?” She interrupted, if he was talking then she needed answers before he shuts down.


“That’s your name?” She stopped scribbling, then looked up at his stern gaze. “That’s really beautiful-”

“Middle name,” He grumbled with annoyance. She was too happy, too talkative.

“What’s your full name then,” She smiled warmly, “Unless you fancy me calling you Buchanan forever?” She joked, pressing the tip of the charcoal on the paper smudging a few crumbles from the sharpened tip ready to type whatever was to leave his lips.

“James Buchanan Barnes.”

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“I don’t understand what you want from him…?” She sat down before her uncle, hair tied up in a bun. While she read over her notes noiselessly.

“It’s complicated.”

“Not really Uncle,” She confessed. “Your staff treat him like trash- as if he hadn’t been through Hell fire enough. Punching and shoving- and that’s just to tell him where to go, God knows what else they do to him down there.” She pointed to another note, to keep track of where she wanted insight on. “Why do let them shock him?” She whispered, eyeing her notes, a sentence that she had circled many times.

“It’s to keep him in place?” Tony answered, shrugging his shoulders while he grabbed the picture frame of a Monky on a unicycle tracing over the drawn sketches.

“That’s not how you treat a human…” She shook her head from disgust. She peeled her brows together. “If you want me to continue seeing him, then a lot of things need to change. Starting with how your staff refer him to.” She tapped her book, then shut it. Her intense gaze woven with determination.

“What might that be?” He asked, his voice showed surrender. He missed his friend, the only person who had put up with Starks shit. The only person who had run off to help his long lost monster of a friend, for his- Tony Starks friendship.

“His name. His name is James Buchanan Barnes- or Bucky. Not subject number 107!” She exclaimed, “Not winter solider,” She corrected, “Not Monster,” She rambled, “Just Bucky, James, Buchanan or even Barnes. Any would do.” He nodded, his eyes closing. He knew deep down this was going to be long.

“Second, Stop hitting him. You know if he wanted he could take you down and your whole team of staff without even trying. So stop hitting him. ” She shook her head, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose. “He’s not your property- If your trying to make amends with Captain America I’m sure treating his only friend like an exotic animal won’t turn a plain paper un harmed.”

“Is there anything else?” He asked, seeing as she stopped talking for a while. She opened her orange book again, flipping to a few pages.

“What does he eat…?” She asked disbelieve flossing through her teeth as she gazed up at her cruel uncle. “How could you be so heartless…?” Her question was closing the air. She wanted to cry, wanted to scream at him to let him go. Wanted to do anything in her power to help him. How long had he been suffering alone?

“It’s edible-”

“Would you eat it three times a day for God knows how long you kept the man under your tower!” She stood up, smacking her uncles shoulder in the process from anger. Her book constantly made contact with his shoulder while she leaned over his desk full of paper. Tony didn’t make a move, didn’t dare say a word. He didn’t even shield himself. He was open, scared, worried, guilty… and mostly lost.

“I’m sorry.” He choked. Still fiddling with the frame in hand. She didn’t know why it was so important to him. But he kept his love blanketing the sheet of his pupil while staring at it.

“Like damn you are,” She started, standing back up, “He sleeps on the ground.” She stated as if he had no idea, “You’ll have to put the most expensive mattress for him to sleep on- Because God knows what his back feels like.” She opened her book and gave him a glimpse of her writing. Small drawings and sketches doodled around the edges of the paper.  

“Then you’ll change his location to something more civil, he might be ‘dangerous’ but your not keeping him down in a cracked basement filled with rats-”

“He did that.” Stark cut off, if she was going to point out all his inhumanly acts, then he at least needed to confess to the ones he truly did. This was not his act. “He cracked all the walls, doors, floors,” Stark listed counting down his fingers. “After a while the staff started beating him and he stoped.”

“Your fixing the basement, Stark.” She warned. Shaking her head, messy bun wiggled back and forth. “Your also going to provide him a toilet-”

“He has one,” Stark shouted. Shoving his hands up as he safely placed his frame down on the desk.

“-With a shower in it.”

“He’s my prisoner- your just here to get information out of him. All we need to know is where Steve Rogers is.” This time, his tone was more boss like then what the therapist wanted to admit. He stood to his full hight, fists balled in place as he stood his ground. 


“(Y/N) Your here to do your damn job. If you can’t, then go back to Australia.” He pointed to the door. Shouting at her was something new, but this was trading ground. Millions for just one piece of information.

The frightened girl hurriedly gathered all her things, protecting her books around her chest as she walked to the doors.

“Your check will be mailed to you.” Tony answered, slumping on his chair as he swirled  around, starting at the glass window for wall. The people down on the streets like ants compared to him.

Hearing the door slam signaled her exit. Tony was surprised. She had gotten out many things other therapist didn’t even get a hint of. Bucky had talked to her, James had opened up to her, Barnes actually looked at her in a decent way. And Tony couldn’t believe it. He was so close to finding the Captain.

No other therapist could even hold a candle to her. She was the only key that would unlock his answers, Tony would be damned if he didn’t comply to her demands just to get her back, even if he had to use her- his only other friend he trusts that acts like a family member to him.

With much courage, he released a sigh of distress, before gathering all his energy. He spoke, words flying in a string from between his chapped pink lips, before he could do anything about it he was already half way through.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y… Contact Secretary Ross please…”

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Deanna Fashion Project Top 10

7. Wedding Gown  (Nemesis)

Somebody should have attacked them with a steamer before they took pictures but this dress is a culmination of all things Princess Deanna and her fairy tale romance and I. Love. It.

I love that she picks a dress that would work just as well for cotillion. I love that it is pale pink. I love that it is satin. I love that it is covered with cascading roses. I love that it looks like a cake. I love that there are ruffles and asymmetry. I love that everyone else is in their dress uniform because this is a Starfleet wedding, and they are going to have another wedding on Betazoid, but it’s going to be traditional, as in naked, and she was like guys, I love you and I love Starfleet for bringing us together, but I am going to have a fairy tale princess wedding and you can’t stop me, and I love knowing that no one would even think to try because this right here is SO Deanna. And I even love that those silly Love Boat dress uniforms sort of fit in with the fairy tale (though they also sort of look like waiters but what can you do). 

(Also I love Mrs. Riker and Mr. Troi and I wish the entire movie was about them because the only other thing I really like in it is Shinzon’s crey crey clothes.)

Do u remember when yesterday I said that I’m preparing sth great because of Yixing’s birthday? Have a first piece of PROJECT 107! The script on the wings is actually a Chinese lyrics of ‘Promise’. It was the first thought which appeared in my mind when I only saw this photo so I’m glad I finally could do it. But well, what is this project about? It’s gonna be a long term project which shows Yixing pictured as… 107 EXO’s songs, including all his solo songs. I will do my best to share the last piece on his birthday 2018. Why? This project has 3 reasons.
1. Obviously it keeps remaining that Yixing is a part of EXO.
2. But the main reason is - improving. I want and need to develop my drawing skills. I want to try another technics, maybe another styles to be able to make better and better artworks. And we all know that Yixing is my fav artworks theme, so why don’t mix work with pleasure haha. Some of fanarts can be completely different than my usual artworks but I will do my best to make it lit.
3. It’s kinda a promise. No matter what happen during upcoming year, I know that I will stay EXOL as well as XBACK.
It’s not like for a whole year I’m gonna draw only Yixing haha. I promised you to make fanarts of other members as well, didint I? ❤ AND JUST LET ME SAY THAT NOVEMBER COULD BE SURPRISING : ) So! I hope you will enjoy the project. AND WELL, I WILL START FROM ALL SHEEP SONGS (AND I’M GONNA CALL IT #XINGTOBER ) BECAUSE.. YOU KNOW WHY. And.. I will go straight to the hell for all ideas what I have in my mind about this. STAY TUNED : D