106.1 kmel

late night 106.1 Kmel type of feeling..

first time in years I’ve listen to 106.1 kmel and you know they stay slapping at night.. I was laying in bed and I had got a weird ass nostalgic feeling…

do you remember those nights when you used to cupcake all night then fall asleep on the phone with ya ol girl and you woke up to a dead battery and shit?

that's how I felt…..

I was like fuck that tho I had to man up and do some damn push ups haha

What Is Love Rance? or How To Beat The Pussy Up

I won’t lie. Every Fall when I return to Montreal, I’ve got a playlist full of tracks I picked up that summer driving around the Bay listening to 106.1 KMEL. I thank KMEL for introducing me to several of the irregular songs that make regular appearances in our sets such as “Teach Me How To Dougie” and “All I Do Is Win” or Bay classics like “Tell Me When To Go”. This year, however, my favourite track of the summer is an ode not to dancing or winning but to that even more age-old and treasured pastime of beating the pussy up.

Bedroom (re-)producer Love Rance is the latest in a line of what many call “ignorant rappers” from the Bay such as Lil B and Kreayshawn. In other words, Rance does his thing and doesn’t spend much time or effort doing so. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not the norm. It’s better than the norm. It’s the abnorm. Anti-hero. Fallen angel. Based god. Dirty gold.

So people hate on the fact that he’s getting attention because he put together a track that they feel they could pull off themselves. But they didn’t did they? No. They didn’t beat the pussy up. Rance beat the pussy up. Now sit down. 

And shake them dreads.

Love Rance - “Beat The Pussy Up (Feat. Iamsu! & Skipper P)”

Today on 106.1 KMEL (Bay Area hip hip/R&B radio station)

DJ Big Von: According to Forbes magazine, Iggy Azalea is the queen of hip hop… Did Lil Kim die and I don’t know about it?

DJ Big Von: Forbes magazine says that a white, blonde Australian runs the hip hip world right now…. What about Nicki?! She just dropped a new record today!

I’m so done with the appropriation of black culture. Like, over 100 years ago.