Flashback Friday: Cassie “Me & U” (Live 106 & Park)


I was randomly remembering how terrible this was and then I had to go find it.  It is so much worse than I remember.  If I recall correctly, eventually Puffy came out and said publicly that they put her on stage before she was ready and if he had to do it over again, he wouldn’t have had her perform so early in her career.

Well.  That’s what happens when your artist is just a pretty girl you want to smash.

This song was already blowing up in the clubs when Diddy heard it one night.  He found out who it was and convinced Ryan Leslie (who produced the song) to partner with Bad Boy and bring Cassie with him.  Mind you, homegirl couldn’t sing a lick and they should’ve just milked this song for all the cash they could, but Diddy “fell in love” or whatever you call it when you’re a 36-year-old man with a gang of kids in a relationship with one of your baby mamas sniffing after some 19-year-old with a good blowout who you want to make your sidepiece.

So he gave her a whole album.  And then threw her up on stage like this, bless her lil non-singing heart.