105mm micro


We’re all’ium in this together © Sharon Boswall

“Strange brilliant flowers, star-shaped, burst out upon trees where no flowers had been before.”  (Edgar Allan Poe ~ Eleonora)

I grew allium for the first time last year in my garden - I bought it thinking it was one of the large varieties that would practically tower over me (yeah, I know, not a difficult task) but it turned out to be a rather miniature version.  Still, I like it.  Most especially if there happens to be a Paper Kite attached!  Meantime, still perusing all the photos from my visit to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, so, undoubtedly, more butterflies to come.  I know, try to contain your excitement.


Paul’s Poppies by Paul Van Allen 

Week 21: Water

Micro Nikkor 105mm, f/11, 1/125 sec, ISO 100

Bought a cheap $15 10 gallon aquarium tank today.  This was a team effort with @theshyxibitionista.  We set up 2 flash strobes on either side of the tank and proceeded to drop a bunch of items into the tank until we got some interesting shots.  Thanks to Shy for the awesome edit and the idea to rotate this image 90 degrees.  It really made it work!

The trick to this shot is not the shutter speed but the very low power flash.  This is what stops the motion.  

- RK 


© Sharon Boswall

From last year’s bumper buy of ranunculus… the undulating pink petals will serve as a distraction to the waves of water pouring over my kitchen sink a short while ago as I absolutely had to post on another social media site that it was chilly enough to make banana bread.  Social media… can’t live with it…can’t live with it.  It always manages somehow to bite me on the ass.  Meanwhile, excuse me, I think my banana bread is burning right now.  And… pink.

Week 21: Water

Micro Nikkor 105mm, f/13, 1/125 sec, ISO 100

Being somewhat lazy, I took advantage of the cheap aquarium tank that RK had just set up for his Red Bull shoot.  We had some food dye left over from painting Easter eggs and I always wanted to try photographing colored dye as it disperses in water.  We set up a softbox with Streaklight strobe flash at 1/8 power right behind the aquarium to create a high key "true white" background.  Also used an adjacent mounted speedlight flash, but not sure it was necessary.  I rather wish this was a gif movie as it was meditative to watch the ink disperse, but as you can only submit one image, picked this one because it captured one of the drops of dye before it hit the water. Some Lightroom edits.  Thanks to RK for hitting the camera shutter while I played with the food dye.  :-)

I vote that @theshyxibitionista starts submitting each week! Who’s with me? 🙌 - RK

新宿寒桜 by Shinichiro Saka
Via Flickr:

Week 24: Native Plants - Nature Photography

As luck would have it…thanks @monchichitamberine!…Shy and I are in the perfect spot this weekend for this weeks challenge.  It doesn’t get much more California native than Joshua Trees in the Joshua Tree National Park.  We’re camping nearby and took a nice motorcycle ride through the park this morning.

Micro Nikkor 105mm, f/2.8, 1/1600 sec, ISO 100


Cardinal Rule by Sharon
Via Flickr:
I spent a little time by the river the past few days - it was nice and there were not too many people around except for the odd person x-country skiing or just out strolling like me. It was still relatively mild unlike today (and the return to work) - temps are hovering around -25C with the windchill. Must say I am glad to be indoors - not necessarily happy to be back at work but it is quiet and the traffic was light this morning. I imagine there are many who are still enjoying some remaining days of vacation. This lovely evergreen is one I have taken photos of many times. I would venture to say it is probably my second favourite tree by the river after my willow - oh, wait, since the willow was cut down last year and no longer exists as a cool spot to read on sultry summer days, I guess this officially makes the pine my fave. Oh, yeah, we finally got snow. Lots and lots of snow. C'est l'hiver.


Andromeda Galaxy (M31) and M110

105mm Micro-Nikkor AI @ F/4.0 and 2.5 s (50 exposures and 20 dark frames stacked with DSS)

Significant light pollution


Ajisai by Shinichiro Saka
Via Flickr:
自宅付近 アジサイ


Broccoli and a small cabbage white butterfly by myu-myu
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Spring color by Shinichiro Saka
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