eos 10 episodes rated by ryanmazian (because lbr that’s the real reason we’re relistening to them at this point)

1. 0/10 ak is nowhere to be found

2. 0/10 still no cowboy son

3. 3/10 mention!! he’s coming soon!!

4. 5/10 technically not here yet and ryan gets space roofied but!! we’re almost there!!

5. 100000000/10 THE RYANMAZ EPISODE!! the boys!! the lines!! iconic!! a romance for the ages!!! i’ve memorized the whole thing it’s so good ahs,jfdgask you could literally cut through the sexual tension with a 1000 degree knife

6. 4/10 no ak but ryan was definitely still thinking about him

7. 10573/10 some good quality ryanmazian!!! only their second meeting and my boys are bickering like a married couple your favs could never!! so easy to tell ak is smitten just listen to this boy omg. also!! the LINE!! “so you helped me. forgive me for not falling in love!” like wow ryan that’s a really specific turn of phrase hmmm

8. 1800/10 AHHHH THE GAY CONTINUES! THE IO RIDE! “my eyes are up here.” “i know” we all know it was like 12 hours okay they boned and bonded i love my boys. plus! ak trying to be comforting after levi (kind of) died!! this boy is so in love im

9. 20/10 ryan sticking up for his bf! he knows ak is innocent and would never blow anyone up!! ry guy ur in love

10. 10/10 ak risking a call to ryan to comfort him!! he cares so much and ry knows ahhh

11. 100/10 kitten episode!! he’s so weak he goes all over to get ryan a kitten bc he’s sad relation ship g o a l s also the swim meet line kills me dead

12-16. 7/10 no ak but!! ryan says he likes someone and then immediately asks how akmazian is doing like,,,,,,ry ur not subtle honey

17. 10/10 the boy is back!! ry is so much friendlier towards him now they r in love,,,, catch akmazian visiting ryan just bc he feels like it and ry being concerned for his safety! good quality ryanmaz

18. 5/10 no ryanmaz technically but ak is in it so partial credit j.m.


     No, the wings aren’t mounted backward. The X-29, on display at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, was part of a research project exploring multiple technologies including forward-swept wings. This wing configuration allowed the X-29 to maintain control at extremely high angles of attack (AOA), up to 67°.

     To create the X-29, Grumman modified an F-5 aircraft, producing the first supersonic forward swept wing, flying at up to Mach 1.6. This design was inherently unstable and required stability augmentation via three digital and three analog computers. To combat the high forces sustained by this strange design, the X-29 wings were constructed of strong but lightweight composite materials.

     X-29 82-0049, the second and final ship (pictured above), first flew on May 23, 1989. Before her life as a modified test aircraft, she flew as F-5 65-10573. This ship was fitted with a contingent spin parachute, allowing her to more safely fly at a very high AOA. The first X-29 never had a spin chute and was limited to 21° AOA. After a very successful test program, the aircraft retired in 1991.

To address something that happened to me and my friend yesterday, absolutely none of us are exempt from suspicion, stereotypes, or discrimination. Yesterday, in Port Chester, NY, my friend Kalia Simms and I entered the Ulta Beauty store at 445 Boston Post Rd, with the intentions of buying some personal items. We moved through the store very leisurely as anyone would on a Saturday afternoon, and probably spent a whole 90 minutes looking at and trying various products. At one point we were discussing a makeup palette, specifically the Gwen Stefani makeup palette, until Kalia decides not to buy it. At this point she returns the item to its shelf and we move on to a different section of the store. Kalia and I the separate and continue to shop around. About 10 or so minutes after that initial conversation, a woman approaches Kalia, she has no form of identification stating she’s an employee nor does she identify herself as one, and asks “what did you do with the Gwen Stefani makeup palette?” Being that a significant amount of time has passed since we looked at that item Kalia is confused by the question so the woman asks again, “the Gwen Stefani make up palette, the girls saw you pick it up but didn’t see you put it back.” Kalia responds saying she put it back on the shelf, however, the woman persists asking, if she could show her. They walk over to the shelf together and Kalia says that she put the palette back with the others, to which the woman replies “no you didn’t.” I enter the situation at this point and Kalia asks me, “did I not put this palette right here,” and I immediately concede with her as I was standing with her when she did it. The woman replies to me, “so if I go look at the tapes that’s what I’m going to see? You putting it back on the shelf?” To which I replied, “yeah that’s exactly what you’re going to see.” In this moment she says okay and leaves, and I immediately tell Kalia that we cannot buy anything from here so to put all the things she was going to purchase right back. Then after returning the items, Kalia wanted an apology for the way we were treated. After finding this employee, she greets us by saying “how can I help you,” so Kalia asks if she looked at the video/tapes because she blatantly just accused her of stealing, and the employee replied, “I didn’t accuse you of stealing, I’m just really on top of things, and the girls saw you pick it up but didn’t see you put it back, I’m sorry I wasn’t accusing you of stealing.” At this point, Kalia and I are both irate and sort of exhausted at the situation, so we decide to just leave.

Now this was just such an incredibly surreal moment for both of us because you never feel like anything like this would happen to you. But it was just such a ridiculous and baseless question for her to ask, being that I’m sure everyone has picked up and item and not put it back down where they got it, and just because “the girls” didn’t see her put the item down, doesn’t mean she didn’t put it down. I’m sure that she really wanted to ask Kalia to open her bag but that’s illegal for her to do. To make the assumption that she stole the item and needing me to reaffirm her answers is disgusting and completely unbelievable because, what makes Kalia’s answers not credible? I’m appalled, that she had no intentions of following up on her claims, I’m appalled that she had no intentions of apologizing, I’m appalled that companies like Ulta hire people like this, I’m appalled that this would even still happen. So to my myriad of girl friends and boy friends who like makeup and want to buy makeup in this area, especially if you’re a minority, do not go to #ultabeauty in Portchester, NY, 445 Boston Post Rd 10573


i find it funny that the same people who worshiped Amy Lee and how amazing her voice is and pretty much stanned for her, the same people who called themselves Amy Lee fans, the really diehard fans who are creepy enough to post about her baby, are now going against her for releasing “Push the Button”. They did a complete 180 and now are commenting their sob stories about how they felt betrayed that Amy is doing music OTHER than Evanescence. I have news kids, SHE’S NOT THE SAME EMO GOTH AMY WHO WROTE ABOUT SAD AND DEPRESSING THINGS. She’s matured, married, and has a baby. obviously she’s not going to write about depressing shit every fucking album she releases. She grew up and so should her so called “fans”.