Earth, 10,500BCE.

Footsteps echoed through the ornate corridors of the ship, her scarlet cloth-of-gold robes trailing along as Astarte and her attendants made her way to the throne room of Ra’s vessel.  There had been many rumours in the past few months that Ra had discovered a new species, one that would solve the increasing problem of the Unas rejecting new blendings.

So far no Goa'uld had seen this new race, despite many petitions to Ra to allow access, so Astarte had to wonder why she was being summoned. Had Ra discovered one of her schemes and was going to punish her? The thought wasn’t appealing, with any luck it would be better new for her.

Dropping to one knee Astarte knelt respectfully before the Supreme System Lord, her eyes glowing as she looked up at Ra and spoke in the deep voice of their kind.

“”You summoned me my lord?“”