Bay area alternative station, Live 105, has finally announced the lineup for its annual BFD music festival! The event takes place on Jun 1, 2014 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Click here for ticketing info. 

The lineup:

BFD 2014 Mainstage:
Foster the People | M.I.A. | Fitz and The Tantrums | Phantogram | New Politics

Bud Light Festival Stage:
Walk The Moon | MS MR | KONGOS | Cherub | Bleachers | Birds Of Tokyo | Big Data | Bear Hands |Finish Ticket | SKATERS | Semi Precious Weapons

Bud Light Platinum Subsonic Stage:
Flosstradamus | RAC | Giraffage | The Knocks | Amp Live | WhiteNoize | Aaron Axelsen | St. John |Miles the DJ | John Beaver | DJ Dials

Soundcheck Local Band Stage:
Waters | The Hundred Days | French Cassettes | Everyone Is Dirty | The Trims | Ghost Town Jenny |Breakdown Valentine | Fever Charm | Rio Rio

The guys on 105.3 The Fan are currently having a real deep discussion about racial struggles in America. This is a sports radio network. I definitely did not expect them to be so informative and open about the subject, though they do have a diverse group in this particular segment (for southern sports radio shows, that is).

This is refreshing and I’m glad they felt strongly enough to speak on these issues. Tune in if you’re in DFW.

Harry Styles was just on my radio station and was talking about the album & the fans right before he went onstage and I just jlqer5gu6rn;pferw


“The American fans are very loud." 

"We wouldn’t be here without you guys, we love you so much.”



Axis of Awesome :: 4 Chord Song

Live on 105.3FM. 


This might ring a bell with Bay Area natives, but every year, alternative radio station Live 105 puts on a music festival that offers performances by indie rock bands, electronic artists, and local bands. Previous line-ups have featured 30 Seconds to Mars, Walk the Moon, fun., The Naked and Famous, Cake, The Airborne Toxic Event, Jimmy Eat World, AWOLNATION, and many more. 

This year’s BFD festival will take place on Saturday, June 6. The line-up and other details have yet to be announced. If past instances have any predictive value on this year’s lineup release time, expect the announcement in mid-April.

Keep up with Live 105 via their Facebook

Michigan Ink

On my way to class this morning at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am, the first 10 minutes of my drive were accompanied by the sticky sweet pop hits of the GR radio station, 105.3. After momentarily contemplating if I actually kinda liked the new Maroon 5 song (I don’t) and I finally found my iPod (which was why I was listening to that shit in the first place), the DJ’s and show hosts (Is Gravy in the Morning really what they’ve resorted to? I haven’t listened to this station in ages…now I know why) were having a discussion about tattoos. One guy got on the air talking about how he came across a woman at some formal event who was doning a substantial amount of tattoos. He then asserted his conclusion that in no tangible world would he ever let a child of his date someone in possession of body art.




I was livid when I heard this. Not because I, a girl who possess two tattoos, would ever want to date the spawn of some ignorant asshole such as that, but that this skewed stereotype and gross over-generalizations of what tattoos are piss me the fuck off. 

A woman called into the show to say (tentatively, at best) that tattoos weren’t all bad, and that this man (fucker) shouldn’t judge them by their body decor. He countered her by saying, “Well, would you let your daughter date a boy who had a big sleeve with skulls on it?”

ERMAGURD. STAAHHHHHP.  Of the dozens and dozens of people I have encountered with body art, I have not met a single soul who has a skull. To be fair, I’ve seen far too many hearts and swirls, but seriously, skulls?

This guy had no idea what he was talking about. To me, forming a prejudice against a person because their tattoos is nearly equivalent to making judgements about race, gender, and body-type. You are judging them by a purely superficial standard, and that to me sir, is even more reproachable than a skull tattoo. 

God. I just could not believe what I was hearing. This fella was obviously never told not to judge a book by its cover. I bet he was the biggest bully asshole when he was a kid. Seriously. What the fuck. Are you trying to tell me that Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Johnny Depp, Anthony Kiedis, Adrianna Lima, David Beckham, Hilary Duff (LIZZIE MAGUIRE IS UNDATABLE!?!?) are now for some reason unattractive and unassociatable (I made that word up…) because of a few ink marks on their body? What does all of this body judgement say about YOU? 

To me, my tattoos are an emblem of self expression. They are simply an extension of who I am - they are me. Even without them, I would be the same person, but, like the clothing I wear, the styling of my hair, the way I carry my body, the activities I choose to partake in - a representation of who I am as a person. Do NOT try to put restraints on the way I express myself. Do not. 

There are thousands upon thousands of reasons why people obtain tattoos, and they are far beyond simply wanting to rebel and give off a “bad boy/girl” image. According to Michael R. Mantell, Phd, of San Diego Magazine, “Tattoos always carry meaning and tell you something about his or her background.” Tattoos, he say, are for the beings in the world who have a strong sense of identity and want it to be known to the rest of the world. Does a sense of identity intimiate you, asshole radio dude? Tattoos, in fact, are not a new phenomenon. It dates all the way back 5,000 years ago, and of course, bears different meaning depending on the cultures and countries involved. 

So quit being an asshole on public radio and broadcasting unfair stereotypes to the rest of the world. It incites a negative attitude towards body art and those bearing it, and that is just not right.

The only thing I found disconcerting in defense of tattoos was one woman who called and stated that tattoos were ok because Mr. Rogers had tattoos. 

Um. What? 

External image


External image


(This is actually an urban myth and there is no evidence that Mr. Shoe-changing-toy-playing-puppet-loving Rogers ever possessed tattoos.) 

Dr. Mantell’s article can be read here: