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I have a prompt- Hartwin and Snapchat!

It’s the glasses.

Harry can deal with most things Eggsy wears: the tracksuit, the trainers, the hats. He can handle it when Eggsy decides to loosen up part of his Kingsman uniform or destroy his ties and shoes during training or missions.

Harry likes to think he’s adapting well with the times, better than Chester ever did anyway.

But these glasses, if you can even call them glasses.

Snapchat sunglasses, who even thought of that? Who goes, “omg brah we should make circle sunglasses that can take ten second videos and charge 104 pounds for them.”

You have to charge them in their case, which makes sense, but then you have to CHARGE THE CASE TO CHARGE THE SUNGLASSES. They don’t even upload directly to your snapchat story, you have to manually upload them and that infuriates Harry. It’s so inefficient and frivolous and terribly designed and Eggsy wants a pair for Christmas.

So Harry is standing in line, for a pair of Snapchat sunglasses, because he’s whipped and just wants to get Eggsy everything he wants in life.

Sometimes he wishes he wasn’t in love.

He’s surrounded by other disgruntled individuals, all older and probably getting them for their children. The rest of the line is filled with children and teens and bratty entitled “adults.”

It’s literally the worst day of his life.

Yeah, that whole getting shot in the head after killing a church full of people thing? Harry would prefer that than listen to another twenty-something year old yell at the vendor employee about how “it’s not fair that I can only buy two sunglasses, why can’t I buy more, why don’t you get a realllllll job! Do you know who my dad is!?”

Harry just wishes they’d shut up, and the vendors who make minimum wage to out up with this shit don’t care enough either way.

He’s been here for two hours and he’s still twenty-five people away from the machine that’s spouting out these glasses. It’s hot, it’s humid, his phone is out of battery, and he can hear Merlin snickering in his ear through his own glasses. It’s miserable.

But damn it all he’s doing it for love.

It’s another hour before he finally gets his hand on two pairs of the sunglasses: one for Eggsy and one for Merlin to play with.

It’s worth every second in line when Eggsy’s face lights up as he unwraps the glasses by the Christmas tree.

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hi i'm 5'0 & 107 pounds in december i was 115 pounds. i want to be at 104 pounds by june 15th or july 15th. i'm skinny everywhere else but my stomach i have pooch that sticks out in skirts, jeans,shorts,etc. i'm so self conscious about it & i workout 7 days a week burning 700-1,400 calories a day doing cardio. i eat well under 1,237 cals. i don't know what to do anymkte

This may come as a shock but its actually pretty common to have that since you know you have your guts in there. Its impossible to have a flat stomach in most cases because bodies are built in different ways and idealizing one type is just foolish. But since i know this isnt the answer you were hoping for… you need to build your core so your muscles take the space. In most cases the muscles are leaner and look a lot more flat.


I weighed in at 246 this morning! So that means:

104 pounds lost! Which means 84 pounds until goal!! 

It also means I broke my plateau FINALLY after a month and a half. 

Highest weight: 350

Surgery weight (Oct 24, 2014): 331

Current weight: 246

Goal: 160

I’m getting so close you guys!