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People are assuming that Jensen changed that line about Cas saving the world without any proof. Robbie Thompson said he first wrote the line in a slightly different way so everyone jumps in and says Jensen changed it. No matter who changed it, I hate that line because it's just one more example of Sam being disregarded. He sacrificed everything in Swan Song and now we're supposed to give Cas all the credit for saving the world. It's sad and it makes me really upset.

but Dean’s words are.not.a.gospel. they never are. 

He was trying to comfort Claire, to reassure her her dad’s sacrifice was something huge, that the world couldn’t be w/o his sacrifice. 

Yes I want Dean to tell Sam ‘you saved the world’ but i just don’t see how this relates to Claire? 

‘Hey Claire, your dad sacrificed his body so Sam can get to save the world’ is just off. this would make Claire think her dad was just a tool for the Winchesters. 

Dean wnated her to think he dad and him alone saved the world. and is it that bad, to let a girl who’s dad was taken from her, to believe it was for the greatest purpose of all? 

By letting her believe that, he actually saves her, a little, and comforts her a lot. 

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I know quie a few people got a little upset over the whole Saving The World line but what I really loved about the episode was how nurturing Sam was. I mean we know he's a sweet person but the way he dealt with her, teaching her things and complimenting her work was just really heartwarming. I just love how he looks after people and never expects anything in return, it kind of makes me want to be a better person too.

Sam always makes me want to be a better person (he also makes Jared wants to be a better person too.. he’s said that more than one) 

I totally agree. it was beautiful. 

He actually listened to her and relized what she needs. and instead of going ‘don’t do that you’re just a girl’ he told her ‘this is how you do this better and safer’ 

he cares about her a lot. it was more than a stuffed bear, it was toolsto surviving in this messed up world she’s living in. 

I am sure the Jody idea came from Sam too.