#MondayMotivation 102-year-old Ida Keeling is STILL setting world records. Some of her secrets? Working out 3-4 days a week, a diet that includes greens, fruits, and cod liver oil, and adding some Hennessy to her coffee every once in a while. Click the link in our bio for Keeling’s full story. (Via Runner’s World​) #BlackExcellence

Perspective on “Seventeen” in Tuck Everlasting...

I may be beating a dead horse at this point especially since the Tuck fandom is pretty dead but so be it.

Yes, from our 21st century perspective, a 17/102 year old boy asking an 11 year old he just met to marry him in six years time is creepy, but consider the following things:

*Marriage at a young age was super common at this time.

*If Winnie would have drank the water, and the two of them were to travel the world together, a man/woman traveling together would have been considered HIGHLY taboo without marriage. So in Jesse’s mind that was probably the logical step if Winnie were to join him. (Especially to not draw attention to themselves to keep the secret)

*I HIGHLY doubt Jesse had any pervy intentions. For all intents and purposes he is still seventeen physically/mentally and is relatively innocent. Y’all remember Spring Awakening, right? If you were under 18 you probably didn’t know the facts of life, it wasn’t socially acceptable to have those frank conversations about sex. Yes, Jesse probably picked up on the facts of life in his 102 years but it still probably wasn’t something at the forefront of his mind since this subject was so hush hush. 

*We all know Jesse isn’t known for thinking things through. Truth be told, I think the marriage “proposal” pales in comparison to asking Winnie to leave behind his family/life and become immortal. I don’t believe Jesse meant and malice, but acted out of loneliness.

Sorry I just have a lot of feelings about this show

quatorz  asked:

Did you see the latest thing the Trumpster Fire did? He is saying that 'thousands' of families asked him (during the campaign) to try and get the remains of their slain children back from North Korea. He's saying this inferring that maybe THAT is why he pursued this summit with Kim Jong Un so emphatically. Although people have poked some holes in this theory. Anyone with a son who died in the Korean War would now be between 102-111 years old. So odds are he's completely lying again.

And he wants us all to stand up and sit down when he demands it, just like North Koreans do for their dictator.


Watch 102-Year-Old Former Star See Footage Of Her Young Self Dancing For The First Time

Living to 102 years old don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing. Just ask Alice Barker, who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday. Though she now lives at a nursing home, Barker was a famous dancer during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1930s.  

See the full video here for all the feels. 

10 August. cr @jackiefromspace IG.
“ This is my grandpa. He passed this morning at 102 years old. He had cancer a couple years ago, when the doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again… he walked again! Probably all those years of tai chi.
I loved looking at all his swords, bows, and musical instruments from China. He never really told me much, but I’ll dig up the stories eventually. Anyway remember guys: be like my grandpa and extend your badassery to the fullest. ”

There is a 102 year old woman admitted from the ER. She’s here for general weakness.  Gee, Dr. House, what do you think the reason for that is?

Success 34! I’m absolutely over the moon getting this one back. This is from the amazingly talented actress, Mary Carlisle. Last month she celebrated her 102nd birthday! This not only makes her one of the oldest living actresses, but also the last living actress to be awarded a WAMPAS Baby Star in 1932 and one of the last living actresses to appear in a silent film (she was an uncredited extra in the Jackie Coogan film “Long Live the King” in 1923). She’s best known for several supporting roles in pre-code films and starring opposite Bing Crosby in 3 films.

I didn’t think I would get this one back. Some of the last successes from her were a couple of years ago. She no longer lives in Beverly Hills but is now in a retirement home, after doing research I was lucky to find the address. This one took only 10 days to come back. I’m deeply honored to have gotten these from her. And I hope my letter brought a smile to her face. :)

Body Swap- Bucky Barnes x Reader-Part two

You are Y/n. The current Batgirl. Your life is a little messy, but other than that, its pretty goos. You have 4 amazing brothers, and an internship with your adopted father bruce wayne. So imagine how angry you are when you wake up in a different body.

Summary- Its been about a year since you somehow switched bodies with Bucky Barnes.  

This will be in Y/n’s point of view, and part three will be in Bucky’s. Each part will switch off.

Part one

Y/n point of view.

Its been about a year since I woke up in James Barnes’s body. 

A year of searching the earth for any sign of Gotham, but its like it dosen’t exist.

“Friday?” I look at the ceiling as if it will help the AI hear me better. 

I had grown close to Friday, closer than to any of the other superheroes. Most of them either avoid me, or pretend I dont exist. As if Bucky Barnes didnt exist.

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