102 Dalmatians featured 55 “spot removal artists”. In order to make the dalmatian without spots, “Oddball”, completely white, the production team tried putting make-up on the dogs, trying to paint off the spots, putting plain white suits on the dogs, finding another breed of dog, none of this worked so eventually the spots had to be removed digitally, erased in each shot.

“102 Dalmatians was probably the defining movie of my childhood and I don’t think it deserves the criticism it gets simply for being the sequel to a live-action remake. It’s not trying to be anything deep or spectacular, just a fun movie with lots of cute puppies, a sweet romantic sideplot and an awesome video game tie-in! I wish more people would give it a second chance.”

Many of the puppies from 102 Dalmatians found happy homes with many of the trainers. Most were returned to the breeders once they were too old to use for filming, and the breeders sold them off with special papers, noting that the puppy took a part in the filming of this movie. The “Oddball” that rolls around on the copy machine was adopted by one of the trainers and named “Lala”.