“102 Dalmatians was probably the defining movie of my childhood and I don’t think it deserves the criticism it gets simply for being the sequel to a live-action remake. It’s not trying to be anything deep or spectacular, just a fun movie with lots of cute puppies, a sweet romantic sideplot and an awesome video game tie-in! I wish more people would give it a second chance.”

Costume sketch by Anthony Powell of Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil in 102 Dalmatians (2000).

Opening night of Designing Hollywood: Sketches from the Christian Esquevin Collection.

An exhibition of rare Hollywood costume sketches from the collection of Christian Esquevin. Featuring the work of Walter Plunkett, Irene, Travilla, and many other costume designers and costume illustrators, Designing Hollywood offers a glimpse into the Golden Age of Hollywood costume design.

June 11, 2014-November 1, 2014

Cruella de Vil: My dalmatian puppy coat. The coat of dreams. The ultimate fur coat, that was denied me by that canine cabal, for which I have lost THREE YEARS OF MY LIFE! Alonso, we’re going to make them pay.

Alonzo: Yes. How much?

Cruella de Vil: Dipstick, she called him. What fiendish justice! He escaped me, but I shall wreak my vengeance on the next generation.

Alonzo: Sounds wonderful.