I swear, these two could kill it on the dance floor together 💖 !!

Good job guys, 😉😍 taylorswift

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Hello! I'm new to witchcraft, and I've been particularly drawn to the Fae Faith. However, I just don't know where to start. Could you point me in the direction to some fae literature/blogs and such for a beginner such as myself? I want to learn about fairies, how to worship them, and how to come into contact with them if possible! And maybe some spells too :) I hope that's not too much to ask! Thank you~

Check out my posts about fairies :D 



Online Links (articles, blogs, etc)

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i thought sophias birthday was a long while ago like during the holiday when he made the radio dude give her a shoutout???

Yeah, her birthday is like February 9th or something like that. That whole Funky Buddha thing was weird as hell. As y’all have already pointed out:

  • Why two weeks after her actual birthday?
  • Since that was on February 28th, why not wait a few more days for Liam to get back to London?

  • Why so public?

  • Why the close up of the cake? Does FB care about cake that much?

  • Where were her Wolverhampton pals? No Alice, the other Alice, Rufaro, Tom, Michael or Ben? Everybody was busy??

Modest fails so hard yet this fandom continues to eat it up. We are through the looking glass in this mutha. Reality isn’t real.

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Yeah, it's always been SO WEIRD and uncomfortable how much they are/were linked to older women-more at the start even when they were super young- and like, Liam was probably actually (at that pont) with older woman Danielle, but then Harry and Caroline AND Zayn and Rebecca? All around the same time? Was it it a marketing thing? A trying to get older women to see them as sexual even though they were teenagers then? It's always seemed. Gross. Weird.

Yes, that was terrible marketing and if they’d been 4/5 teenage girls allegedly banging grown men, it would have been a huge scandal and rightly so. And that is one great example of how sleazy 1DHQ is. It’s not sexy. The women looked creepy and 1D looked like easy prey. 

And in reality, most 20-something and 30-something year old women aren’t checking for teenage boys like that. Why? So they can play video games with them and then have 10 minutes of underwhelming sex?? Please, spare me. I’m 20 and I have no interest in teenage boys. But something about it being guys makes people think it’s cute? Exciting? Hot? Why? 

I kinda feel like I still owe Caroline Flack an ass whooping. You’re gutter woman. Just so you know…

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If you are assuming that white people have unbound privilage and all sorts of wealthy attributes associated with them then you are one big racist yourself.

Understanding that white people are treated differently just beause we’re white isn’t the same as being racist. Recognising that my society is racist… isn’t racist.

I’m white. I’m also a poor, disabled, queer woman. I face oppression for being poor and a woman and disabled and queer, but none of the oppression I face is because I’m white.

The people in charge are white. The people who have the money, political power, and weapons to make other people do what they want are white. I personally don’t have money, political power, or weapons, but the people who do tend to be nicer to me than to poor, disabled, queer women who aren’t white. They give me opportunities that they won’t give people of colour. That’s where privilege comes in.

If you actually wanted to learn about this, you wouldn’t have sent this kind of ask. But to the people seeing this who do want to learn, do a little googling. Some research on white privilege can help you understand how people who aren’t white are treated differently.

Being in a privileged group means it isn’t easy to tell that we’re getting special treatment. We’re told from day one that everybody’s treated the same, and unless we go looking for the truth it’s easy to miss.

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Wow. Just when Zayn's recent happiness meant he's taking back his life, Modest is still playing their heterosexual narrative hand. This time with more Niall coverage than usual. Such a play makes me think the entire group is gay or bisexual, and I am okay with that. Or such a play is meant to be tour promotion. If Modest want tickets to sell, lower the prices, promote the tour and let it be about the music and not "girlfriends". Modest is destroying their 1# act with unprofessional carelessness.

I think Niall’s part in all the recent stunts is more about management noticing that WE noticed Niall’s personal life was handled much differently than the rest of 1D in addition to him being popular and under-utilized. If memory serves, that started being discussed a lot in the fandom last summer and it looks like they had Niallissa worked out by last fall. Here’s a few posts: X  X  X  X  X  Welp.   

And I’m thinking all this Zayn we’re getting is directly related to the coming Zerrie break-up. They’re raising his profile to get the maximum publicity bang for their buck. Little Mix needs all the help they can get. 

I agree with you, lower ticket prices, more Four promo and more OT5 is all these assholes need to do to sell out this tour. 


House 1014
Granollers, Spain. H Arquitectes.

In Granollers, Spain—a small city of 60,000 near Barcelona—an architectural Narnia is hidden down a quiet residential street. But this is no mere wardrobe: When the wooden door in a historic stone façade is opened, what is revealed is an angularly modern world of brick structures, terraces, and walled gardens.