101 problems with America

Reasons my ovaries keep getting maliciously butchered:

●Thighs that wont quit (and makes you wanna wear him like a pair of sunglasses)
●Jawline that could cut through glass
●Hands. Just… hands.
●Toothy smiles “Can i please lick you?
●"Oh, my god. You adorable fucking dork!”
●Lipbiting. -> swoon, thud.
●Eyefucking… this shit should be illegal.
●"The shirt is off, I can’t breathe, the shirt is off. I hate you"

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Nearly 73% of abortions in America could end tomorrow if the “Pro-life” moment actually cared about ACTUAL people (i.e life) in order to gather the funds to create an environment in which abortions were unneeded.

-73% of women who get abortions cite financial reasons for their abortions, if women were supplied with an environment where their jobs and education were protected, their medical needs were fully covered and their children were guaranteed with a reasonable level of basic care upon birth that promised for a future better than the women could currently supply that would end nearly all abortion that are needed for non-medial reasons.

And it would cost only around 6billion/year or to put that in perspective 0.009% of what the US spends on killing people (military budget)

If pro-lifers really wanted to STOP abortion they’d be fighting for this world. Not one where women get jail time at best and septicemia at worse for abortions.

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Anti-Discrimination laws an "Reseving the right to Refuse Service"

A friend of mine is making an argument on why anti-discrimination laws when it comes to business is a bad thing and for the most part I agree with her.

When it comes to private businesses I feel that business owners or wait staff should have the right to refuse service for any reason they see fit. Be it that you’re drunk or smell funny, or even that you’re black or homosexual.

Now hear me out with this one.

I’m trying to disagree with her but at the same time she makes a very compelling argument, why SHOULD a private business have to serve a clientele that they don’t want to serve? I mean certainly in the name of fairness they should, in the name of money they should but all and all why LEGALLY should they have to do it? 

They are a private business, their lively-hood comes from other people’s good will toward them. And in a manner by wearing their bigotry on their sleeve it allows the locals in that area more knowledge on the people running that business and the better ability to rightfully decide if they want to financially support someone who is a racist/sexist/homophobe. Rather then giving unwelcoming sub-par service to groups they don’t like and making them feel highly uncomfortable these groups they don’t like will know the second they enter the door that they are unwelcome and can make the choice of protesting then and there, or taking their money elsewhere to enjoy a nice lunch.

Now of course PRIVATE/PUBLIC sector businesses and EMERGENCY SERVICES shouldn’t be afforded this right because the private sector belongs to all people and doesn’t get that right and emergency services are needed by all people. So in the case of police, hospitals, schools, pharmacies, fire department, government offices, homeless shelters, etc shouldn’t be permitted to deny services of anyone.

And of course any business that receives any kind of money from the government be it grants, tax deductions, or loans should ALSO not be permitted the right to refuse service on the basis of discrimination because they are in essence taking money from ALL people as well. No matter how small the amount, the people they want to discriminate against put THEIR money into THAT business which means the business owner has become a little bit public sector. Certainly if a business wishes to refuse all government aid and still build up their business from scratch and hard work they are welcome to, and at that point they are more than welcome to deny service to whomever they want.

I certainly think it’s WRONG of businesses to discriminate.

I certainly think it’s STUPID of businesses to discriminate.

But I guess in the name of all that “American Freedom” I don’t see why it should be ILLEGAL for a singular business owner to discriminate as long as their business isn’t receiving funding from any form of public trust.

But I would be more than happy to receive more information in regards to this.

(Granted like I said before, if their business IS receiving any form of public money then they don’t get that right. You’re not allowed to take public money and then deny public service.)


Why is health care in the USA so high? And why getting a national health care will drop your taxes.

(Well it probably won’t but for the same reasons as getting rid of any government service won’t drop your taxes, because taxes stopped being about you paying into a functioning system to get group benefits a while ago.)