101 diy crafts

Making a Sabbat Wheel

A Sabbat wheel can be an amazing asset to your alter or just for memory/ celebration sake.


  1. Firstly decide what backing you want and what you can afford. Sabbat wheels are usually made with wood or soft stone such as slate and then carved, painted or decorated (a simple round bread board is affordable and great for your first attempt)
  2. Divide it into 8 equal segments
  3. Draw on your designs for each segment in chalk or pencil and once your happy you can carve, paint, burn or even apply leaves/ followers that represent each sabbat. You can use any medium you like to decorate your wheel, even glueing crystals and seeds on.
  4. Finnish with a coat of varnish (If using wood) or a sealer if you are using stone


IMBOLC: Candle or snowdrops

OESTARA: Eggs, the Hare, Primroses

LITHA: The sun, Green Man, Oak leaves, Sunflowers

Lughnasadh: A single stem or a sheaf of wheat, harvest loaf

MADRON: Scales

SANHAIN: Apples, winter jasmine

YULE: The sun, holly


If you cant or dont want to make a wheel on a slate or wood you can improvise and lay somthing symbolic of each Sabbat on a cloth or draw the 8 segments on paper or cloth and place the items