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So I went to check what I was at cause, that’s just what I do. And I about fell out of my chair when I saw it! I have 101 followers! Thank you all! I am so happy you want to read my ramblings!! I’m crying so hard!!! I first off want to thank @itshaejinju her sharing my work really helped make this happen. She inspired me above all else to continue my work! Id also like to that @promptoargentum-is-my-husband they have been such a great friend to me and commenting on my work and sharing it. God I love you both and wouldn’t be here without you!!!

That being said:


I will do anything you guys want me to NSFW (keep them reasonable and detailed) Headcanons, anything really! I would love to get ideas from your guys’ ideas! Please! My inbox is open! 

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I got tired of drawing OW characters so I took a break- 

it’s been two days and I already miss drawing them lmao

challenge: listen to 나야나 now

listening to 나야나 (nayana) right now makes me really nostalgic and….sad. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I remember watching the MV w/o knowing who any of them were, only seeing fresh, bright, and hopeful faces, and I remember picking favorites w/o knowing abt how much hardwork and soul they had poured into that performance. and now, almost 3 months later, I know just how much of themselves they threw into that 3 min performance and I’ve watched them improve and grow and develop right before my eyes but I’ve also seen them get knocked down so hard I was worried they wouldn’t be able to rise back up and I’ve had to see spirits completely stomped on and hope crushed. I’ve had to say goodbye to people who really made a spot for themselves in my heart, had to see their hearts break. But despite the pain, I’ve been lucky enough to witness them truly blossom as people and overcome the hardships together, united and now…now it’s all going to end about 2 days from now. These 3 months have gone by really fast, but I feel as if the development and growth they have undergone is worth years

i don’t know…just listen to 나야나 now…..it’s not a feeling I can describe well in words

it conjures this flood of emotions, yeah?

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produce 101 boys
+ any girl groups

Leave Me Alone/Ты Достала меня
Alexander Rybak
Leave Me Alone/Ты Достала меня

Leave Me Alone in the left ear (mostly)

Ты Достала меня in the right ear (mostly)


I would make something more relevant and I guess this isn’t the best song to show my gratitude… BUT

I will make something! eventually. Until then enjoy Alexander Rybak.

Sounds best with both headphones in + I still can’t get enough of this guy.


Okay, so this is my first request. I’m sorry it took so long, but I didn’t have a laptop with me

  • oKay
  • So do you remember the boyfriend video at the final concert
  • Very much like that
  • Brings his guitar anywhere
  • Always plays his guitar as backround noise while talking
  • Loves to listen to you sing while he plays guitar
  • even if you suck
  • he doesn’t care
  • Will also try to teach you how to play guitar
  • Is actually a really good teacher
  • Very sweet and patient with you
  • Is one of those people whom you can vent for hours and will actually listen
  • It’ll probably be evening when you finish
  • He’ll hold you close and sing to you with his sweet honey vocals
  • Loves to run his hands trough your hair
  • Likes your hair in general
  • Loves to touch your hair while you’re hugging
  • Or kissing
  • Or having sex
  • Also I just saw a video with him having messy hair
  • oMG
  • imagine seeing that every morning
  • Along with his morning voice singing
  • And you get to see his forehead all the time
  • Likes to hold you close
  • But also wants to be held sometimes
  • Would love if you snuggle him when he had an especially tough day at work
  • being a ceo is tough
  • now, imagine his legs
  • they have nothing to do with this scenario but OMG 
  • those LeGs bruh
  • If you can’t cook, no worries
  • He’s got you covered
  • Knows what you like and what you don’t like
  • Has all your favorites memorized, and very careful of your allergies
  • Sewoon: You’re alergic to that Y/N
  • You: I’m only alergic to oysters not shrimp
  • Sewoon: they’re to similar
  • He’d savor every moment he has with you
  • Realises what he has and doesn’t want to fuck it up
  • Because you mean the world to him
  • And he’ll make you mrs. ceo one day