so uh, thanks to SOME PEOPLe i’m now at 101 followers

and im crying yall are so sweet get tf outta here

once 3 sentences dies down i may or may not have….a thing in mind……



Minato: Excuse her, she was quite excited ^^”
Ryuuji: MOM, ya spend these hours for this?? how about some progess on our story, huh ???


but in all seriousness, i never expect this at all, i always thought i would be just at 40 or something and post random shit, just this little blog in the corner for me to put my art and stuff. this blew my mind, thank you very much~!!!


Ok, now seriously:

Thank you so much for 101 followers!

I’m so glad *tears of joy* I just started posting three months ago or so, and I received a lot of encouragement from people in here that… Oh my god, I love you guys! I appreciate every like, reblog, comment, ask, follow… Whatever you do, it makes me happy to see you like my stuff!

also, forgive me for this shitty post, it seemed funny while i was drawing it

          (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*  Guess what, your girl lenny just reached a 100 + followers and I can’t express how happy I am. I’m super glad that I came back to writing Glenn, though I was busy last year and look at all you adorable cuties just following me?!?! I’m glad that you guys like my writing because I was nervous since I usually stuck to group rp’s in tumblr but going to being an independent rper, made me happy to meet you all. I just wanted to give my thanks and show appreciation to all of you. 

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Hi guys its me, juju! So this personal-turned-jongdae-turned-messed-up blog of mine has reached 2k followers and I want to thank all of you who’s been here with me for making my day brighter for the past 2 years. I really really want to follow everyone back but I need to restrict the content of my dash so I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. OTL

For those who made effort to initiate a conversation with me. For those who keep on sending me words of encouraging through asks and message tho I take forever to answer and reply. For those who never give up to tag me in the tag game even when you know in the end I eventually forgot to do it. For those who liked and reblogged my random gifs. For those who actually read and enjoy my tag(!!) and for those who basically exists here, thank you for not giving up on me, xie xie, terima kasih, salamat, arigatou, gomawo mianhe saranghae! 

I might be quiet and not funny to be with like others and my blog is far from what people call as high quality content but I really do enjoy and I’m so happy to be with everyone here even if we never talk before. I’m going to grad and starts to work full time soon so I might not be as active as I am now (pffffttttt you know I’m still going back here like, everyday). Again, thank you guys and I hope we can support our boys together for as long as we can!

These are the awesome blogs I’ve been following and I’m not going to differentiate mutual because that will take me another year to finish this and I can’t let that happen. I remember I used to restrict my dash with jongdae content only but then I get to know more amazing people which are you guys I mentioned here so I want to specially thank all of you for blessing my dashboard everyday!^^


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Leave Me Alone/Ты Достала меня
Alexander Rybak
Leave Me Alone/Ты Достала меня

Leave Me Alone in the left ear (mostly)

Ты Достала меня in the right ear (mostly)


I would make something more relevant and I guess this isn’t the best song to show my gratitude… BUT

I will make something! eventually. Until then enjoy Alexander Rybak.

Sounds best with both headphones in + I still can’t get enough of this guy.

101 Followers???? Time for Introductions, then!!

Why Hello There!!!

Thank you so much for joining me in this thing called the skating fandom! 

I’m making a big deal about 101 because of 101.45, the score bae Yuzuru scored for his short program at the Olympics.

 (For those of you who are Yuri!!! fans and don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and watch here


Since I’ve got you trapped here, I feel like introductions are in order!

 1) Hi, I’m Amy! You may know me as Admin Sakura from yuzurubaby (IG) and perfectyuzubae (Twitter), or my skating personal Twitter hanamy_ . 

 2) I’ve been a skating fan for most of my life, but I really became obsessed on February 6, 2014 - the day I watched Yuzuru Hanyu for the first time. (This is a really important date for me now.) 

 3) I love lots of skaters besides Yuzu - in fact, Mao Asada, Miki Ando, YuNa Kim, and Patrick Chan were some of the first skaters I ever knew about!! 

 4) I love actually skating at a rink, not just watching it. I’m not that good, but I love it a lot! 

5) I play the violin and sing and dance (because I can’t keep still). 

 6) I am currently studying Japanese and French, while I also want to study Spanish and Russian! 

 7) I went to Worlds 2016 and it was the best two days of my life

 8) I get really protective over Yuzu and put him on that 1st place pedestal all the time because he is my top priority and even though I love Javi to death I get really sad when Yuzu doesn’t win

 9) Top 5 Faves (in order) 

Ladies: Mao Asada, Ashley Wagner, Satoko Miyahara, Kanako Murakami, Elena Radionova 

Men: Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez, Shoma Uno, Adam Rippon, Jason Brown 

Pairs: I can’t watch because it scares me too much (but Alexa/Chris and Tara/Danny) 

Dance: Shibutanis, Shibutanis, Shibutanis, Shibutanis, Shibutanis 


 That’s all I really have to say, but thank you guys so much for joining me! Feel free to ask any questions in my Asks, and enjoy the fandom!!