Tired mama, 100yh day of school, and a sick baby. All yesterday.

I’ve been taking care of myself with exercise. Thank god for exercise right now. I can only squeeze in 30 mins in the afternoon but it’s so worth of for me. I go hard for 30 and then come home ready to take care of the kids etc.

Perry has been awesome. Incredibly awesome. I’m so very lucky. He’s been by my side every night w Jo and helping with the bedtimes. Thank god. I couldn’t do it alone.

My mom turns 82 on the 8th. She’s also incredible. She deserves her own birthday post. Over Christmas the my parents took g for 2 nights and 3 days. It was mostly the grandma show since my dad worked two of the three days. Mom took her to the nutcracker in San Francisco and g was in heaven the whole visit. My mom is a saint!