100 theme- Excuses (TWH)

At 2, Marie settled down on the bench in front of her door, waiting patiently.
Things hadn’t exactly been going too well with Jasper lately. A new kid had arrived at their school and though Marie had a bad feeling about him, Jasper befriended him anyways. Marie couldn’t tell if it was jealousy that brought her to hate this person, but it was making her life downright miserable.
She had been forced to sit alone outside to eat lunch, never got to speak to Jasper, and this other kid was constantly pushing her and making fun of anything he could find; her hair, her clothes… Nothing was off limits to his hurtful teasing. Jasper laughed along with him, and so Marie had decided to just avoid them entirely.

But today would be different. Jasper had promised. He was going to come over and they were going to watch the special episode of their favorite television show together in a blanket fort. Marie’s mom had already bought them candy. She may or may not have already opened one of the bags of candy, and might have been nibbling on a few as she sat, waiting at the door.
She waited.
And waited. And waited.

At 2:30, Marie got tired of waiting and went to swing outside. At 3, she decided to get started on their fort.
“Or else we won’t have time,” she told her older brother. He nodded, and helped her.
At 4, she found herself all one in the fort, watching the special episode. After it was done, she decided to text Jasper.
“Did you see it?” it read. A half hour later, at the dinner table, he texted back
“Sorry was busy couldn’t come over. Maybe next time”, which confused her.
Yeah, you don’t say, Marie thought as she replied back
“Busy? You scheduled over our plans?”
“Marie, eat your food,” her mother said, and she placed her phone on the table with a grimace. The answer arrived, but she waited until she was done and the plates had been put in the sink to look at it.
“I had errands to do for mom because her back was sore.”

Marie sighed. She didn’t bother to answer, and instead shook her head at him.
She knew full well that wasn’t the case. It was just like him to make excuses…