My interview experience on Russian Channel 100TV: В одной из американских школ в штате Коннектикут 20-летний Адам Ланза убил 28 человек

This came about spontaneously. My professor who I thought disappeared called me while I was still chasing the sleep cobwebs away and asked if he could give my number to a women from a Russian tv station. I said yes, but assumed the interview would happen far in the future. I was wrong. Seconds later I get a phone call and a woman in rapid fire Russian asks me if I could be interviewed on the massacre. Mind you I just found out about what happened not too long before that call. I tried to decline but she sort of bullied me and I being without confidence in Russian and not wanting to prolong the chat agreed. She got my address and sent someone to my apartment. I get up and find out that there’s no water and I can’t even take a shower. The apartment owner decided to “fix” our kitchen and shower although I only saw him drinking beer and smoking Chesterfields. SO basically I would be on tv sans shower and barely awake. Less than an hour later, after panicking and scaring my roommate, I get a call that the news crew is outside and I drag my roommate with me. The guy “fixing’ the entire kitchen wishes me luck. I run outside and see a news crew and the whole set up. My roommate dashes away to a store, completely losing the point of why I made her come with me in the first place. I rehash what I mentally prepared in Russian and hoped to leave quickly, but the journalist continued to ask me why this event happened. I kept saying I don’t know but mentally cursing myself for not studying Russian enough to be able to express what I really wanted to say, knowing that they wouldn’t allow it on tv anyway. Finally, it was over and I was freezing. My roommate appears at the end when the journalist asks me more personal questions including what I liked about Russia. I said I liked the people. He was surprised and repeated what I said as a question. I said I liked my roommate at least because she was standing there. Anyway, I was cold and tired of speaking Russian so my roommate took over answering questions about why I was in Russia, but he didn’t like that I was researching African experiences so as you will see they just called me a Sociologist. This is the second time I’ve been interviewed and appeared on tv in Russia. Each time was spontaneous and unexpected. It’s time I take the Russian language seriously.