Glover and Schneider running lines together for …Wait! Hold on!! Is that PLAID on Lionel!?!?!? And What!! Jonathan wearing ALL BLACK?

Schneider looks goooood with glasses, and I seriously preferred the more natural and messier hair Glover had than the slicked back hair on the show.

(There was a really blurry shot that showed Schneider and Glover did their own throwing and falling prior to this.)

Glover: OH~ LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!

Director: Nooooooo..

Glover: Do you know what the snow is made of? Rice. It’s rice, so you can eat it, if you’re hungry on the set. You know we’re not doing lunch today. So we’re all kinda expected to for snack eat the snow.


The Blacklist - 100 Episodes!! 

In honour of our show reaching this milestone, I went back and looked at what we saw before the show ever hit our screens. We’ve come a long way with them!