Oh yay, another Regina flashback *rolls eyes*… Honestly, it doesn’t even surprise me. I always zone out when it comes to her flashbacks. However, this will not put a damper on my excitement. They’re there to save Killian, so the major arc is saving him and bringing him home. At the end of the season, that will be the focus. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy all the spoilers that we got today.

100th episode, REGINA😠😠

Okay, OKAY!
So the 100th episode, the big 100! Is being turned into a damn Regina centric episode. We’ve seen Regina’s past time after time, over everybody she probably has the most fucking flashbacks! I mean she was even out into Hooks flashback, WHY?!?

This is about Emma going to the underworld to save hook. Her boyfriend. So why are we learning about Regina’s horrid past, if we’re going to learn about somebodies childhood why not Emma’s because we have had not had enough about that.

You might be pissed off because we had a half season of ‘OUAT a Hook’ but how do you think we feel having 5 seasons of Regina forced down our throats.

What about OUAT a Emma! This is her show.


Darren Criss Holding Onto The ‘Glee’ Notes A Little Longer? [AccessHollywood.com]

Okay, so I want you all to take a good look at this gif right here – does that look like the face of a man willing to let this woman go? I mean, he couldn’t even let her go the first time; as soon as he got the invitation to Caroline’s graduation, he hauled his ass right back to Mystic Falls. Then he attempts to leave her the second time (even going as far as to allow Tyler his freedom back so that she could be happy without him), and what does he do? He jumps at the first opportunity to see her.  Now there is no way in hell he returned simply to taunt Katherine - I’m not saying that wasn’t part of it, but if that was his main purpose why go to Caroline first? Katherine could have died any second, so if his real reason in being back was to “gloat over her corpse to be” he wouldn’t be using up precious time walking in the woods with Caroline.  Revenge on Katherine was simply an excuse to see this girl again - an opportunity he dropped all the shit going on in New Orleans for. Once again, he is unable to resist the temptation of seeing her, which is bad cause jfc he is practically at war in New Orleans and can’t afford to be leaving the quarter so often. But the simple truth of the matter is that there’s no way on earth Klaus could ever choose to leave Caroline behind for good - he tried, twice, and failed, twice - though he does have matters to attend to in New Orleans (as much as I might like to [visit mystic falls/see Caroline] I have pressing responsibilities here). To deal with those issues he can’t keep sneaking off to see Caroline every chance he gets. He knows this, but he also knows that he could never willingly give up an opportunity like that - unless she herself were to demand it. Unless he could somehow take the decision and make it hers. So he strikes a deal – his departure, for her honesty (I want your confession). He gets a lot more than he bargained for – still not over the perfection that was hot hybrid sex, holy shit – and leaves with not only a reason to stick to his duties in New Orleans, but also the truth of his relationship with Caroline. She wants him. Her plans for her future may not involve him at this point in time, but there is still, and will always be,  hope – only now he’s put the ball in her court. He’s promised to not come back, but that doesn’t mean one day she won’t show up at his door and let him show her what the world has to offer.    

Your move, Caroline.