100th post woo!

Quick painting I started last night for some practice. Pretty fun to make! I know Sonic Forces looks like it could be bad, but I’m excited and hopefully it turns out great! 

Edit: 100th post on Tumblr WOO!

I’m really glad to see how much everyone likes this picture, thank you all a ton! If anyone’s interested, I have a twitter account as well. Give me a follow if you want! https://twitter.com/Tyler_J_McGrath


Y'know. I think about Foot Don a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

and it always makes me happy because I see him as the most passive aggressive egotistical rebel of the bunch. Sure, he’s nice and formal up front but behind closed doors he’s conspiring with little schemes to quietly take more control over the Foot Clan. Eventually he’s aspiring to stick a dagger in the back (or shell) of whoever’s next in the chain of command up from him… 

Evil Dons give me life, I swear.