100th post :3

The 100th | pt. 3

Characters: Police officer Wonho x reader

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Length: 1910 words

A/N: South Korea’s notorious serial killer has you on his list next and the police only has 10 days to find and stop him before he finds you.

part 1 | part 2

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[2/?] Favorite Miyuki Kazuya Scenes/Faces asked by anon


100th POST!!!!

Congratulations me, you make it this far *pats myself on the back*

Also thanks everyone who stick around and see me come this far!!! Your support is what make me reach 100th post!!! I can’t thanks y’all enough … I might host a little giveaway to show me appreciation again so stay tune!!!

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Lucas, I love your new scarf! It looks great on you!

Lucas: It’s really fluffy and warm!

Claus: …(Resist the urge. RESIST THE URGE, CLAUS.)


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)

My 100th post is a Shinhwa one, with the six of them. I felt it was appropriate.

Noticed the way they’re placed ? 

Minwoo’s in the center, Dongwan and Andy are the wing, you can’t miss Hyesung singing with this beautiful voice of his and Junjin looks ready to perform some powerful moves while Eric follows them from behind, looking like a father thinking : “These damn kids. But I love them.”

cr. On pic