100th mirror

100 Banging Kinks: Mirror

Pairing: readerxbuckybarnes 

Word Count: 930

Warning: Smut, Mirror Kink, reflection kink. 

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x 

“How long have you been planning this” eyeing the large stand up mirror that Bucky was placing at the foot of the bed. The thing was huge and reflected everything; you sat kneeling naked on your shared bed. You watched intently as Bucky stood back admiring his handy work.  

“First you were eager to explore all of my…what was it? ‘Seventy years of repressed and unexplored kinks’ this I’ve been planning since you gave the green light sweetheart. Don’t back out on me now”

“Just didn’t expect you to be into mirror’s that all” you smirked at him; his equally naked form couldn’t hide his arousal from you. His dick stood to full attention it was practically waving at you, your own arousal made the skin between your thighs slick as you shifted your weight on your folded legs. You watched as Bucky crawled up the bed towards you, he captured your lips into a searing kiss. Cupping your hands to his cheeks you let Bucky push you down onto the mattress, you sighed as Bucky moved to you neck. He sucked at your sweat spot causing you to turn your head towards the mirror, you moaned at the reflection. You’re bodies were pressed together; you knee was bent up to accommodate as Bucky settled between your legs. It was erotic you couldn’t deny that.

“You know we can’t see much from this position,” Bucky murmured against your skin. Before you could respond he flipped you onto your hands and knees, you squealed in surprise as you now faced the mirror. Splaying your hands on the mattress you steady yourself as Bucky aligned your hips. Leaning over you, you watched his reflection as he kissed your shoulder his eyes never left yours in the mirror.

“I want to watch sweetheart, I want you to watch us,” you groaned closing your eyes briefly as Bucky’s metal hand wrapped around to circle your clit. Crack! A swift tap to your backside made you eyes shoot open in surprise and arousal.

“I said watch doll” you looked up to see him smirking at you as he brought his cool metal hand to massage to sting from your ass.

“Fuck Bucky” you wined wigging your hips, your core ached for any type of friction. You looked to Bucky through the mirror; he had a dark look in his eye. He was enjoying this too much, kinky bastard.

“So needy (Y/N) some thing to do with the mirror?” you shivered as Bucky ran his flesh hand up your back with a feather light touch. You sobbed dropping you head to the mattress, you could feel your body vibrating. You needed him your body needed him.

“Hold on baby” you hardly had time to brace yourself before Bucky slammed into you; you shot your head up with shock and pleasure. His fingers dug into your hips as his own snapped into you with a bruising pace. You watched your reflection in the mirror; your skin was flush with a slight sheen. Your breast swayed as your body jolted back and forth. But it was the sight of Bucky that stirred your arousal, we was glorious. His toned body towered strong above you; you watched the expression across his face. His eyes were dark as the sound of your bodies colliding filled the air; it was raw and animalistic as Bucky grinned at you.

“Enjoying the view doll?” Bucky grunted

“Yes, yes, yes” you chanted in time with Bucky’s movements. You’re body felt heavy as Bucky reached around to pull you up, pressing you up against his chest. You watched as his metal hand gently wrapped around your neck and his flesh and trained down between your legs. His fingers worked fast circles on your clit.

“Watch yourself (Y/N) you’re so beautiful” Bucky nuzzled into your neck, his blue eyes were bright as his hair fell across his forehead. Your left hand anchored its self on his flesh wrist as your right hand reach up to pull him by the hair, biting him on the bottom lip you sucked it into your mouth as Bucky picked up his speed. You cried out with each thrust feeling your orgasm looming, Bucky’s breath came out in short burst. As he dropped his hand from your throat squeezed your breast, he rolled his nipple between his fingers adding more pleasure to your body.

“Oh god Buck, I’m…I’m” you gasped as your head rolled on his shoulder, still keeping eye contact with him. He nipped at your neck smirking at you.

“I know baby… I…I’m right with you” he growled, having his verbal permission.  Bucky’s lips on your neck, his predatory look boring into through the mirror and the whole image of the two of you going at it. Your orgasm hit you like never before, if it wasn’t for Bucky holding you up you would have fallen face first onto the mattress. Your thighs shook as your orgasm rippled over you as the endorphins in your body sored.

“Oh shit… fuck” the guttural cry from Bucky’s own orgasm drew your attention to his reflection in the mirror. His mouth hung open as his eyebrows pinched together as he shot his load into you, with a moan Bucky fell forwards taking you with him. Shooting your hands out you braced you both against the mattress, you laughed breathlessly about what just happened.

“The mirror stays” you gasped as Bucky’s weight shifted on your back, he kissed in between your shoulder blades softly humming in agreement.

“I’m so glad you said that”

Role Play

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino/Mark Sheppard/Reader
Word Count: 4,503
Warnings: cussing, smut, fluff, little kinky, drinking
Request: @ive6669 - Hey! Could you pleas write a story with both Marks?
A/N: With a little more prompting, I finally came up with an idea that I ran by the requester and they liked the idea! This story. Damn. That’s all I have to say. Lol.

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