100th floor

Idk how many of my followers are into the SCP foundation, but the mobile (and PC) short game, SCP-084-B, is that endless stair game with monster images that pop out at you and have a couple human-like entities following you. The trick is to never “turn around” and I ended up reaching the -100th floor. Jeeeeesus.

SCP Foundation is a pretty interesting concept tbh.

Angel had been called to work the day before Luther rented him. As he walked to the common door to get his cuffs put on his mind was somewhere else. Absentmindedly he held out his wrists. He was focusing on his new life and trying to deal with where he was now. He just wanted to be high, or drunk, or both. He wanted to forget about Bellamy’s junk in his face and how helpless he felt on the 100th floor.


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Have you ever noticed how Garrus is basically your mother? Romanced or Unromanced he literally never gets mad at anything Shepard does. Just pats them on the head and goes 'There there my special snowflake, you did your best. I still love you'. Sabotage the genophage? 'I am sure you had your reasons', roundhouse kick a man from 100th floor. 'Maybe a bit too far Shepard?'. Bring him to a plague pit 'Sigh, of course Shepard, have you brought your mittens tho?'.

He so is omfg

He even tells you to go to bed when you’re tired. He probably reminds everyone to put on sweaters before missions and to call their grandmothers more often.

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We love the one that hurt us the most. As we try so hard to make them happy, while we hold the rope that kept us together, they cut it down. we look at them with smiles and they stare right through us like we are nothing to them. they break our hearts and leave us in the dark. They leave us in the middle of the night hurt and crying. We try our best to make them smile, We try our best to always be there no matter what. We try our best to give them the world. As we try our best, As we try to give them everything they deserve they leave us, they leave us hanging from the 100th floor with no help. We accept the horrible things they do to us because we feel it’s the only love we’re going to find. We apologize. We apologize for everything even though it wasnt even our fault. We wonder to ourselfs, how can you give up on us? How can you stop caring? How can leave all of the amazing memories behind? How? They made us feel like we were someone, they made us feel like we had someone all the time. they made us feel like they were never going to leave. untill they leave. as they leave us with all the memories, all the pictures and all the pain. The pain that feels like it will never go away. We get hurt more becasue during the relationship, we were falling in love with them more each day, while they were falling out of love. We see the flaws in them, but we value you them as much as there strengths. Others tell us to move on. They tell us broke hearts heal. What do you do when the one who broke your heart is the only one who can fix it? When all they bring up is all the mistakes we made, all the “bad” we did, only if they realized that we are not our mistakes. I don’t get how people can give up on something they called amazing. Something they wanted to last forever. We fought this long through hell in past and came back. So why not this time? We wonder how they can move on to that other girl or guy, and wonder how do they make you happier then I did? That’s when we start to think to our selfs that’s it our fault the relationship ended. We start to think that we aren’t good enough for people. We start to think that we will never find anyone. That we are horrible people. The ones who love the most. The ones who care to much. The ones who put you before them selfs. Are the ones that get hurt the most. Are the ones who feel the worst pain. Mentally and physically. If you can’t go a day with out talking to that person. Don’t give up on them. If you care so much for that person. Make it work. If you love that person so much. You’ll always find away to get through everything.