All he has left

I am so so sorry. This is my own brain child and I swear it just happened!


Jensen turned his head with a smirk on his face answering her in character. “It’s Dean sweetheart.”

“No Jensen. I’m… I’m not feeling well.”

Jensen’s smile immediately disappeared as he saw her eyes flutter and he jumped catching her just before she hit the floor.

Jensen still remembered the panic he had felt that day as he sat by your piano, staring at your picture. Ignoring Jared’s 100rd call that day.

He thought back to the first doctor’s appointment and the diagnoses that had torn his heart to pieces. Brain Tumor. Inoperable. A year left.

She had refused chemotherapy, knowing it would only prolong her life shortly. Jensen had fought her on the matter but she had not budged.

“I want to spend the rest of my time happy and healthy. Not tied to a bed making myself sick when I know it is not going to save me Jay.”

Jensen had spend hours in front of the computer. Thousands of dollars flying her to private clinics and she had went. She had went for him.

Now that she was gone, he wished he hadn’t been so damn stubborn. That he hadn’t forced them to waste the precious time they had left together in doctors offices. He wished he had taken her to all the places she wanted to go. He wished he had fought her on staying on the show as long as she did. He wished he had just been there for her and loved her. But more than anything he wished she was still here.

Now all he had left was the pictures he had taken of her, of them. Memories of a happy time and a dream of a future together. Now all he had left was the show she loved so much and he couldn’t abandon, however much it pained him to go to work everyday knowing she would never again be by his side. All he had left was the memories of her smile and her love.

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The current CPC setup:
-Crye Precision CPC
-Jumbo IR MC Flag
-Apto Pistol Mag Pouches x2 
-Eagle Ind. 100rd. Nutsack (lol)
-Crye Precision 330d Thermo x2 
-Eagle Ind. 40mm x2
-Crye Precision 330d Large GP
-Crye Precision Zip-on Pouch Panel

Next purchase will be a Crye Small GP

I like the look of the new Federal 100rd 12ga boxes.
Love dumping this stuff through my 870.
As soon as my shoulder heals I’m gonna shoot a case or 5 of this through my 870 again.