Puppystore - THE 3RD EDITION 'Tootsie-Wootsie'🍬

“That he’s your tootsie-wootsie In the good new summertime”

Hi!! I just want to share this because it’s my first photobook that I bought from my fav Chanbaek fansite!!! It arrived to me today so I’m excited for it!! I will tell the name of the things based from the masternim details. 

This is the packaging (I blurred my name and address)

After I opened the package 

The things inside it. Okay I started to list the things

🍬  Photo card set (30 types)

🍬  Post card set (10 types)

🍬  Transparent card set

🍬  Fan

🍬  Radiation protection sticker

🍬 Sticker

🍬  Photobook hard protection box

Tootsie-Wootsie is composed of two books.

🍬  Tootsie-Wootsie: 200P±/A4/ photos of individual& double shoot/include 2015.5~2016 published &unpublished photos before photobook making

🍬  Happiness Arrival: 100P±/A4/photos of individual& double shoot/include 2014~2016 airport photos

🍬  Mini photobook

🍬  A2 poster

🍬  A3poster x2

🍬 Full preview

It’s so beautiful right ?? It’s really worth it!! The photobook are so so thick and all the pictures in there are so nice. Thank you puppystore-nim for this awesome photobook. I will always support you!!

Thank you


BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT COLLECTION’ includes photos from 2012 ‘BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR’ to 'BIGBANG WORLD TOUR [MADE]’! It will be available in limited quantity on Aug. 20th at the BIGBANG’s concert site and the BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION - 'A TO Z’ so don’t miss it!

Date : 2016.08.20(SAT)

Place : Album/DVD/Photobook booth at the BIGBANG’s concert site / BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION - 'A TO Z’
(*only limited amount available)

Includes : Photo Book (100P) + Random Photo Card (1) + Fan

Source: BIGBANG’s Facebook

[INFO] Pre-order WJSN’s 2nd Mini Album “The Secret”


  • CD
  • Hologram Sleeve Case
  • 100p Photobook
  • 1 out of 28 random photocard
  • Poster (optional)


  1. 비밀이야 (Secret)
  2. BEBE
  3. 우주키스미 (Would you Kiss Me?
  4. 짠! (Prince)
  5. ROBOT
  6. 이층침대 (Good Night)
  7. 비밀이야 (Chinese Ver.) 


  1. kpoptown (optional poster, click on the poster drop down and choose a poster)
  2. kpopmart (optional poster, click on the poster drop down and choose a poster) 
  3. ktown4u (optional poster)
  4. yesasia