Supergirl 1x01 // The 100 1x01

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modern aesthetics: the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald

there is still a light across the way, and the lights of his home still shine long into the night, bodies massing through his own halls, whispering his name, tales of a war, and a man without a past.

it’s a dream they live in, and it’s only Eckerberg that sees the gunshots and men built upon lies. they’ll believe it to be beauty, it’s only the eyes that know that the dream was dead long before 1918.

at some point, all that changes is gatsby’s names for nick and terms for such a man, especially after the latter finally elaborated on the meanings of ‘bae’ and ‘shade.’ for example.

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buffy // clarke [9/??]

Look it up: Griffin comma Clarke.

I think about Jason saying that “Clarke is f**king legendary… Everyone is going to know about Clarke of the Sky People.” And how sometimes she’ll be able carry it, wear her name like armor—she’ll say “you know who it is” like Buffy says “I’m Buffy, the Vampire Slayer… and you are?” or “look it up: slayer comma the.” But the weight of being a legend can be a crushing burden to bear. Soon she won’t be able to go anywhere without everyone knowing her name. And the knowledge, the legend, of that name is coated in blood. Buffy is so utterly exhausted by the time we get to The Gift, when this happens; just imagine Clarke three seasons from now.