November 26th I’ll be returning to Kansas City for another installment of my “Traveling Alchemist” pop up shop series at @oraclekc !!!
I’ve been wondering though, would anyone be interested in an artist’s talk/ Q&A before the show? I might consider it depending on how many people would be interested!
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Because Magic! in which Caroline is a witch and Klaus is her familiar

Caroline Forbes had always been a cat person, and yet her and cats simply didn’t get along. Her mother had a cat as familiar, a beautiful ginger ball of fluff named Millicent. Caroline loved Millicent, but Millicent hated Caroline.
It took Care years to accept that she would never have a cat for a familiar, the animals simply couldn’t stand her.

Years later Caroline happened upon a gray wolf as she was collecting flowers in the woods, she didn’t expect the animal to grow a liking for her. And she certainly didn’t expect the animal to grow on her and to become her familiar; and yet that is exactly what happened.

The gray wolf (she called him Zircon, after a gemstone used for protection and to drive away evil spirits) lived with her in the small village close to the woods she called home. Caroline was one of the young witches belonging to the small town’s coven, which mainly practiced nature based spells and was infamous for its experimentation with potions.

And brewing potions she loved. 
It was the reason Caroline moved into the small town in the first place. She regularly experimented with potions, she revelled in testing out the effects certain spells had on potions and how her potions worked when she used them in combinations with certain crystals.

But quite a few of Caroline’s experiments went wrong; just like the one in which she involved the stone zircon, hoping to be able to use it’s protection properties to strengthen her healing potion. But the result of the experiment was a success nonetheless. Because as it turns out, Caroline turned her beloved familiar into a man, who had been cursed to live as a wolf several centuries ago.