2/100 days of productivity 

today i’m working on african american history! i finished writing my essay on our first text and i’m now reading and annotating “they say”, a book about ida b. wells and the reconstruction of race. i’m trying out a new annotation system with my new staedtler fineliners, and so far it’s working out wonderfully! i’m wish the best of luck to everyone! 

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modern aesthetics: the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald

there is still a light across the way, and the lights of his home still shine long into the night, bodies massing through his own halls, whispering his name, tales of a war, and a man without a past.

it’s a dream they live in, and it’s only Eckerberg that sees the gunshots and men built upon lies. they’ll believe it to be beauty, it’s only the eyes that know that the dream was dead long before 1918.

at some point, all that changes is gatsby’s names for nick and terms for such a man, especially after the latter finally elaborated on the meanings of ‘bae’ and ‘shade.’ for example.

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Supergirl 1x01 // The 100 1x01

#kara you’re not being executed #you’re being sent to the ground #earth kara you get to go to earth (@annieclarq you’re the worst)

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Rufflout 63? ^-^

(Not my forte, and probably not what you wanted, but…)

It was a harmless bout of fun, really. They were sitting around the fire of the lookout tower and eating grilled meats, until Snotlout and Tuffnut had gotten into one of their infamous “insult-a-thon”s.

“Nice wig, Snot, what’s it made of?”

“Your mom’s chest hair!” The burlier of the two sneered, and Astrid had to groan. This was the most annoying thing ever.

“Calm down, guys,” Fishlegs said, but he was ignored.

“Could’ve fooled me,” the skinny blonde retorted, “Looks a lot like your mom’s chest when I had sex with her last week.” Ruffnut cackled and high-fived her brother, and Astrid noted a twitch on Snot’s face when he observed the gesture.

“Oh yeah?” Snotlout said flatly, and Hiccup turned his head to look at his cousin. His tone didn’t sound like that of banter, but more of a well-placed attack. He had to wonder—what was he going to s—

“SNOT NO,” Astrid blurted, making everyone turn to look at her, but Snot was way ahead of any of them.

“Well, I made out with your sister.”

Silence enveloped the group until Tuffnut burst out laughing. “Seriously? Come on, man. You gotta come up with something better than that.”

The male Thorston’s laughter died when Snotlout didn’t even flinch. “I’m serious,” Snot said, as monotonous as they’d never heard it. “I made out. With your sister.”

“WHAT THE FUCK, SNOT,” Ruffnut screamed, and soon Astrid was holding back the twins while Hiccup and Fishlegs held back Snotlout.

Astrid glared at her boyfriend. “Told you we shouldn’t have showed up.”