Finally have this up and running. Wanted to be as neat/tidy as I could and also as efficient as I could to help with set up and tear down times. Everything routes into and out of the Dirge box in the top right corner.
I literally just have to plug my guitar into it, a cable to my Shiv for the gain footswitch, and out to whichever amps I’m playing.

Cioks Big John is really cool. Hit a few snags mounting the damn thing (wish I would have seen the paper template earlier, and had a plug to be able to test placement) but it’s in a good spot now. Powering the Timeline off of the 400ma output, powering the Klon, Rat, and Dirgebox from the second 400ma output, powering the Disaster Area controller off of 100ma output, Bitquest off of the 100ma, Holy Grail off of the 100ma, and Driving Notion + Tuner off of the last 100ma.

Pickbox had to be moved, it is on the top/back of the board. Not my favorite spot. I might put it on top of the Klone.

Signal Chain is: Dirge Box input -> Dirgebox Tuner output / Dirgebox Signal output -> Driving Notion -> Holy Grail -> Dirge RAT -> BitQuest -> Klone -> TimeLine with DMC-2 gen 2 MIDI control (preset scrolling and double tap for looper control) -> L/R outputs to Dirgebox FX return L/R -> Dirgebox L/R outputs to amps