So I have finally hit the 100 follower mark (which is a bfd for me in case you haven’t figured out) and I want to do something to reward all you lovely wonderful people who were insane enough to follow me (whether it’s a recent occurrence or you’ve been with me for the long haul)!

Presenting my very first Blog Rate and Free Compliments! If you would like to partake in this event, message me a heart (it can be any kind: <3, the emoji, an elaborate giant one, etc.) and I will rate your blog and compliment you and your blog. How will I find a way to compliment you? I am going to go and individually read your “about me” and everyone will get a completely unique comment, pinky pwomise ;)


  • following me, please?? I won’t make it mandatory, bc everyone deserves love and good feels, but i would love you forever if you did <3
  • czech out any of my friends in the side bar… esp this one?
  • reblog so help share the love to everyone?
  • message me a heart to make sure I know you want a blog rate & compliment (If you send my a anon - whether its intentional or accidental, I’ll still send you a compliment, free of charge, and tag it in anon and imravenclawesome for you to find!)