100k and under

Teenage Dream by matildajones

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 58596

“I’m married. I’m married to Derek Hale,” Stiles says. Everything seems to hit him at once. He pushes aside the fact there’s a celebrity sitting right next to him, and then thinks of why the fuck he can’t remember him, why he doesn’t know who he’s married to, and how much time he must have lost.

After an accident, Stiles wakes up to what can only be a dream. He has money, he has fame, he has award winning actor Derek Hale as his husband. It quickly seems more and more like a nightmare because Stiles doesn’t remember getting any of it - and it’s hard to accept the reality that Derek can still love him.

Pro revenge by whistle blowing.

(long story)

One of my first jobs out of college wasn’t really a true job. I interviewed at a proprietary trading firm and was offered a job as one of their traders. Looking back, it was naive to join such a firm and this was right before the ‘08 crash. They sold themselves as being pro traders and all you had to do was put up some capital which got added to the group’s pooled fund. After that, you went through training and once the boss thought you were ready, you would 'go live’ with your trading account. There were no paychecks, but you did get to keep most of your profits. Later on, I learned that the bosses of such groups made money by either taking a cut from your profits or by taking a fee from your traded volume. This group skimmed from both sides taking 15% from your profits and a fee from your trading volume which came out to about $1.5 every 100 shares traded.

For months, I spent time learning from the “Pros,” and then I began to realize along with some of the other newbies, that the only person making money was the boss. The turnover for new traders was high. Some people lasted a month, others a year or two. As I got to know people around the office, I began finding out that very few made any money at all. The boss was a micromanager and watched the risk monitor for his group like a hawk. If you hit -$50 in a day, you were locked out and couldn’t trade anymore throughout the day. Also, you were limited to trading stocks up to $40 per share with a max size of 200 shares. It was very difficult to make a living trading like this.

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Don’t You Want Me

Author: Quixoticity

Rating: M

Status: Completed in January 2017

Word Count: 94,912

Summary: Blaine Anderson’s plans of a life spent performing were derailed in his senior year, and he had to compromise on everything he’d dreamed of - except love.Kurt Hummel, haughty and aloof Broadway darling, was forced to come back to Ohio where there was nothing left for him but painful memories - until he noticed a pair of fine eyes.(Pride & Prejudice inspired, but set in present day)

Tropes/Genre: Movie!Fic, AU, angst, slow build, romance, humor, Broadway!Kurt

Lynne’s review: Frustrating yet amusing, aggravating yet romantic…I’m not a big fan of slow build, but the payoff is certainly worth it. You’ll want to kick Chandler and Sebastian in the teeth. 

Read at: AO3

anonymous asked:

Do you know any really good 100k+ or 200k fics? I've read all the classics and am in dire need of another long fic. If you could help a girl out, that would be so much appreciated!💖 (of course, Bottom!Louis is a must) thanks again lovely!!!! Hope your Valentines Day was good.

I’m not sure what qualifies as a classic, but I’ll rec some of my favorites, if that works.

(and I assume TIF is a classic but.) TIF - not on ao3

Swim in the Smoke

As You Are (not BL but brilliant)

Into the Blue (I don’t think this one is BL either but it’s zarah so)

Speaking of Marvels

Say You’ll Remember (a little under 100k but it’s an angst fest so naturally I’m here for it)

Empty Skies

Never Be (yes I am reccing myself)

and I haven’t read these works yet, but I know @lucystarkid, @anhcor, and @tvshows-addict have all recently published/finished some HUGE fics, so check those out, too!

*also I apologize, because with the exception of my own fic, I’m thinking all of those are classics… it’s hard to find lengthy, well written fics that no one knows about! if you find some more, let me know ;)

Happy Valentine’s day to you, too! xx

$2,000/mo Universal Basic Income

Some progressive socialist/commies have brought up Universal Basic Income to me a few times. It’s being tried in places around the world. 

Basically, every single person is guaranteed money they need to live. This way they can work for life’s pleasures an do what they want. No one would starve or be without shelter. 

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

I chose $2k because it’s a nice round number. It’s also around the $15/hr wage they claim is necessary to live. 

This money would be tax free. It’s provided by taxes, so you can’t exactly tax it. 

$24k a year seems like not really that much. Small crappy apartment, shitty car, occasional fun stuff. But you never have to work a single day in your life. 

A family of 4 would have $96k/year without having to work at all. It puts this in more of a perspective, doesn’t it?

I would get married and pop out kids tomorrow if we had UBI. I currently make more than that. But the prospect of making $96k/year without having to work at all would be too good. 

So now every single family has a money. This means landlords will raise rent. Since they have income above UBI it will be taxed at a super high rate (more on that next). So they need to raise rents to pay the additional taxes. So the solution is public housing. Which requires more taxes. 

There are around 320 million people in the United states. Guaranteeing them all $24k/year would be about $7,680,000,000,000.  Yes, $7.6 trillion a year. 

Two problems with this. The entire US economy is only $16 Trillion. The current gov’t taxes $4 trillion. Make it close to $12 trillion and we are talking 75% tax rate across the board. 

The next problem is that only about 20% of households make more than $100k. I am sure anyone under $200k would quit their jobs for $100k and not having to work. So that’s about 90% of the workforce quitting their jobs. Who will run the sewers and garbage when no one has to work? 

Oh, we can just use taxes to pay those people more? So nearing 100% tax rate? The gov’t will control all jobs, salaries, housing, and decide what career you do. 

That’s communism. 

A Little Lost by exclamation

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 73366

A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past?

And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?


Here’s another build request. This time for @nutmegspicelatte for a Two story cluttered and colorful cottage under 100k~!

I only used City Living, Get to Work, Get together, Spa day, and Outdoor retreat.

I play tested everything and I didn’t find anything that didn’t work. It ended up being 3 bedrooms and two full bathrooms and costs a little over 81k

I hope you like it hun <3

This build can be found on my gallery. My Origin ID is Lizilla0505

A Rough and Tumble Game

Author: CassidyRocks

Rated: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 85,989

Summary: Former professional player, Blaine Anderson is the Head football coach at McKinley High School and, this year, he is completely focused on achieving the title of All State Champions. However, when local congressman, Burt Hummel, suffers yet another heart attack, his son, Kurt, forfeits his lead role on Broadway to return to Lima where he picks up a teaching position at McKinley in order to be closer to his ailing father. When football and musicals clash … damage is collateral.

Tropes/Genre: Football Coach!Blaine, Broadway!Kurt, future!fic, angst, fluff, romance, teacher!Kurt

Lynne’s review: After a slow-ish build up, this turned out to be a gorgeous love story. Heartbreaking, sweet and lovely.  There is a character death (not Kurt or Blaine) and the fallout almost tore me apart, but thankfully it resolved itself quite beautifully.  My only drawback to this fic is the amount of “Britishisms” (football game, not match) that threw me out of it every once in a while.  This is just picky stuff, nothing that an American beta couldn’t help with.  Please take the time and read this story - you’ll love it.

Read at: AO3

Strut on a Line, its Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 59108 (wip)

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

Going to an underpopulated PvP campaign because one of your guildmates wants to get emperor with a group of 12 veteran players equals earning about 100K AP in just under 2 hours and ending up as the #31 player for Daggerfall Covenant in that campaign, while three of your groupmates are in the top 10. Very nice.

(Also, apparently literally nobody in AD was logged on to Haderus tonight, because we went south and captured 2 of their home keeps without ANY resistance. Like, we saw one level 37 guy light-attacking us, and that was it.)

Anonymous said:

I’m in the process of writing a book but I’m slightly concerned by the length. I’m worried that it’ll be too short. I wrote out my plot but it just seems that, despite the lengthy idea, it seems short. Am I just overthinking it? It there a certain amout of words a novel should be? Do I need to create sub plots? Any advice would be much appreciated!

I’ll just knock out a whole post on word counts.

To answer your second question: subplots are not absolutely necessary, but they do help and they often show up without you even knowing it. For help with subplots, check the tags page for the subplot tag.


If you are a debut author, keep your word count under 100k words. Publishing long books by unknown authors or extremely short books by unknown authors is a financial risk that only the exceptional may take. Do not count on yourself being the exception.

If you plan on self-publishing, it is best to follow the same word count guidelines as traditionally published authors. It’s a risk to put a 200k fantasy novel out there when you don’t already have fans who will surely read it.

If you are writing fantasy or sci-fi, add 10k words to the general word count guidelines.

When querying your manuscript, round your word count to the nearest hundred. Always round up. For example, 68,231 words would become 68,300 words in a query.

The word count guidelines below are for debut authors. There are always exceptions, but those are rare.


  • Lower Middle Grade: 20k - 40k
  • Upper Middle Grade: 35k - 60k
  • Some fantasy can go much higher for upper middle grade


  • 45k - 90k
  • Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and historical fiction tend to be longer
  • A good spot is somewhere between 50k and 75k for most genres

If the ley lines you should follow by InTheArmsofaThief

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 52107

And Derek just stood there, staring at Stiles like he was a ghost.

“Dude, I know it’s been a while but you don’t have to look at me like you’re that surprised I’m hung over in the woods. It’s practically a tradition at this point.”

“Stiles?” Derek whispered, the name falling from his lips like a punch to the gut. Stiles watched, confused, as Derek took a deep breath in and took a shaky step forward then back again. “You’re not- you can’t be. Who are you?”

Something To Remember

Author: CassidyRocks

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 81,673

Summary:  Blaine Anderson, an English and Music teacher, knew he simply had to be at the London Literature Festival in March when he discovered that his students’ favourite author, Kurt Hummel, was coming from the States to run a session. Little did Blaine and Kurt realise what their chance encounter on the steps of the festival venue would come to mean and what it would cost them.

Tropes/Genre: British!Blaine, AU, angst, future!fic, teacher!Blaine, writer!Kurt, romance

Lynne’s review: This is the second story by this author that I have read, one of just three she’s written thus far (I hope she writes many more).  As Zinnia will tell you (I called and whined at her), a few chapters in and I was ready to stop. I don’t mind reading about past K or B with others, but this one was current and detailed. Having said that, I am so grateful that I continued and completed this story. Through all the angst, twists and turns, and amazing surrounding characters (I actually liked Santana here, who knew?), the outcome was beautiful. One heck of a ride, but honestly, I couldn’t stop reading. The ending left me very emotional. Please do give this a read - trust me on this one.

Read at: AO3 or FF.net

Boycott the 1OO on Social Media Masterpost

This is a masterpost about how you can boycott the 1OO on every social media. Please read up to end to know why it can  work.


Since the 1OO has come back, their views on videos on the CW channel have raised - especially the ones including Eliza, Alycia and Clexa - obviously because we were given a ridiculous amount of expectations, so we used to click in and watch for anything we could preview. Well, that’s over now!

How do you boycott the 1OO on Youtube?

  • STOP GIVING THEM VIEWS: they are inevitably going to drop anyway, because videos without them didn’t get many views. But the 1OO is the third most watched on the CW Channel (after Arrow and The Flash) so please, don’t watch out of curiosity. If you want me, I’ll download them when they’re out  and post them here with the tag ‘**video’ or something, I’ll tell you then. Tell me if you want me to do this, I will dl without clicking on the video and we’ll watch here.
  • GO TO THE OLD VIDEOS (especially the ones with not many views so no visibility) if you want to comment about what the show did and how you’re not going to watch anymore - even if it’s a fat ass lie, you’re just not gonna watch live. Argument and don’t offend. Be better.
  • IF YOU MAKE VIDEOS DON’T TAG THE SHOW, DON’T MENTION IT IN THE TITLE; just characters ship. It’s even better if you use shorts like we did on Glee. Example, Brittana videos were often tagged as B/S or Faberry as Q/R. Glee was often tagged as ‘eelg’.
  • This is already the dramatic difference between the last Inside and the promo for the next episode, so keep up the good work:


Keep in mind that social media is now considered a way of telling if a show is successful, it’s as important as ratings for the network so:

  • DON’T USE THE HASHTAG OF THE SHOW ANYMORE, even better if you stop using the hashtag of ships and all. It’s absolutely essential that you don’t use ‘#the100′.
  • DON’T MAKE TRENDS THAT MENTION THE SHOW, unless it’s to call it out on its bullshit. Don’t say ‘the 1OO’ enough that it will trend. Don’t mention it at all.
  • NOTE FOR POLLS: Don’t vote for Clexa in dumb polls, please. We will vote for Elycia in important polls where they can get awards and actual visibility. No Zimbio polls, etc., only the ones that matter. Small polls only give visibility to the show and y’all know it doesn’t deserve it. When it’ll come to serious polls we’ll vote our ass off for them because we love them.
  • UNFOLLOW JASON, this bitch literally used us to get to 100k and promised us a BTS pic that we never got anyway and he’s thirsty for followers and rts. Please, drag his ass down to under 100k so we can ask him if the 100 is a show about the 100k he lost and if we can have our bts pic now that he’s back to 100k lol.
  • UNFOLLOW CWTHE100, the CW will notice, trust me. When GleeonFox was desperate because they got unfollowers and rt’s, they started tweeting Brittana shit and we didn’t rted them because we knew they were using us. Unfollow them, the CW will notice, believe me.


The writers are on Tumblr, the CW uses Tumblr like other media, so please CHANGE YOUR TAG FROM THE 100 TO THE 1OO. I think the100edit is okay, they won’t track that as a rating source.


If you have an IMDB account, vote down all the new episodes, starting from 7 and vote up all the old ones. Drag them mercilessly. 


  • DON’T LIKE, videos and photos and all, don’t share. Just go and comment and express your disappointment. Don’t spread their posts.
  • UNLIKE THE PAGE, go when you feel like it, don’t follow them. The CW will notice the numbers going down.


  • DON’T SEND THREATS: We’re better than this. Don’t send death threats to Jason and the writers. Also some of the writers admitted they didn’t agree on killing Lexa off somehow, so it’s even more pointless. They have to follow directions. Still, don’t send death threats to Jason. We don’t want him dead, we just want him off the show and the show with him.
  • DON’T WATCH LIVE, pals, trust me, go to sleep. It’s only getting worse, Lincoln is also dying. Download the episode, don’t watch on the CW site, don’t watch in DVR. 
  • GLEE STORY: If you’re not convinced this is going to work, listen up, my loves: Glee once reached 28 millions of viewers and at its worse it had 8-7 mlns. They called us angry lesbians, made one half of our OTP comment on the other with biphobic lines and Ryan Murphy said he was on Twitter ignoring Brittana tweets and drinking whine. Wanna know how low we dragged them? 1 million of views in Season 5. Wanna know what happened? FOX WASN’T SURE THEY WANTED TO RENEW IT AND MADE THEIR SEASON 6 WITH HALF THE EPISODES AND LESS THAN A MILLION OF VIEWERS. If we sank a FOX show that had reached 28 millions of viewers in Season 2, you can imagine what we can do the the barely 1-mln’ed the 1OO.

Don’t let this go unnoticed. They did not only kill our gay woman as any other show, and they are not only going to make their POC die out of the hands of two more people of color. They also gave us hope, pretended that it was a revolutionary show, used us for ratings purpose, tricked us into winning dozens of polls for them, deluded little girls into believing their love stories could be just like the others and then ended it up tragically with the ‘fatherly’ figure shooting his ‘gay daughter’ while trying to shoot ‘her girlfriend’. This horrible, people are suffering from it in real life. Don’t let it died.

They hurt us in real life, we hurt them back in a less personal way because we’re better. 

Jus drein jus daun