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Love this blog! Thanks for making it happen. Could you please make a #completed tag?

We can most definitely! :)

Creation of the Completed and 100k+ Tags. Created March 29, 2017. Number of Recs: 5.

Trials and Tricks by WendyNerd | R: NC-17 | W: 200k+ | 61/61

“This girl is not your sister, Jon, nor is she the girl you once knew. She’s accused of murdering a child. The Lords of the Vale are determined to see her brought to trial for Robert Arryn’s death. Furthermore, she was found with Petyr Baelish’s blood literally on her hands.”
Altered summary:
Years after the war, dangerous circumstances reunite Sansa Stark, former Queen in the North and now Lady of Winterfell and accused traitor and murderer, with Jon, now Prince Jon of the Targaryen Empire. Together with some old friends and Jon’s Aunt Dany, they try to cope, stay alive, sane, and keep the new empire afloat. Politics, intrigue, action, angst, romance and sex abound.

No Featherbed For Me by Lit_chick08 | R: M | W: 100k+ | 12/12

Arya Stark wanted to be a knight; she wanted to find glory and adventure with Needle in her hand. But that is not an appropriate life for a highborn lady, and that was all Arya of House Stark was allowed to be.

Not Today by Ebmordecai | R: M | W: 200k+ | 43/43

No one said life was easy. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Death has become our world and within it, we are slaves to its horrors. Take my hand, for the moment you let go of me will be the moment I lose myself.

Stealing The Darkheart by Sweetsunray | R: NC-17 | W: 100k+ | 34/34

Ser Gendry of the Hollow Hill survives the massacres in the Riverlands. At Castle Black he reveals to Melisandre that the rescued Arya is not the true Arya. Both the Acting Commander and Melisandre send him on a mission to save Westeros from the Cold Children of the Great Other by stealing and retrieving the Darkheart acolyte of the Many Faced God in Braavos.

Like Two Branches In A River by 2Shytheshippy | R: M | W: 100k+ | 14/14

“What?” Arya snapped her head to look at her father. “You’re leaving us?” Ned looked to the floor. “We’re leaving to go to King’s Landing.” By the tone of his voice, it was apparent that there wasn’t any room for compromise. “ Arya Stark leaves the life she knows behind and meets Gendry Waters who forever changes her life.

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