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      ↳ Meet the Brittas Bay Banshees

Background: The Banshees are based in Brittas Bay, Ireland and are one of the the very first University quidditch teams. The Universities were first instated in the year 2000 after a sudden influx of wizarding students and a growing interest in the muggle world. The universities, while still teaching classes such as Potions and Divination, now also require classes in practical education (mathematics, world history, and various language courses).

The Team Colors: Blue and Silver.

Mascot: Shrieking Banshee

Facts: The Banshees were made famous for their tactic of flying in front of their opponents and flashing the bright purple undersides of their uniform at them; the color distracting them long enough for the Banshees to turn the tide of the game in their favor.

Team Stats: The Banshees are currently number one in the UK university league, having won the King’s Cup for three consecutive years. Their greatest rival is the Mullaghboy Merrows, the feud stemming from an altercation between Banshee Captain Bellamy Blake, and Finn Collins, the Merrows Captain.


Coach: Marcus Kane

Captain: Bellamy Blake [#2]

Chasers: Bellamy Blake [#2], Zoe Monroe [#10], and Harper Jones [#6]
(side note: Harper is noted as being the current fastest Chaser in the UK University League.)

Beaters: Lincoln Nolan [#7] and Nathan Miller [#12]

Keeper: Sterling Callaghan [#17]

Seeker: John Murphy [#8]

Here’s a first look at my extensive ModernHP!AU!!! Be on the lookout for more teams and characters! And feel free to suggest any teams as well!

Sidenote: I really wanted to do something with a wizarding university (god knows they need it) and the students receiving an education that could get them by living in the muggle world (because Arthur Weasley not knowing what a rubber duck was for bothered me so much).

[Eventual ships will include: Bellarke, Memori, Minty, Linctavia, and possibly Harpoe. Others to be determined]