99/100 happy days

i know it’s past your birthday but  i wanted to include you in my hundred happy days which i was suppose to do on your actual birthday but i was too busy. so here goes. 

too many memories to recall but there are quite a few that really remain in my human brain, like that moment when i flatly dive at carbin reef and you were there laughing your liver out, my body was in a painful state of water splash -that’s true friendship. the infamous car accident along with mamabeyurr, us laughing at her mud packed legs- that’s us being true to her.. still friendship. haha! Highschool.when i sat down at a broken seat at the premiere of a harry potter film with all eyes on me and yes, you were there too…laughing first then you gave me a hand (still laughing) - a great definition of a real friend.

what else. our endless conversations of anything and everything under the sun listening to each other and giving each other advices, NOT giving each other advices and just listen to each other, letting each other learn from our own mistakes and just laugh through it.. the list goes on and on of bad, good, the best and unforgettable moments. 15 years of friendship? that’s for keeps and i’m even an adopted child/dog of your family haha. 

i know we’ll be at each others back and it’s not even how long that we’ve known each other it’s about who’s still there and who’s willing to stay despite of mishaps,tragedies and unnecessary shockeries life has offered and has yet to offer.

we’re like bring it mathafakahz. 

88/100 happy days

►it was a long day today from buying paints,brushes,tapes and other stuff needed for tomorrow’s live art making at baywalk to conquering the very hot weather (jinit jackson) and a surprise rain (julanis morisette). together we made it through the day with all our errands. and tomorrow i know we will all have fun doing what we passionately love which is making art. I’d like to thank my NAP family (intel and moi) i know you guys are tired and we need that beauty rest for tomorrow’s biga haha but really thank you! support support. love and see you guys! we’re #Reset6100! chos

65/100 happy days

►i got something from the mail today! it’s a shirt that was sent from i don’t know which country. A guy from instagram asked me if i wanted one and i said yes, so i sent an email of my address and now i have the shirt. i’ll take a photo tom hehe

► here’s what we did in our workshop today! we were asked to bring 5 objects that would represent our personality. and here’s my take. mehehe. i tried. =P


62/100 happy days

► third day of workshop learned about food photography.

 we had this exercise of capturing emotions and here’s my subject 

► the boys and i ate at dalum balay burger at villamonte after workshop and had rehearsals at Gallery Orange which was surprisingly intense! t'was like having basic acting all over again but in a different and effective approach.

► post rehearsals was just at the Cafe joint. chitchatted the night til we all went home and rested. (:

54/100 happy days

► meeting at Cafe joint with direk Gabby for kinengkoy shows! welcome back chief!!

►walked from Art district to La salle ave with the boys that was 2.49 km to be exact with Gabby’s app. haha

► i was offered a scholarship of Digital photography at Bacollywood workshops. happy, anxious, excited and scared all at the same time coz first, i don’t have a legit cam, second i’m no pro, third i don’t know what’s going to happen… good luck to me! oh i love summer! thanks GAAAAB!

► got my sales for my sold artwork. wiihuu now that’s something to be happy. mehehe

► upon arriving at home i started coloring this doodle and i got out of my room at 1:15 am so that’s 5 hours of just coloring and talking to myself in my head. yes, my therapy