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PLEASE READ THIS i just wanted you guys to help me clear up chanyeol’s search results on twitter (considering it’s a social platform targeting the international fandom and they may not know details as much as kfandom)

many people do not know that chanyeol acted in a drama predebut as a “rebellious student” that smoked. however, some people on twitter think it’s funny to make dumb and negative jokes about this fake and ACTING!!! smoking incident, in return, oblivious people actually believe that chanyeol smokes in real life (which can hurt his image) and which is obviously NOT TRUE

the term: “chanyeol smoking” is now the first result on twitter search engine, i do not want false information being spread throughout

as you may recall, chanyeol dislikes smoking as he put duct tape on his stylist’s pack of cigarettes to help him stop a few years ago (how cute and thoughtful lol)

please type into twitter the following to help clear up his results, click on the links below, or type into the twitter search bar “chanyeol [insert positive comment here] (please remember not to click on the “smoking” search result”):