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Please forgive if this sounds a little ignorant, but why don't you guys have AC in the UK? I live in Las Vegas and our temps have been WAY over a 100f for a couple of weeks with thunderstorms.

because we don’t usually have hot summers to warrant houses having air conditioning

there’s AC in Las Vagas because it’s hot for most of the year so you need AC

I can tolerate almost any degree of naturally occurring summer heat (I live in the middle east and its currently close to 100F outside I am thRIVING) but im really absurdly sensitive to the cold? anything below 75 F is uncomfortable for me like if u put me in a European winter I would literally die? p sure its an autistic thing bc im sitting here in this god dam air conditioned food court and shivering my ass off what the fuk

Fahrenheit makes more sense than Celsius. Like if someone said it was 90F outside then I know it’s hot because it’s close to 100F, but if someone said its fucking 32C, I’d be like,“shit it’s fucking cold out”…

im getting really really sick from the daily 100f heat, I keep fainting and falling down… I was wondering, Ive seen posts with tips for poor/homeless people who can’t get heating in the winter.. does anyone seen anything like that for staying cool in the summer if you can’t afford AC?

Click here to support Carter's Warriors by Ayla Vineyard
Carter Hill will be 2 on August 14th. His Mama, Jen, had noticed significant bloating in his abdomen for some time. A week ago, she noticed his liver being distended. Her mommy instinct got him in for a scan which showed an enlarged spleen and liver. He was initially diagnosed with a choledoch...

Hey y’all this lil’ babe is my cousin Zach’s kid Carter. He’s been very sick and his folks got 15k as a goal to help with medical bills. If y’all could throw a dollar their way I’d really appreciate it. The Gofundme should have everything about what’s wrong with him. Best that I know is they found a cyst the size of an adult’s fist connected to his bowels and removed it. This was followed by some later complications requiring a second surgery.

Latest update: He’s awake but he’s still got a fever of 100F.


Despite my now being deaf after watching these takeoffs, I can’t wait to strap into one of these fighters ✈️ @henro56 #100FS #187FW #DixieDemolition #F16 #Viper