Patent Otto Cadnica for electricity transmission. Later his research was the basis for electrical transmissions for tanks the development of the Porsche K. G
The first draft of a future Porsche Typ 100, dated 9 December 1939
88-mm tank gun KwK 36 L/56, which had to significantly alter the original project Typ 100
Drawing K4432 on March 5, 1941, on which schematically shows the installation of the 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 in the tower Typ 100. This is the first version of the tower with the turret ring 1900 mm, the metal was built by another design
So the tower looked in may 1941, when it was built a wooden mock-up. The diameter of the ring was reduced to 1800 mm, and the top view of the Board ceased to be symmetrical
Illustration from the patent for a torsion suspension of the new type. Later this scheme was used in several tanks of the development of the Porsche K. G.
Trak VK 30.01(P) was exactly the same on the first sample of the VK 45.01(P)