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anonymous asked:

But It wasnt an anon who submited. The person is a larriie and says they spent 100dollars on it.

Well then they got fucking cheated. You get a legit paper copy WITH A SEAL.

Also it’s never 100 bucks. My marriage certificate copies were like 15 I think.

Meet Sonia!
This 18 years old Swiftie has come a long way before she finally got the tickets to the Taylor Swift concert happening this November 7th in Singapore. Sonia is my friend and she lives in Thailand. Last year she got her tickets to red tour in Bangkok and was so excited for the show she has planned her outfit months in advance and she used all her savings on her costume/poster/ticket but sadly the show had been cancelled (Dream number 1 crushed) and she was depressed. Literally, I no longer saw the happy enthusiastic girl for the following months!

This year when she heard Taylor was coming to Asia, she hoped it would be Bangkok but once again it wasn’t. She asked her parents if they would let her go to either the Singapore or Shanghai show since those were the only Asia shows, but they said no because the cost of everything together is too high, such as concert ticket + hotel stay + plane ticket (Dream number 2 crushed). But she continued convincing her parents, until they finally came around allowing her to the Singapore tour but all the tickets had been sold out and she couldn’t get hold of any. (Dream number 3 crushed).

She later started looking for tickets she could buy from 3rd party and finally she found one through a website for the last rows but the ticket was tripled the actual price (very expensive)! But she bought it with her own money and after the transaction was done it happened to be fraud! Her bank is still trying to recover her money spent. (Dream number 4 crushed).

Finally everything seemed hopeless and it looks like she had to give up but this girl didn’t! She asked around until she finally found someone who originally bought tickets to the show and couldn’t make it and offer to sell it to her for a 100dollars more than the actual price. She was running low on money but she decided to invest one last time on her dreams.

To get that one ticket was such a hard process for her and now that she’s gotten it I asked her why spend so much money and effort on Taylor. She said people can make fun of her all they want and say she’s obsessed with Taylor but she just wants to meet Taylor and thank Taylor for being a part of life. She used to be bullied in the past because she was overweight and had no friends, but she had Taylor. Now she is battling a “not so pretty” illness according to her and Taylor continues to be her constant support.

I know every swiftie knows how significant Taylor is in theirs lives. Would you take a moment to reblog/tweet this to Taylor in hopes to make Sonia’s dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I created this tag #helpsoniameetTay - this November, Sonia will be flying to Singapore to attend the first night of the concert for her 19th birthday. taylorswift