Jo Watches 100 Documentaries In 2013

(4/100) - The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (1974) dir. Werner Herzog

We watched this German language film after our first documentary film lecture of this semester. A rather short film at only 45 minutes long, it is still certainly worth a watch. Herzog, the director, called it “one of my most important films.” I rather enjoyed the film, by the end I really found myself rooting for ski jumper Walter Steiner. Don’t watch if you don’t like seeing lots of skiing crashes though! A good film, inspiring. Would definitely recommend it!

Jo Watches 100 Documentaries In 2013

(5/100) - The Case For Christ (2007) dir. Michael & Timothy Eaton

I decided to watch this documentary having already read the book that it was based on (The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel). The book itself is wonderful, and I’m a big fan of Strobel’s work (currently reading his book God’s Outrageous Claims). The basic story is, this guy Strobel was an athiest journalist who set out to study the evidence of Jesus as the Son of God, hoping to disprove it. In the end, he became a Christian. A good watch if you want to look into the evidence more yourself, as its hard to argue with his findings. However, if you do have more time, I would recommend the book. But, if you only want this to take up 90 minutes of your time rather than reading a whole book, then watch this film :)