100 days of Disney for the DCP

So this weekend marked 100 days until I start the program and I freaked out for a little bit with my best friend magicallyalexa. So get me and her and this rest of us excited I made this “Challenge” called The 100 Days of Disney to mark everyday til check in. So lets get this party going!!!!

100 days of Disney for the DCP

This 100 day challenge is to help you get even more excited about starting your program. I have broken the challenge into four parts: Disney Movies, Pixar, Disney Parks, and Disney Memories; to help the wait go by and to give you all a little fun. Plus it can help you find some friends before you even leave for Disney. So enjoy, have fun, hopefully you make new friends, and see you all at Disney!!!!

Disney movies:

1.) Favorite movie

2.) Favorite princess movie

3.) Favorite prince

4.) Favorite princess villain

5.) Favorite non-princess villain

6.) Favorite BFFs

7.) Favorite sidekick

8.) Favorite animal

9.) Favorite princess song

10.) Favorite villain song

11.) Favorite Disney song

12.) Favorite movie soundtrack

13.) Favorite princess scene

14.) Favorite villain scene

15.) Favorite prince scene

16.) Favorite happy moment

17.) Favorite saddest moment

18.) Favorite live action show

19.) Favorite Silly Symphony

20.) Favorite Mickey short

21.) Favorite Minnie short

22.) Favorite Donald short

23.) Favorite Goofy short

24.) Favorite Classic character

25.) Favorite Fantasia short


1.) Favorite movie

2.) Least favorite movie

3.) Favorite character

4.) Favorite sequel

5.) Favorite toy story movie

6.) Favorite toy story character

7.) Favorite villain

8.) Favorite opening scene

9.) Favorite ending

10.) Favorite sidekick

11.) Favorite animal

12.) Favorite BFFs

13.) Favorite song

14.) Favorite Randy Newman song

15.) Favorite soundtrack

16.) Favorite scene

17.) Favorite secret cameo

18.) Favorite couple

19.) Favorite short

20.) Saddest Pixar moment

21.) Favorite monster from Monsters Inc. or Monsters U

22.) Favorite bug from A Bugs Life

23.0 Favorite car from Cars

24.) Favorite Superhero from The Incredibles

25.) Favorite John Ratzenberger character

Disney Parks:

1.) Favorite park

2.) Favorite waterpark

3.) Favorite ride at MK

4.) Favorite attraction at MK

5.) Favorite store at MK

6.) Favorite restaurant at MK

7.) Favorite parade at MK

8.) Favorite ride at Animal Kingdom

9.) Favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom

10.) Favorite store at Animal Kingdom

11.) Favorite restaurant at Animal Kingdom

12.) Favorite parade at Animal Kingdom

13.) Favorite ride at Hollywood Studios

14.) Favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios

15.) Favorite store at Hollywood Studios

16.) Favorite restaurant at Hollywood Studios

17.) Favorite parade at Hollywood Studios

18.) Favorite ride at Epcot

19.) Favorite attraction at Epcot

20.) Favorite store at Epcot

21.) Favorite restaurant at Epcot

22.) Favorite country at Epcot World Showcase

23.) Favorite mountain ride

24.) Favorite water ride

25.) Favorite park character

Disney Memories:

1.) First time you want to a Disney park

2.) First Disney movie you ever watched

3.) First Disney movie you bought

4.) Last Disney movie you bought

5.) First Disney item you bought

6.) Last Disney item you bought

7.) Favorite Disney item you have

8.) Favorite Disney T-shirt

9.) First Disney pin you bought

10.) Last Disney pin you bought

11.) Favorite Disney pin you have

12.) First Disney resort you stayed at

13.) Last Disney resort you stayed at

14.) Next Disney resort you will stay at

15.) Favorite Disney resort you want to stay at

16.) Favorite 90s Disney cartoon

17.) Favorite 90s Disney live-action show

18.) Favorite ‘00s Disney cartoon

20.) Favorite '00s Disney live-action show

21.) Favorite 2010s Disney cartoon

22.) Favorite 2010s Disney live-action show

23.) Favorite Disney Junior cartoon

24.) Favorite Disney Junior live-action show

25.) The day you arrive at Disney for the DCP.

It’s a bitter sweet day. Today I say goodbye to a building that I practically grew up in. Although I have only worked here for a few months, The Conde Nast Building has been a huge part of my life since I was 5. Mom bringing me to work and showing the conference rooms, Vogue flash sales and of course Times Square….I think I’ll miss you most of all. But now I’m lucky enough to be moving with the company to the new Freedom Tower, and soon after that…Disney World. Here’s to a bright future! #condénast #FreedomTower #dcp2015 #100DisneyDays #80days