11 Tips I Wish I Knew 22 Levels Earlier

Tip 1 - Don’t Waste Stardust

At the start you have lots of dust, and Power-up is cheap. Don’t get lured by this! You’ll level up quickly and will catch Pokemon with better starting CP

Tip 2 - Gyms? At First Ignore Them

Around level 10 (depends on your location and Pokemon you catch), you can join the team war, but don’t rush. First 10 levels it’s better to catch, grind and learn

Starting with level 10-15 either walk in your town with some teammates and take over some gyms, or find your team’s gyms and train there, leaving your Pokemon in the gym. Every gym with your Pokemon inside gives you 10 coins and 500 dust everyday. At level 10-15 learn how to battle. But still, don’t waste dust for Power-ups - 100CP difference isn’t worth it

Tip 3 - Decide On Who You Will Evolve

In most cases it’s choosing cheap to evolve Pokemon (Beedrill, Pidgeot, Eevee). Especially don’t overlook Eevee, catch them if you can - they’re good! At level 10 you should have enough candy for a couple evolutions. You can do this as you get candy, but (I repeat again) don’t waste dust! Yeah, you’ll make a 900CP Vaporeon out of a 300CP Eevee, and he’ll have 90% of the CP curve filled - still don’t waste it! Now you’ll understand why

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